IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2019-02-16

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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: elfutils-32: 0.175 -> 0.17602:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: wine: 4.0 -> 4.204:35
Romster shortist change log i have seen in a long time04:39
Abdullahhas someone success using urlview in crux or its me who can't use it ?04:54
jaegernever used it, myself04:58
AbdullahI have been using it with almost all other distros but its not working here04:58
Abdullahmaybe I lost my dotfiles this time04:58
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Romsterwhat's the point of urlview when regex exists and xml206:19
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AbdullahRomster: how can I use them for mutt and irc? Like I can check links and point my browser at them with urlview. if they are mp3 file they would open with mpv. if they are links, they would go to mpv.07:34
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shynoobHello there .. I'm new here07:54
Abdullahshynoob: a warm welcome in #crux07:54
shynoobI'm not an experienced Linux user.. yet can I install Crux?07:54
shynoobI wanna learn more about computers07:55
shynoobAbdullah, thanks07:55
Abdullahwell, crux is for experienced linux users. still you can install it using the wiki at if you have problems, just ask here07:55
shynoobOh ok07:56
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shynoobNo other prerequisite? , Abdullah07:57
shynoobAlso have ppl played games like DotA 2 on steam on Crux?07:58
AbdullahI think no, and I'm not interested in games but I have seen some posts on games where some people had terminal games in crux08:00
shynoobOh lol08:03
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AbdullahHow can I get path to my camera ? I don't have /dev/video09:32
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pedjadigital camera or webcam?10:48
pedjagrep'ing dmesg should work for either10:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python3-pip: 18.1 -> 19.0.211:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python-pip: 18.1 -> 19.0.211:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python3-setuptools: 40.7.0 -> 40.8.011:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python-setuptools: 40.7.0 -> 40.8.011:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: meson: 0.49.1 -> 0.49.211:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: libva-vdpau-driver: patches update11:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: libva: 1.7.3 -> 2.4.011:58
RomsterAbdullah, sounds like you want xdg-utils11:59
Romsterwe got steam for linux, chatty, minecraft and multimc and wine which can run some games with steam and origin and stuff for windows.11:59
AbdullahI think I had it.11:59
Romstershynoob had already left too.12:00
Abdullahnone can live with us so easily ;-)12:00
Abdullahpedja: its laptop camera12:01
Romsterwell i can play red alert 2 in wine with origin12:01
Romsterlspci -k might list what kernel module your cam needs12:02
AbdullahI have compiled every option which had webcam but still no /dev/video12:02
Romsteras for the software side i haven't done anything with cam in linux.12:02
Romsterjust make sure you add yourself to the video group12:02
Abdullah here lspci12:03
AbdullahI'm in video as without it I can't watch videos12:03
Romsteryou sure it's not disabled in bios/uefi?12:04
Abdullahnot disabled12:05
Romsterhmm did you install the firmware package?12:05
Romstermight need that12:05
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Romstercameras are usually usb interface12:06
Abdullahsysup did that I think12:06
Romstercan you get more info none of them usb id's seem to show a cam12:10
Romsterlsusb -v12:10
Romsteroh the lite-on i passed that thinking that was a dvd drive12:12
AbdullahI think its camera. I have no dvd12:12
Romsterit is top entry of that last paste12:12
Abdullahso how can I get its path?12:13
Romsteruvc modules in kernel enabled?12:14
Abdullah# CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_F_UVC is not set12:15
Romsteryep go into make menuconfig and enable that12:15
Romsterthen make modules_install and modprobe that12:16
Abdullahif I do uncomment this line and add 'y' in end, won't it sufficient?12:16
Romsterah i missed a step12:16
Romsterthen make modules_install and /sbin/depmod -a (to reload modules list); modprobe that12:17
Romsternot advisable12:17
Romstersome options turn on other options12:17
RomsterDepends on: USB_SUPPORT [=y] && USB_GADGET [=n] && USB_CONFIGFS [=n] && VIDEO_V4L2 [=n] && VIDEO_DEV [=n]                                                        │12:17
Romster  │   Selects: VIDEOBUF2_VMALLOC [=n] && USB_F_UVC [=n]12:17
Romsterunless you go though the .config and turn those all on. again i would not advise that method.12:18
Romsterand if you do use 'y' and not a 'm' for module you'll need to reboot to load the new kernel.12:19
Abdullahall those options you mentioned were already 'y' except ucv12:20
Romsterok so set it to m12:21
Romsteror y to build it in.12:21
AbdullahI had a strange problem today. I had noauto in fstab for ESP. so I had to remount manualy if I compiled new kernel. I compiled it today and tried to remount the ESP for copyin it over but it gave me errors12:23
Abdullahagain I compiled vfat drivers and modprobe them, still I had errors. reformated ESP, booted from iso and cp'ed the kernel. again same issues12:24
Romsteri'm not up to date on UEFI booting i got all older hardware with BIOS still.12:24
Romsterstill using lilo on everything12:24
AbdullahI can mount it from iso but can't mount it with installation12:24
Romsteras root?12:24
AbdullahI use manfacturer efi. not using custom boot managers12:24
Abdullahah maybe I used sudo12:25
RomsterEFI is fat32 as far as i know so you will need fat32 support in your kernel12:25
Abdullahah this time it isn't producing an error but command isn't run yet.12:26
Abdullahlemme check FAT32 in config12:26
Romsterit could be that sudo does not show all the env variables passed to root.12:26
Romsteralso another useful thing is installing exfat-utils and possibly ntfs-3g for exfat and ntfs mounting if you ever need to12:27
AbdullahI don't have ntfs or windows partitions nor a windows computer I have12:28
Romsterthen no need for those12:28
Abdullahmount command is still not executed ;-(12:28
Romsteri do data recovery among other tings12:28
Romsternoauto wont mount it automaticly. until you do mount <mount point>12:29
Romsterlike mount /boot/efi if it's in that path on fstab12:29
AbdullahI'm gonna sig kill it then create fs on ESP. as I can hear my fan voice now ;-(12:29
Abdullahyeah noauto won't mount it automatically12:30
Romstersomeone else here would be able to help you more on RFI12:30
Abdullahzgrep FAT32 /proc/config.gz returns nothing12:32
Romsterbtw you can search in make menuconfig with the / key12:33
Romstersame as you do in vim12:33
Romstereven firefox will do ctrl-f when you press /12:34
Abdullahall those options are y12:34
Romsterso you have fat file system support then.12:34
AbdullahI do vimium in chrome for that. ;-)12:34
Abdullahso I can create fat fs12:35
Abdullahcreated it. still command isn't executed successfully. its there with no exit code12:35
Romsterecho $?12:36
Romsterif it returns 0 then it worked12:36
Abdullahit was hung there so I did sig kill12:37
Romsterah strange12:37
Abdullahlet me come from crux iso.12:37
Romstercheck dmesg and /var/log/messages12:37
Romsteri am behind on so many linux ports :/12:38
Abdullahdid tail -f on /var/log/messages and ran mount but no messages appeared yet12:39
Abdullahfan started voice again ;-)12:39
Abdullahlemme boot the crux iso and cp the new kernel.12:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: ffmpeg: 4.1 -> 4.1.112:40
Abdullahstrange as I can boot from new kernel if I cp it on ESP but can't mount it.12:40
Romsterno idea there.12:41
Abdullahlemme come back12:42
Romsteri do have 1 laptop that is UEFI now and i installed windows 10 on it and plan to chainload the windows EFI by adding another entry to point at a 100MB partition after windows partition for crux then boot 500MB for kernel and then root/home12:43
Romsteri need food12:46
AbdullahRomster: its error, cp437 codepage not found12:57
Abdullahfor ESP12:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: cups-filters: update to 1.22.113:15
Romstermissing locale?13:28
Romsterprobably the terminal you are using does not support it13:31
Romster omg that is one old memory13:32
RomsterQodem is a public domain re-implementation of the DOS-era Qmodem serial communications package, updated for modern systems. Qodem goes beyond similar DOS-era emulators in many ways:13:32
AbdullahRomster: nah, its codepage for FS13:37
Abdullahsee NLS_CODEPAGE in config13:37
Romsterright forgot about that13:37
AbdullahI forgot the command you gave earlier to load all modules13:38
Romsteri've not had to configure fat on a kernel in ages i keep using my same .config13:38
Romstersudo /sbin/depmod -a13:38
Romsterthat just reloads the System.map13:38
AbdullahRomster: is it possible to compile all drivers as m what we need?13:38
Romsterthen you can modprobe13:38
Romsterwell fat stuff you can but rot FS must be compiled in, else you need a initramfs13:39
Romsteronly time you mount EFI is to update/change it.13:39
Romsterthen again kernel might need to be able to see it on boot, i am not sure.13:40
Abdullahis it true that with modules we get faster boot?13:41
Abdullahand performance?13:41
Romsteronly if you don't build everything under the sun13:41
Romsterbut you'd only see microseconds to load a few modules13:42
Romsterbuilt in is fine if it's something you'll use all the time and don't expect to use the same kernel on other machines.13:42
AbdullahI have compiled this codepage but still ESP is taking ages to mount13:43
Abdullahagain I'm gonna reboot into crux iso13:43
Abdullahsee you13:44
Abdullahcharset iso-8859-1 not found this time ;-)13:49
AbdullahRomster: solved ;-)14:20
Abdullahnow we will resolve camera issue.14:20
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crux_userhello, I'm having trouble building graphviz, I'm using this Pkgfile;
crux_userI get this error /usr/bin/grep: /usr/lib/ No such file or directory19:00
frinnstI think you need to rebuild libtiff19:21
frinnstthat or some other port that depends on libjpeg-turbo19:22
crux_userthank you frinnst I will try now19:23
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jaegeryeah, it's most likely libtiff19:51
jaegerseen a lot of that recently19:51
crux_user:'( I rebuilded libtiff and libjpeg-turbo, then tried again and failed with same error :*(20:58
crux_useranother port I'm having problem is xlock, I changed the version so I could download the sources;
jaegercheck all the .la files in /usr/lib for "" and if you find any references, rebuild the packages that own those files21:07
crux_userno package owns such file, don't exist, is a libtool created file, for what I had research.21:07
crux_userif I download such file it continues to give the error, but different, saying the file is invalid :P21:08
jaegersome other file is referencing (which shouldn't exist)21:08
jaegerso you need to rebuild whatever that other package is so it knows the file is gone21:08
jaegergot to go for a while, if you don't get it sorted out maybe someone else can have a look21:09
crux_usergraphviz gives this error after CCLD libgvplugin_gd.la21:10
crux_userthank you jaeger , see you ;)21:10
crux_userFixed, libgd was missing :)21:22
crux_usernow graphviz give php related errors, I rebuilded php ...21:45
john_cephalopodaIs there some tool that takes a list of dependencies and outputs a minimal list, i.e. "libarchive gtk cairo" becomes "gtk" because gtk requires libarchive and cairo, so installing gtk will satisfy all dependencies.22:26
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john_cephalopodaNeat, thanks.23:09
john_cephalopodaJust added qtractor to my repo.23:41

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