IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2019-02-18

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elderKHey all, is anyone else having trouble updating gst-plugins-good? It keeps saying I'm missing libjpeg.la00:51
elderKWhich of course, isn't installed with libjpeg-turbo anymore since it no longer uses autotools.00:52
jaegerelderK: check the .la files in /usr/lib for references to libjpeg.la00:52
jaegerrebuild any package that owns files with those references00:52
elderKThanks jaeger00:52
jaegerlibtiff is a big offender but there might be others00:52
elderKGod, there's a ton00:53
elderKThanks again jaeger :)00:58
jaegerwelcome :)03:15
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frinnstgotta love the first day back after vacation10:38
frinnsteverything is a dumpster fire10:38
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Romstercrux_user, if you are using qt5 then use qmake-qt5 than qmake12:39
RomsterelderK and others:12:41
Romsterfor f in $(grep -lr /usr/lib/ 2> /dev/null | sed 's|.*/||'); do prt-get fsearch $f | grep '^Found in' | sed -e 's|.*/||' -e 's|:$||'; done | sort -u | xargs12:41
Romsteri probably could of used awk for some of that.12:42
Abdullahuseradd -U -r tor for tor is okay?14:15
Abdullahor I have to specify -s /sbin/nologin?14:15
Anselmomy tor user doesnt have nologin14:19
AnselmoI mean, if you want it to then of course, use that, otherwise it will find some default14:20
Abdullahso I think useradd -U -r tor would be okay?14:20
Abdullahsystem users also get shells?14:20
Abdullahif not specified?14:20
Anselmowhy arent you just using the preinstall script for Tor, ?14:21
AnselmoI assume that would work fine14:21
Anselmothey use like, 'useradd -g tor -c "Tor Daemon" -d /var/empty -s /bin/sh tor14:22
AbdullahAnselmo: I didn't get that script. I just did prt-get install tor and got error, tor no user14:22
Anselmoyou can do prt-get depinst --install-scripts tor14:23
Anselmoand it should execute a post-install and pre-install script if they're in the package14:23
Anselmoof course14:23
AbdullahI have to master in prt-get ;-)14:25
AbdullahI hope it won't install tor-browser14:26
Anselmono just the daemon14:27
Abdullahtorify something needs root access or I have to be in some special group? got permission denied error while running torify14:30
Anselmouhm, you can add yourself to the tor group14:32
AbdullahI think also relogin ;-)14:36
Anselmoah yes that too14:39
Abdullahwe don't have some option in Pkgfile for validating through gpg keys like tor-browser asks us to verify downloads?14:53
Abdullahwith gpg keys14:54
Anselmouhm. its possible to write pkgfiles that check that, but its not standard14:54
Anselmothough ports themselves are signed usually, but not by the upstream people14:55
AbdullahI wanna create a port for tor-browser, its not in db.14:56
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john_cephalopodalibtool:   error: '/usr/lib/' is not a valid libtool archive20:06
john_cephalopodaAnybody knows how that can be fixed?20:06
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jaegergrep /usr/lib/*.la20:16
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timcowch1talking to alienbob on #slackbuilds20:32
timcowch1<alienBOB> timcowchip, a submission for a package that is part of Slackware will not be accepted20:32
timcowch1gtk+3 with wayland-backend enabled20:36
john_cephalopodaOh, now something broke.20:39
joacimput it together again20:42
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joacimi think my policy would be that too. i wouldnt take dupe submissions either.20:43
joacimrather a feature request or patch20:43
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AbdullahHow to rebuild them? with prt-get?20:56
Abdullah/home/pkgmk/packages/mesa3d#18.3.3-1.pkg.tar.gz footprint mismatch found. is it okay to pkgadd -u it?21:02
joacimdepends on the mismatch21:03
joacimif missing, i would be careful21:03
joacimif it is just new, installing the package is fine21:03
joacimpkgmk.conf has the option for ignoring NEW21:04
AbdullahI created a port, then did pkgrm. now prt-get complains that pkgfile not found. while its there21:04
jaegerIf you get a footprint mismatch that means the package has finished building, so yeah, you can pkgadd it.21:04
Abdullahjaeger: okay, done -u21:05
AbdullahThanks joacim too21:05
Abdullahjaeger: I rebuilt libtiff and now grep /usr/lib/*.la returns nothing21:07
jaegerodd. any permissions issues?21:17
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Abdullahnah, I just created it, installed with it21:19
AbdullahI installed it with source in same directory (I was checking if it works or not) and then pkgrm and again did it but it isnt working now21:20
jaegerdoes it build with just pkgmk, ignoring prt-get?21:21
AbdullahI can install with pkgmk yeah21:21
jaegerpastebin the Pkgfile?21:21
jaegerI don't see anything obvious... maybe try stracing the prt-get run, see what fails before the error21:24
jaegeralso, as an alternative to double untar, try 'ar p whatever.deb data.tar.xz | tar -C $PKG -Jxf -'21:26
Abdullahjaeger: I saw somewhere about KW option21:30
Abdullahkeep working.21:30
AbdullahI mean we can have those downloaded source while trying if something is working or not21:31
Abdullahbut I don't know how to use it in pkgconf21:32
jaegerok, that's 3 different things21:33
jaegerpkgmk's -kw option keeps the working dir when a build finishes or fails21:33
jaegerdownloaded source goes to wherever you set PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR and doesn't get removed automatically21:33
jaegerpkgconf is a replacement for pkg-config and likely has nothing to do with the issue21:33
Abdullahokay thanks @boss ;-)21:34
Abdullahwe are less people but always get help in time21:35
Abdullahwhere should I create an httpup file?21:55
AbdullahNext, to allow the ports utility to easily sync your ports, create a httpup collection definition; it looks like this:21:56
AbdullahI can't get, where should I create this file.21:56
AbdullahI created on in /etc/ports21:57
Abdullahand I have ssh access to my vps too. so in this case can I skip this option?21:57
Abdullahsolved it ;-)22:03
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Abdullah301, umasked or cname? I have vps and domain, and I wanna enable a subdomain for crux. like what would be the best? or just create a webpage for crux?22:42
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john_cephalopodaOk, shouldn't listen to FLAC audio while compiling stuff. I get XRUNs because the CPU can't decode the FLAC fast enough :D23:02
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: your computer is that crappy? FLAC isn't that difficult to decode.23:02
Abdullahlemme try it23:05
john_cephalopodaryuo: I am compiling on all threads.23:06
john_cephalopodaI guess that the scheduling just treats the FLAC/ALSA stuff fairly - which is not enough to do it in time sometimes.23:07
Abdullahjohn_cephalopoda: I just ffmpeg'ed a file from ogg to flac, and it runs smoothly23:07
AbdullahI'm not good at all this btw. I once heard flac has good sound quality. but mpd was unable to seek forward for flac files23:08
Abdullahwow it is working with them now (mpd) I'm gonna do convert all of mp3 to flac ;-)23:10
Abdullahtime: 0h:03m:14s sec23:17
Abdullahjohn_cephalopoda: took time: 0h:03m:14s sec for 51 files23:18
john_cephalopodaAbdullah: Keep your files at mp3.23:21
Abdullahjohn_cephalopoda: is mp3 better ?23:21
john_cephalopodaAbdullah: When you convert your blocky, pixely JPEGs to PNG they won't become any better.23:21
john_cephalopodaWhen you have low-quality mp3s and convert them to flac, the sound quality will be the same. But the file will be bigger.23:22
AbdullahMost of the songs I coverted from mp4 and other video formats to mp3 when mpd wasn't working seeking forward with flac back when I was on other distro23:22
john_cephalopodaFLAC basically only makes sense when you record music directly to FLAC.23:22
john_cephalopodaSome musicians offer their song as FLAC so you got a better quality from the source.23:23
AbdullahThanks for info mate23:24
AbdullahI'm checking the directory size, forgot the command to do it in bulk ;-)23:24
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: would you believe there's systems that can't handle ALSA dmix?23:27
ryuoit's too much for some of them.23:27
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john_cephalopodaRust is an ungood piece of software.23:53
Abdullahlol because it is not been updated in crux ;-) I did rm it23:54
Abdullahsomeone said its future C23:55
john_cephalopodaerror: failed to parse manifest at `/usr/ports/opt/rust/work/src/rustc-1.32.0-src/src/tools/miri/Cargo.toml`23:55
Abdullahbtw it was something else that was problematic23:55
Abdullahyeah same issue I used to get while updating it23:55
john_cephalopodaAbdullah: How did you solve it?23:56
Abdullahpkgrm rust ;-)23:56
Abdullahlets reinstall it23:56
john_cephalopodaNice, thanks.23:56
john_cephalopodaOh, now it takes ages to load again...23:56
Abdullahlol it is gonna download 151 MBs of download and I don't need it23:57

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