IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2019-02-21

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TimB_Abdullah: try this00:14
AbdullahThanks TimB_00:15
TimB_it works on my laptop, where I checked out termite yesterday.. my desktop currently doesn't want to compile it lol. no idea, it _should_ work00:15
TimB_maybe needs fixes with terminfo00:15 fatal error: gtk/gtk.h: No such file or directory00:17
Abdullahit gives this error00:17
TimB_do you have gtk installed?00:17
Abdullahyeah both gtk and gtk300:18
TimB_mh, dunno, is everythin in sync? have you checked revdep recently?00:18
AbdullahHow can I do that?00:19
AbdullahI'm trying it since 2 weeks but no success, tried many solutions but failed at this point.00:19
TimB_gimme a sec, I check for the deps00:20
TimB_ok, first off, what version of vte3-ng do you have installed?00:22
TimB_I pulled the existing port somewhere else and updated it to 0.54.2.a00:22
TimB_updating to 0.54.2.a fixed the build on my desktop as well00:25
Abdullahokay I'll update it00:25
TimB_k, I'm still on the deps line..00:26
AbdullahTimB_: the contrib port by romster is also from thestinger (same author who wrote termite)00:28
TimB_with fixed depends line00:30
TimB_yes, but it's old :^00:30
TimB_and with the old version, it doesn't compile for me00:30
AbdullahI updated the port for vte3-ng and it asks for gtkdocsize00:36
Abdullaheven autogen say disable-doc00:38
TimB_so this are both Pkgfiles I used00:38
TimB_maybe you still need gtk-doc?00:38
TimB_I hate those doc-related pkgs ._.00:38
Abdullahchecking for DocBook XML DTD V4.3 in XML catalog... not found00:40
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Abdullahconfigure: error: could not find DocBook XML DTD V4.3 in XML catalog00:40
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TimB_and docbook* I guess ;)00:41
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Abdullahthey are installed. xml and xsl00:44
TimB_I have updated the gist to fix the terminfo file00:44
TimB_feel free to adopt the port00:44
Abdullahsame url?00:46
TimB_yeah just reload00:46
Abdullahokay thank you00:46
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Abdullahconfigure: error: could not find DocBook XML DTD V4.3 in XML catalog01:52
Abdullah=======> ERROR: Building '/home/pkgmk/packages/gtk-doc#1.29-1.pkg.tar.gz'01:52
Abdullahtried all solution on internet but no success01:53
TimB_on which port?01:58
Abdullahon gkt-doc02:02
Abdullahcontib port02:02
TimB_did you depinst?02:03
TimB_this sounds like some docbook port is missing02:03
Abdullahdocbook-xml and docbook-xsl are install02:04
Abdullahyeah docbook isn't there. lemme chekc if there is some port available02:05
TimB_should be02:05
Abdullahthere is no docbook in ports db02:06
Abdullahbut docbook-util is02:07
jaegerdocbook-xml is probably the one you want, but it's finicky sometimes. might try reinstalling it to recreate the catalog02:09
Abdullahreinstalled, still same issue02:12
TimB_rebuild or reinstalled? ;)02:12
TimB_prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep $PORT` is what I like to do to hit it with a mighty hammer :P02:12
Abdullahdoing that TimB_02:15
Abdullahdone but still same problem with gtk-doc02:16
Abdullahchecking for DocBook XML DTD V4.3 in XML catalog... not found02:16
rmullRomster: opt/rust fails to build for me: error: failed to parse manifest at `/usr/ports/sources/rust/src/rustc-1.32.0-src/src/tools/clippy/Cargo.toml`02:17
jaegerfrankly, docbook is voodoo and you're lucky if it ever works02:21
jaegerI know that's not helpful but I don't have a better answer :P02:22
rmullRomster: My fix was to uninstall rust <_<02:23
TimB_me neither about docbook :/ sry02:23
Abdullahlol I just need it for termite. I dont know if it can be compiled without it or not02:24
AbdullahTimB_: yours catalog won't work in my machine?02:25
TimB_I think not02:25
TimB_no idea really02:25
TimB_sometimes you need to remove some ports completly and then rebuild02:25
TimB_try to remove all the docbook stuff and then rebuild (plus run the scripts that come with the ports)02:26
AbdullahI'm doing prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep gtk-doc`02:26
TimB_remove all docbook ports and rebuild+install them again with prt-get depinst gtk-doc02:27
TimB_err, dont forget -fr02:27
Abdullahall other packages were updated, only 3 were failed now. python3-six, db and gtk-doc02:33
Abdullahconfigure: error: could not find DocBook XML DTD V4.3 in XML catalog is the erro02:33
TimB_only 3 are 3 too much ;)02:34
Abdullahfor python3-six mismatch02:35
TimB_signature, mdsums or footprint?02:35
Abdullah=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:02:36
TimB_well then, ignore the footprint02:36
TimB_be wary that if the footprint has missing items you might miss some crucial part which could hint on missing deps or something02:37
TimB_new files are mostly no problem02:37
Abdullahcan't we compile termite without gtk-doc?02:38
TimB_no idea02:38
TimB_termite per se doesn't seem to depend on it02:38
TimB_most likely a dep of it depends itself on it02:39
Abdullahmake: *** [Makefile:2417: cxx_channel.lo] Error 1 for db02:39
Abdullah2423, 2419 and also 241902:39
TimB_maybe st really sucks less?02:41
AbdullahI love suckless tools but not this one really ;-)02:43
AbdullahI had it for dwm sratchpad then replaced with urxvt02:44
TimB_well, I'm sure you'll get it figured out02:44
TimB_if all else fails, rebuild everything :P that's usually my last resort02:45
Abdullahmaybe for an encrypted install I do that02:45
TimB_pfew, almost 4am. I am out. Good luck to you and hf02:45
Abdullahyou know here is 7:46am and I didn't sleep just to figure it out02:46
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AbdullahI can't find the page 'how to contribute' on wiki ;-)03:57
Abdullahgot it03:58
abenz /bin/sed: can't read /usr/lib/ No such file or directory04:10
abenz^ trying to compile sane fails04:10
Abdullahlemme reproduce it04:14
Abdullahinstalled successfully04:15
abenzthanks Abdullah04:17
abenzI just checked depends and all seem to be in order04:17
AbdullahMy pleasure to help04:17
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Abdullahlibjpeg-turbo installed abenz ?04:18
abenzshow me output of04:18
abenzprt-get fsearch libjpeg.la04:18
AbdullahI did that before you asked but that returned me nothing04:19
abenzI think its libtool again sigh04:19
Abdullahlet frinnst or jaeger come, I hope they have a solution.04:20
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jaegerprobably more libtool. the sane port doesn't have any sed in its Pkgfile04:26
jaegergrep through /usr/lib for any references to libjpeg.la04:26
abenzjaeger: I get walls of text04:28
abenzpaste it?04:28
jaegersure, though not here :)04:28
abenzI used this: $ sudo grep -rn '/usr/lib' -e ""04:28
jaegeryeah, you should rebuild every package which owns one of those files04:31
abenzjaeger: I dont follow04:35
abenzok after doing a bit of online reading I think I see it04:38
jaegerabenz: the files in which you found the string '' belong to packages - rebuild those packages :)04:39
jaegerbecause no longer exists04:39
TimB_Romster posted a nice one liner some days ago04:40
TimB_for f in $(grep -lr /usr/lib/ 2> /dev/null | sed 's|.*/||'); do prt-get fsearch $f | grep '^Found in' | sed -e 's|.*/||' -e 's|:$||'; done | sort -u | xargs04:40
TimB_so, I have progressed from my desktop to bed+laptop04:41
abenzoh wow! that saved a lot of time04:41
abenzthanks TimB_ and jaeger04:41
TimB_all credit to Romster04:41
AbdullahTimB_: do you get mouse scrolling in st without shift ?04:47
TimB_Abdullah: I use tmux04:48
AbdullahI also use tmux but not all time04:49
AbdullahI use it for like weechat.04:49
TimB_since even tmux in tmux works fine, I use it all the time.04:50
abenztmux inception?05:02
AbdullahI think he is slept. I also had a question about zsh05:06
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RomsterAbdullah, make STAGE_CC_WRAPPER='/usr/bin/ccache' BOOT_CFLAGS="$CFLAGS" bootstrap07:25
Abdullahwhere should I set it? in pkgmk.conf07:26
denres[nolog] test07:27
denresI think it worked07:29
denresDid you remove the bot?07:29
jaegerare you looking for the old supybot? that one has been gone for years07:30
denresToo bad07:31
denresYeah, that one07:31
denresIs, at least, nolog prefix working?07:32
denresI don't see any of my messages, so I assume the answer is yes?07:32
denresNope, it didn't work07:33
Romsterwith docbook gtk-doc be sure you got "runscripts yes" in prt-get.conf or use command line --install-scripts to prt-get diff or run the post-install files manually for docbook-*07:34
RomsterAbdullah,  for fvootprint mismatch i set PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in /etc/pkgmk.conf07:38
Romstermissing files is an error new files are mostly form manual pages being generated from gtk-doc doc2man etc... or soft dependencies07:38
RomsterTimB_, :)07:40
AbdullahI have set runscript to yes now.07:41
Abdullahso rebuild the docbook now07:42
Abdullahagain same error07:43
Romsterjust need to run the post-install scripts07:43
AbdullahI get post=ok after rebuilding07:43
Abdullahit was docbook-xsl07:44
Abdullahnow gtk-doc installed ;-)07:44
Romsterrm -r /etc/xml ; /usr/ports/contrib/docbook-xml/post-install ; /usr/ports/contrib/docbook-xsl/post-install ; or you can do prt-get update docbook-xml docbook-xsl07:44
Romsteryeah docbook is finicky as jaeger said07:45
Romsterit's always the xml xlsx dtd's in /etc/xml that cause the problems.07:45 fatal error: gtk/gtk.h: No such file or directory07:47
Abdullahsame error even after I have install gtk-doc now07:48
Abdullahfiles are also there.07:49
Romstermissing gtk or gtk3 here is a tip prt-get fsearch gtk.h07:50
AbdullahI have those files Romster07:51
Romstercrux doesn't hold hands but you should be able to do prt-get depinst <port name> than prt-get install.07:51
Abdullahand those 2 gtks are also installed07:51
Romsterdependency install reads off depends on:07:52
Romsterare you sure? pkginfo -i |grep gtk07:52
Abdullah dunno how this pkgbuild is working07:52
Romsteror even prt-get deptree gtk307:52
Abdullahgtk 2.24.32-107:53
Abdullahgtk-doc 1.29-107:53
Abdullahgtk3 3.24.5-107:53
Abdullahpygtk 2.24.0-207:53
Romsterthat's arch's pkgbuild we use Pkgfiles07:53
Abdullah here is deptree07:53
Romsteryou need to convert that to Pkgfile or use someones that has made it already07:54
Abdullahyeah we use Pkgfiles but I don't know how they are doing it. I build many ports on pgkbuilds but this one is above my mind07:54
Romsterthe other tool would be to check with revdep07:54
Abdullahthey first clone the vte-ng from same author then do echo 'sources: $(BUILT_SOURCES)' >> src/Makefile.am07:56
AbdullahI'm not sure what they do here.07:56
Romster use that for the source=()07:56
Romsterand depends on: vte3-ng07:57
AbdullahI have vte3-ng07:57
Romsterversion=14 source=($name/archive/v$version/$name-v$version.tar.gz) would probably work07:59
AbdullahI think I have tried it but again I'll07:59
AbdullahNo package 'vte-2.91' found with version 14 source08:01
Romsteri am writing a Pkgfile for termite08:03
AbdullahThanks that'd be great08:03
Romsteri use sakura08:03
Abdullahmake: *** No rule to make target 'util/clamp.hh', needed by 'termite'.  Stop.08:04
Romsteri see what they are doing but i am not sure why they did it that way08:14
Abdullahare you done compiling it?08:16
Romsternot yet my build env is building the new mesa3d08:17
Abdullahcan I try your Pkgfile if you have made it?08:18
Romsterwhen it's ready first i am bumping the version of vte3-ng08:20
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Romsterokay now i am upto the error you get08:32
Romsteri know what that is it's missing termite-util::git+
Abdullahyeah they git clone it in repo.08:35
AbdullahTimB_ and me were also doing that but we failed08:35
Romsterthisis never gonna work without git to get the VERSION number i can patch that with sed08:39
Abdullahokay I'm waiting08:42
Romstergot past that... now at error: 'vte_terminal_select_text' was not declared in this scope08:46
Romster-I/usr/include/vte-2.91 is there hmm08:50
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Romsterah it wants to staticly link and i don't have that enabled in vte3-ng rebuilding again08:59
Romstertermite is pretty basic on it's build system08:59
frinnstholy backlog batman09:08
Romsteryeah this channel went from tumble weed to ZOMG tidal wave in 5 seconds flat09:10
Romsterpoking at vte3-ng more it's got more stuff not installed09:11
Romsterthat termite needs09:11
juefrinnst: indeed :)09:11
Romsteri think still figuring it out09:11
TimB_Abdullah: I didn't fail ;)09:14
TimB_Romster: did you see the gist for termite I created?09:15
Romsterdon't think i did TimB_09:16
TimB_it's a dirty Pkgfile I wrote for Abdullah, which works here09:16
TimB_completly :)09:16
TimB_Abdullah: told you to run the scripts ;)09:17
Abdullahsorry I was away, lemme read the whole chat09:17
Romsterah your cloning git head i download the version 14 tarball. and i get error: 'vte_terminal_set_selection_block_mode' was not declared in this scope09:19
Romstermaybe it was fixed in git master09:19
TimB_right, this happens when you don't clone the util directory09:19
TimB_I think at least09:19
Romstercp -r $SRC/util-409b8449ab51fccf51057621168c9c15c54d4807/* util/09:19
Romsteri did that to get around that09:20
Romsterthan to use git09:20
Romstermake VERSION=$version09:20
Romstermake PREFIX=/usr DESTDIR=$PKG install09:20
Abdullahyeah TimB_ but I failed. now gtk.h problem is solved.09:20
TimB_well, glad you made it now. Be sure to read all the docs and related config files09:21
AbdullahTimB_: I was missing those scripts.09:22
TimB_Abdullah: I know..09:22
Romstergit submodule or something must be doing some processing09:27
Romsterwhere is graphite2 and libtash1 coming from? i don't have that09:27
Romsterdf and j_v have graphite209:28
TimB_graphite will be like j_v has it I think09:28
Romsterand who has libtash1 ?09:29
TimB_and I think this is a typo09:29
Abdullahsyslog-ng also has graphite09:29
Abdullahah, graphite209:29
TimB_I have updated the gist09:30
TimB_this was wrong, I was too sleepy09:31
Romsterprtverify is your friend09:31
TimB_haha yeah :)09:31
AbdullahTimB_: if I'm not wrong, it was missing like cd to $name-$version again after util clone?09:32
Romsteryou never list gcc glibc infact i do this09:32
Romsterfinddeps $(basename $PWD) |cut -d' ' -f1 | sed -e '/\(glibc\|binutils\|gcc\)/d' | xargs09:32
TimB_oh, right. I am not fully awake now either it seems :D09:32
TimB_I try never to list core ports09:32
Romsterthat'll find all the linked deps it needs but it wont tell you the build time ones.09:32
Romsteri only list core ports that get linked too.09:33
Romsterexcept those in that ^09:33
TimB_okay, good to know09:33
Romsterif it never links to it and it's in core don't list it.09:33
Romsterif it's needed to build and it's not in core then do list it.09:34
Romsterwell needed to build and or run correctly09:34
TimB_check, got it09:34
TimB_finddeps "$*" | awk '{ print $1 }' | sed -e 's|.*/||' -e 's|:$||' | sort -u | xargs09:35
TimB_I use this inside a zsh function now, I'll try to add your sed line for glibc/binutils/gcc09:35
Romsteryeah always omit them they are required on a system09:36
TimB_chaining "| sed -e '/\(glibc\|binutils\|gcc\)/d' |" right before xargs does the trick, nice, thx!09:39
RomsterACTION pokes cruxbot 09:50
Romsteri pushed contrib/vte3-ng update09:50
Romstergives up on termite it has to use git sadly. and TimB_  has that sorted.09:51
Romsteryou wont need to fork vte3-ng since the update09:51
Romsteri might later make it not clash with opt/vte309:51
TimB_nice, I will not continue to use termite, I just wrote that Pkgfile for Abdullah09:52
RomsterAbdullah, can add termite to his collection09:52
TimB_yep, that was the plan :)09:52
Romsterprtverify -m missing-deps -m file-conflict -c /usr/ports/core -c /usr/ports/opt -c /usr/ports/xorg/ -c /usr/ports/compat-32/ -c /usr/ports/contrib/ .09:52
AbdullahTimB_ Romster Thank you so much guys ;-)09:53
Romstergenerally catches most things09:53
Romsterand here is the thing with this small community usually help is fast09:53
Romsterthat's pretty funky but i have a mismatch of terminals everywhere with GUI apps on my desktop09:54
TimB_I never bothered to check if prtverify has arguments...09:55
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Romsteri don't think i could go all ncurses tiled09:55
Romsterit does have modules09:55
Romsterfindredundantdeps -s -f $(basename $PWD)09:55
Romsteris also handy after editing the Depends on: line09:56
TimB_findredundantdeps is the best of all09:56
Romsterso is revdep -vvvv :D09:57
TimB_true that09:57
Romsteroh yeah if you don't already Abdullah  TimB_ rejmerge09:57
TimB_I still have a little ruby snippet for a revdep like operation, just runs faster and pastes the bins and libs directly09:57
Romsteris it faster than the revdep we have now?09:58
TimB_I think so09:58
Romsterthe old one was such a fork bomb of shell09:58
juenever :)09:58
TimB_Disclaimer: I didn't write it09:58
TimB_but I'll paste it :¨09:58
Romsterso ryuo and i devised a new one ryuo did most of the work, i just did man pages and Makefile09:58
Romsterand ideas09:58
juethe new revdep is really fast09:59
Romsterhehe jue how are you btw09:59
Romsterit is and i like it.09:59
juethanks, all good09:59
Romsterusing elfutils was a good decision since it's now in core.09:59
Romsterfor the kernel09:59
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Romsterjue likes his ruby :)10:00
*** timcowchip has joined #crux10:00
TimB_the guy that introduced me to CRUX maybe 10 or more years ago gave me that snippet, I don't think he uses crux anymore10:00
TimB_uh, uppercase of course, shame on me, I should get a coffee or something10:01
jueRomster: btw, you saw my privmsg?10:01
Romsteroh jue i haven't yet but i got some changes for finddepps mostly the paths to allow for -32 bit ports10:01
Romsterah no i had to scroll down my channel list10:01
*** timcowchip has quit IRC10:02
Romstercheers jue10:02
TimB_while there is attention, what do I need to /etc/revdep.d/jdk to make it disappear from revdep? ;)10:05
Romsteryeah if you can i moved to contrib/openjdk810:06
TimB_okay, I'll check that out10:07
Romsteropen source of jdk10:07
Romsterit runs minecraft and chatty and multimc and other java things i use just fine10:07
TimB_I'm on it, I guess this will take some time, huh? :)10:08
Romsteryeah a little i do have built packages at crux.ster.zone10:09
TimB_no worries, I have time :) plus distcc set up ;)10:09
Romsteri do need to stop being lazy and refresh that lot. i got lxd stuff to add yet that ryuo and me are working on for crux10:10
Romsterdistcc sccache and ccache here :D10:10
TimB_btw, I maintain a little fork of your distcc version, to use distcc dir in /tmp10:10
TimB_ccache of course too ^^10:10
Romsteroh? i'd like to see your changes10:10
TimB_okay, wait a sec10:10
Romsteri got mine setup to use ccache points to distcc10:12
TimB_it's a bit dirty (again), but it creates a dir in /tmp and sets permissions for pkgmk10:13
TimB_and a version bump10:13
TimB_Romster: like described in the wiki, right?10:13
TimB_oh, and you can set a logfile via rc.conf10:14
TimB_I like to not clutter /var/log/messages10:15
TimB_little question, how much would CRUX like a complete source port of libreoffice with all it's deps?10:16
TimB_I am thinking about doing that for some time now10:16
Romsteryeah i was thinking of tweaking distcc a bit just not got around to that10:16
TimB_Romster: this works for me pretty well, no problems so far aside from one time where distcc called itself recursively D:10:17
TimB_maybe you can use that :) I would easily drop my private fork again10:18
Romsteri am wondering what tells distcc to use /tmp/distcc10:19
TimB_now that you say it..10:19
RomsterTMPDIR Directory for temporary files such as preprocessor output.  By default /tmp/ is used.10:19
TimB_oh wow. it puts them just in /tmp10:19
TimB_by default10:20
TimB_right :D10:20
TimB_no wonders it still worked. I deleted it by mistake10:20
TimB_never cared to check the log for where distcc puts the files10:20
TimB_I mean, that also works for me, I don't care much for what's going on in /tmp usually10:21
Romster              Per-user configuration directory to store lock files and state files.  By default ~/.distcc/ is used.10:23
Romsteri did try to put that to /tmp/...10:23
Romsteri didn't do it right i need to try again unless you beat me to it and share the results.10:24
TimB_I'll have a look into it10:24
TimB_but I might brew a coffee before that... :)10:25
Romsterthat might save a little clutter10:25
Romsteri need a rest my mind is racing now with all this chatting and looking at different screens and ports and.10:25
Romsterand out of coffee needs more too.10:25
AbdullahRomster: I'm away or I'd donate some pure milk coffee ;-)10:33
AbdullahI have 3 cows here, I'd send a pic sometime10:34
TimB_Romster: updated my gist, this works10:42
Abdullah Romster10:42
TimB_distccd[25122] (dcc_x_file) send 677256 byte file /tmp/distcc/distccd_47588097.o with token DOTO and compression 6910:42
TimB_Abdullah: cool! :)10:43
AbdullahThanks TimB_10:43
AbdullahThanks Romster I didn't see yours text, I'm outside now so brightness isn't working10:44
Abdullahand you know when you come outside eyes don't work for sometime ;-)10:44
frinnstcows are awesome10:47
Abdullahthanks frinnst10:47
TimB_of course there is a subreddit for that ^^10:50
Abdullahand this is our wheat coming to crop season in next months
frinnstas I said, cows are awesome yet I ate roast beef for breakfast today. cognitive dissonance ftw10:51
frinnstmy uncle had pigs and sheep until recently when he retired10:52
frinnstpiglets are also awesome :)10:52
frinnstadults, less so :)10:52
Abdullah this is my new home under construction10:54
TimB_horses are actually also great10:54
Abdullahfrinnst: we had sheeps till last month then we sold them10:54
Abdullah frinnst hope you like them ;-)10:58
Romsterisn't there a subreddit for everything?10:58
TimB_Romster: I guess so :)10:58
*** denres has joined #crux10:59
Abdullahsorry if I made too many ;-) I took these pics after a year else I dont take many. Most of my out country friends liked those things so ;-)10:59
TimB_so, there is a r/CRUX? :D11:01
Romsterso is this the time to say "don't have a cow" :P11:02
TimB_well, it says invite only11:02
Romsterokay odd11:02
TimB_I updated the gist for distcc btw11:03
TimB_works fine with /tmp/distcc now11:03
TimB_distcc exposes a env var11:03
denresYou, guys, seriously use Reddit?11:12
TimB_denres: I'm a lurker11:13
denresIt doesn't make it less gross.11:14
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Abdullahefibootmgr creates entries in ESP right?11:16
AbdullahA few days ago I reformatted ESP, still I can boot my system ;-)11:17
Romsteri read the windows reddit because i work in it11:17
AbdullahI think its something in nvram or so11:18
AbdullahI didn't create another entry yet. still my system is booting or maybe I created one and forgot about it. efibootmgr shows CRUX11:19
RomsterTimB_, what env var?11:19
Romsteror maybe it's just fastboot doing it's thing and storing the settings you previously had in ESP11:19
TimB_TMPDIR=/tmp/distcc /usr/sbin/distccd --daemon [..]11:19
TimB_I updated the gist11:19
Romsterah i thought so. yeah i don't like that exposed TMPDIR11:20
TimB_I just bumped ccache to 3.611:20
TimB_no, why?11:20
TimB_ccache now supports clang11:21
*** xor29ah has joined #crux11:21
RomsterTimB_,  where did you find --allow-private ? or is that in the newer version11:23
Romsteri'm bind on that port too...11:24
Romsteri really need to sort out my version tracking11:24
TimB_Romster: actually, no idea, I found it somewhere on the web, maybe gentoo forum11:24
Romsteris it in the man page or distccd --help ?11:25
Romsteri need to bump distcc but then i have to update it on all my nodes11:25
TimB_it's in the manpage11:27
TimB_Allow private networks (,,, and
*** irclogger_do has joined #crux21:14
RomsterAbdullah, help2man is a lightweight port with no dependencies of it's own, in my opinion it's fine to depend on help2man, it's docbook stuff that is prone to breaking that we don't like to depend on.21:29
AbdullahThanks for pro tip Romster21:30
Romsterthe other option is to make the man pages then bundle it with the source= and install them, but that requires updating them on every version= change.21:30
AbdullahSomeone from my relative wants me to learn assembly. Some thoughts on it please21:31
dbrookeonly really useful for the very lowest level of device drivers, or on microcontrollers22:14
dbrookeI mostly use C on microcontrollers but I did a few years ago for a change22:17
*** timcowchip has joined #crux22:44
ryuoRomster: welcome back.22:44
timcowchipConnecting to||:21... failed: Connection refused22:47
timcowchipcan't get file22:48
ryuoAbdullah: Screw ASM. Just use C.22:48
ryuoAbdullah: More portable and generally more useful.22:48
timcowchipthe source for file, that is22:48
abenzRomster: was wondering if you had a look at the rust error?22:48
ryuoAbdullah: ASM only makes sense in this day and age if: storage is at a premium or you need access to instructions that C compilers generally don't use.22:48
timcowchipMaintainer:  CRUX System Team22:49
ryuoabenz: latter is unlikely, as you can usually use intrinsics to get what you might need.22:49
ryuoAbdullah: ^22:49
timcowchipwho is this Juergen Daubert guy?22:50
ryuotimcowchip: what package?22:50
ryuoIt's jue, going by the commit log.22:51
timcowchipI knew that, humor attempt22:51
ryuojue: was the download working when you pushed it?22:52
ryuoit could be temporarily down.22:52
timcowchipits an ftp22:52
timcowchipsays connection refused22:52
ryuoi noticed.22:52
ryuolet's see here.22:52
ryuointeresting. and are different hosts.22:53 is reachable over HTTP.22:54
ryuoryuo@ryuo-laptop:~/hlibc/src/search$ nc 2222:58
ryuoSSH-2.0-OpenSSH_7.4 NetBSD_Secure_Shell-2016080222:58
ryuono idea what's going on but their ftp server must be down.22:58
timcowchipok tnx23:00

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