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timcowchipvala-panel-extra plugins show up in the LXQT status-notifier-plugin widget as well as vala-panel-sntray applet02:59
timcowchipisn't that cool?03:00
Workster<ryuo> ryuo@ryuo-laptop:~/hlibc/src/search$ nc 22 <- isn't ftp on 21 not 22 :)03:05
Worksterthe control port anyways the data port is random and much higher03:06
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AbdullahDMAR. DRHD, write access isnot set05:40
AbdullahDMA write access is not set06:10
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AbdullahThat was yajl error. I uninstalled it last night and it broke i3-gaps07:31
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AbdullahMANDIR=/usr/man ?10:30
Abdullahif I don't wanna install manpages so I have to remove them before make install command or after it?10:30
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jueAbdullah: why? man-pages are the only docs kept in crux10:44
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frinnstAbdullah: better to include them and then exclude them from being installed in pkgadd.conf10:51
frinnstthen you can remove all man-pages :-)10:51
juesee pkgadd(8) ;)10:54
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Abdullahjue: I'm newb and I'm following packagers, most of time they delete manpages so I thought I should do it too11:16
AbdullahI think we should include them. As if we don't have internet access sometimes they are the only resources11:19
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jueAbdullah: well, at least in core/opt/contrib we never remove the man-pages, maybe you mix up that with info-pages11:48
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Romsteri think Abdullah is getting confused with the bundling man pages instead of having dependency hell with some alrge number of dependencies for man page generation13:01
jaegerit ends up taking 238m46.406s to rebuild all 597 packages on this system15:20
AbdullahI ended up with broken system as I was stripping packages which I don't need15:25
john_cephalopodaAbdullah: Run "revdep" to see missing dependencies15:28
john_cephalopodaAbdullah: Also prt-get depends `prt-get listinst` | grep "\[ \]"15:29
Abdullahjohn_cephalopoda: I solved it in morning, Thanks15:35
Abdullahits the output of second command you gave15:37
AbdullahI can't see dunst in official repos. So do we have better alternative there which I'm not aware of?15:52
john_cephalopodaAbdullah: The output of the second command are dependencies that are needed for programs you got installed but that aren't installed.15:56
john_cephalopodaYou should install those, else things might break.16:23
john_cephalopodaI remember one of my words build experiences was Rigs of Rods on Archlinux.17:11
john_cephalopodaHasn't really changed much. The dependencies are still horribly complex because specific versions are required of everything.17:16
Abdullahcan't we install crux on usb and setup persistent storage?17:24
john_cephalopodaAbdullah: Would work.17:27
john_cephalopodaOh, looks like mygui uses an Ogre API that was deprecated in mid-2018.17:27
Abdullahwhen will we get 3.5 btw ;-)17:30
AbdullahI can't see 3.5 on crux.ninja17:30
jaegerYou won't until it's released17:31
john_cephalopodaWe'll get it when it's ready.17:31
Abdullahwhich notification server is in official repos?17:31
john_cephalopodaNotification server?17:32
Abdullahyeah like dunst is17:32
Abdullahwe need something like that for libnotify. don't we?17:33
jaegerSome DEs have it builtin, like MATE. I would imagine that KDE and XFCE have their own. I use dunst for i317:33
Abdullahjaeger: I also use i3 ;-) and have been using dunst with it but thinking something else also exist as we don't have dunst in official repos17:34
john_cephalopodaI don't use notifications at all.17:35
jaegerI just built my own dunst port, hadn't bothered to share it yet17:35
john_cephalopodajaeger: When you two are using it, it would make sense to just push it into contrib.17:36
Abdullahjaeger: we should include it in our repos if there is no other alternative. as most of us are using windows managers17:36
Abdullahmany users are using it and they have ports too in db ;-) I was just wondering if there is something better in contrib17:38
Abdullahthat's the reason I didn't write a port for it ;-)17:38
jaegerSure, I'll put it into contrib when I have some time17:46
Abdullahcan't I join contrib jaeger ?17:54
john_cephalopodaAbdullah: You have to write to the contrib mailing list.17:56
jaegerthere's a wiki page about contributing to contrib17:56
john_cephalopodaThat one ^17:56
AbdullahI'll read it and write too if I'm suited for it once I'm done with libxdg-basedir port ;-)18:00
jaegerAbdullah: one thing that's important for contrib is to maintain clean ports (with prtverify for example)18:19
jaegersee health here:
john_cephalopoda :318:22
Abdullahthanks jaeger18:22
john_cephalopodajaeger: that portdb should definitely become the standard portdb for Crux.18:23
AbdullahI never checked them with prtverify ;-)18:24
AbdullahHow can I create a .signature file ?18:26
Abdullahjaeger: can't we use gpg keys here?18:33
jaegernot integrated into ports/pkgutils18:33
Abdullahno plan in future?18:33
AbdullahI'm newb but I saw some pkgbuilds in arch linux where they were using gpg keys18:34
jaegernot as far as I know18:36
Abdullahlike I remember a arch package which wasn't in official repos before (light) and then it came in official repos I think. and I installed it in new installation and it asked me to download the maintainer gpg keys18:37
Abdullahsignify -G -n -c $repo -p ${repo}.pub -s ${repo}.sec whats $repo?18:42
joacimname of your repo18:48
joacimusually the same as the folder name your port collection sits in18:49
frinnstsounds like the fan on one of my microservers are acting up. this will awaken the desire to buy one of these again: :(19:24
jaegerCan you replace the fan? :)19:26
frinnstof course not. that would be impossible!!!!!19:26
joacimif it sounds grindy, might be fixable with sewing machine oil19:26
frinnstwhat you always do in situations like this is to throw it away and buy something new & shiny19:27
joacimbut a whole new server might be a better idea19:27
jaegeryou want this key added to your repo listing in the portdb?19:36
Abdullahyeah jaeger19:44
Abdullahserver for crux ?19:44
AbdullahI have 3 TB bandwidth on my  vps. I can donate it to crux19:45
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jaegerok, added to the portdb19:51
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Abdullahwhat should I consider backing up except home before a new installation?19:56
john_cephalopodaAbdullah: Make sure that you don'19:57
john_cephalopodat only copy the folders in /home but also all your dotfiles.19:57
jaegerI also generally back up /root and /etc just in case I need to refer to something19:57
john_cephalopodaI lost a perfect xmonad config that way...19:57
john_cephalopodaYeah, having /etc backed up is useful, too. Always nice to have my asound.conf for reference :þ19:58
AbdullahI do git for dots. and as jaeger said, I have spent weeks to make acpi and some other things work so I think they should be backed up ;-)19:58
Abdullahand yeah also kernel config20:00
jaegeralso a good idea20:01
john_cephalopodaI never got oldconfig to work, so I always hand-configure it. Most of the time nothing is missing (like SD card reader drivers).20:03
Abdullahjohn_cephalopoda: how long it takes you to configure kernel btw?20:04
john_cephalopoda5-10 minutes max.20:04
AbdullahOMG so fast you're ;-)20:05
AbdullahI once spent three hours but lost config20:05
AbdullahI think you have qt20:05
john_cephalopodaWacom tablet (USB HID), audio (USB MIDI & HD Audio), Atheros 9k wifi, SD card reader, UVC, Filesystem in Userspace and various extra filesystems like NTFS and FAT.20:07
john_cephalopodaThat's approximately what I need to remember to configure.20:07
john_cephalopodaRight, forgot one: Nouveau driver in the Graphics section.20:07
Abdullahand all other things untouched or set=n?20:08
john_cephalopodaAll other things are untouched.20:08
john_cephalopodaI don't feel like suddenly losing SATA support or something ;þ20:09
AbdullahHow long it takes your kernel to be compiled? mine now takes 12 minutes20:09
john_cephalopodaYeah, should take around that time, too.20:09
jaegerabout to update mine, woo20:10
Abdullahsomeone is doing encrypted install here?20:10
jaeger4.19.24 with make -j3220:12
Abdullahfor kernel?20:12
john_cephalopodaI'm at 4.20.0 and will only update for 5.0.020:12
Abdullahgreat, which machine20:12
jaegerIt's a threadripper 2950x20:12
Abdullah4.20.11 here daily checking for 520:13
Abdullahjaeger: wondering you have powerful machine still upset for 500+ packages?20:17
Abdullahor it was frinnst20:17
jaegerNot sure what you're asking... are you asking if I'm upset that I have more than 500 packages installed?20:19
jaegerIf so, not at all. I've got plenty of CPU power20:19
Abdullahnah, I think someone from either you or frinnst was saying he took 24 hours for update20:20
john_cephalopodaI got 735 packages installed.20:21
AbdullahI have downloaded the updated iso ;-)20:21
jaegerIt took me 238m to rebuild every installed package... so just under 4 hours20:22
jaegerVery rare to need to do that, though20:22
AbdullahHow much it costs, the machine you have?20:23
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jaegerI like to buy parts during sales so I didn't pay what this list says but here's a ballpark idea:
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AbdullahI hope I won't get problems in encrypted install20:33
jaegertimcowchip: use one of the distfiles mirrors temporarily20:33
Abdullahtimcowchip: this one has `file` source ?20:33
timcowchip@jaeger: ok tnx20:34
pedjahow difficult would it be to add d/l fallback to a mirror to pkgutils?20:34
pedjabut I guess it's not common enough to bother20:35
jaegerIt already has that20:35
jaegerwell, sorta the reverse, I guess20:35
jaegerit tries mirrors first if you have those specified, then falls back to source=20:35
pedjaah, yes. PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS in pkgmk.conf?20:36
pedjacompletely forgot about that :)20:36
pedjaI rarely touch system config these days.20:41
pedjafiddled with pkgadd.conf a few months back, took me a few tries to get it right20:42
timcowchiptnx @frinnst20:53
pedjawhere does that '@nick' come from? I've seen quite a few people use it on irc21:00
Abdullahpedja: I think they are ops for a channel21:01
pedjaI know that, but I've seen people use it to address other, non-ops people21:02
pedjait's weird to see it used here :)21:06
timcowchipI use it out of respect like "Mr."21:06
frinnsttwitter hipsters?21:13
joacimdiscord etc uses @ too21:14
joacimand a certain amazon botnet for their rebranded irc chat21:15
Abdullahin updated iso we miss some libs for cryptsetup21:15
Abdullahso I can't move my backup.21:16
Abdullahoh yeah I have an unencrypted partition too ;-)21:16
pedjagotta love nvidia's naming conventions
pedjanope, not confusing at all21:29
Abdullahluks2 is supported ? or I may have issues with it?/21:29
AbdullahI'm running weechat, elinks in chroot, while I'm gonna format this disk, I hope it would work ;-)21:31
jaegertek did a bunch of work on cryptsetup support in the past but it probably needs some verification/updates21:34
jaegeryou can see his notes at but keep in mind they're somewhat old at this point21:34
Abdullahjaeger: updated iso missing a lot21:35
Abdullahof libs21:35
AbdullahI can't create physical volume21:35
AbdullahI read it once I was in X then rebooted21:36
AbdullahI'm not sure if I have old crux iso or not21:36
jaegerIt's possible the update ISO has issues sometimes, its build is automated and can miss new deps. If you find legitimate ones, report them and I'll fix it when I can... at least for supported stuff. I don't have much experience with full disk encryption21:37
Abdullahjaeger: can't we update the iso ?21:39
Abdullahfrom iso boot21:39
jaegeryou can't update an ISO from itself, they're read only21:41
Abdullahhow to mount /proc so I can use my underlying system's cryptsetup to mount an encrypted partition which is an external hard drive?21:41
jaeger /proc is mounted automatically21:43
AbdullahI'm in chroot into crux after mounting it at /mnt, but I get errors21:43
Abdullahif I try to mount externel drives from there21:44
jaegerAh, you need to bind mount extra filesystems into a chroot for things like that21:45
jaegersomething similar to what setup-chroot does, see;a=blob;f=iso/bin/setup-chroot;h=be2d7db27a10e519f2a7a5be0c64fef0c70b437e;hb=refs/heads/3.421:45
AbdullahI think lets leave encryption ;-)21:45
AbdullahI don't have an X right now ;-)21:46
jaegeryou don't need X for encryption21:46
AbdullahI think gpm is also not there in iso21:46
AbdullahI said for the link ;-)21:47
jaegerAh. I thought you had elinks in your chroot21:47
Abdullahyeah but can't copy paste ;-)21:47
AbdullahI have elinks21:47
Abdullahjaeger: you know even with old crux iso, I had problems mounting this luks2 encrypted drive. so I think we should work more on it and then I'll try21:49
jaegercryptsetup has never been fully supported on the ISO21:49
jaegerthat's the point I was trying to make21:49
jaegertek did work towards changing that but he's been gone for a while and it has been sitting idle21:49
Abdullahand for copying my music I had to reboot with arch iso21:49
Abdullahteach me and I'll be next tek ;-)21:50
jaegerSomeone who knows cryptsetup/luks better will be needed for that, heh21:50
jaegerI don't know it well21:50
AbdullahI have been using luks/cryptsetup in arch/gentoo/debian but21:51
Abdullahyou know I only know some commands, even with debian gui installer I had problems so I run a shell, formatted system and then reinstalled with gui installer ;-)21:52
Abdullahs/formatted/created partitions/21:53
Abdullahcant we use some other iso to do partitioning then install crux?21:54
AbdullahI think no, cos we have to unlock the partitions21:55
Abdullahlemme reboot and do more research ;-)21:56
jaegeryou should be able to use any ISO that has the proper support, whether that be filesystems, controllers, encryption, etc.22:01
Abdullahfor installing crux?22:02
AbdullahI have arch iso which can do all cryptsetup stuff.22:03
Abdullahbut if I reboot from it, create partitions, how can I install crux then? because I have to reboot and boot crux iso again, and then unlock and mount those encrypted partitions to install crux on it which crux iso won't22:04
AbdullahI don't get /dev/mapper/foo for this installation too. I think I didn't compile something for /dev/mapper/22:07
jaegerThere's a static-linked pkgutils tarball on the CRUX ISO that you could use to install the packages from another distro but that's a bit of an advanced topic/usage22:10
Abdullahomg I think that would work22:14
Abdullahis it included in updated iso?22:14
AbdullahI don't have lvm in /proc so I think that's the problem I can't mount this encrypted drive22:19
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