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Abdullahi--enable-gtk-doc what's this for?01:47
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john_cephalopodaAbdullah: I'd guess that it enables some additional documentation.01:54
john_cephalopoda./configure --help # usually tells you what the flags mean.01:54
Abdullahso can I ignore it?01:54
AbdullahI mean --disable-gtk-doc01:55
AbdullahI wrote some pkgfiles just to make my SIM work in laptop, dunno if it works or not01:55
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AbdullahHow can I install some packages from other distros?06:42
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joacimproshop had those new microservers on sale this november, for around 130 euro :(08:40
joacimregular price is around 420 euro08:41
joacimTempted to get an intel 660p10:53
joacimtheir 2TB drive is so cheap10:53
frinnsti got a samsung 1gb qvo drive11:40
frinnstits pretty 'meh'11:40
frinnstbut cheap11:41
joacimvirtual machines on raid0 hdds is ok, until i launch windows11:44
joacimso figured a cheap ssd would be better11:44
joacimthe new 970 evo plus looks neat, but also a lot more expensive11:45
frinnstI run my wintendo on it so it works well for that12:05
joacimmine has a plain 860 evo12:11
joacima 660p is still cheaper than an 860 qvo12:12
joacimwhere i live at least12:12
john_cephalopodaI got a WD 2TB drive for 77 Euro. Was the cheapest they had.12:13
john_cephalopodaI'll use it for my raspi as soon as I figure out what the hell I want to do with it :þ12:13
joacimgot two 4TB drives in RAID0 currently. bit overkill for storage12:14
joacimquick enough for /home, but wish i had an SSD for virtual machines12:14
joacimfuck it. ordered an rx 580 pulse. comes with some games i wanted to play too12:46
joacimso might as well12:46
pedjaimpulse purchase? nice12:53
joacimlooking at some more cashflow, so might as well spend it =)12:53
pedjapulse are Saphire cards?12:53
joacimtheir cheaper line. one fewer power connector, and clocked slightly lower, but that's fine12:54
pedjathey are very nice, from what I've seen. good build quality, too12:54
joacimseems more or less the same as their nitros. just smaller12:54
joacimand not clocked as high12:54
pedjanot led BS?12:54
joacimno idea. sapphire seems a lot less in your face about that kind of stuff12:56
joacimcompared to msi and asus12:56
pedjathey are ~120-140€ used, 200-290 'imported' from .hu.12:57
pedjaI guess miners gpu vs retail12:58
joacimi've been wanting to get resident evil 2 remake12:58
joacimand that game comes bundled =)12:58
joacim+ another game i dont care too much about12:58
joacimmoved the r9 290 up as my primary card, but it's just too damn loud12:59
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pedja275 w tdp, according to specs? damn :)13:03
joacimand the cooler cant keep up :(13:04
joacimit hits 95C while the fans run at 100%13:04
joacimand it throttles13:04
joacimdown to 600-700 MHz from 1040 MHz13:04
Romsterwater block it to a large radiator?13:34
TimB_throw dry ice at it like a mad man :D13:36
TimB_joacim: it's the r9 290? if you plan on upgrading to 580/590ish, I can say my ASUS Strix is really holding up fine with the temps13:38
TimB_580 that is13:38
TimB_barely noticable during work hours, on gaming with some overclocking it barely touches 60°C for the GPU, ~80°C for VRAM if I push it.. I try not to o:)13:39
frinnstmy rx 590 gets crazy loud under load when gaming.13:44
frinnsttotally quiet during regular use though13:45
TimB_frinnst: what kind of cooler is strapped to it?13:46
TimB_maybe I'm just lucky with the Strix Design13:46
TimB_I mean, when I let em run at 80% they are crazy loud too, but I barely ever need to do that under normal circumstances13:46
frinnstits that one13:51
frinnsttar updated to 1.32. gnu mirrors might be a bit slow13:56
TimB_I have no experience with XFX, this one is the model I got,1.html13:59
TimB_the cooler looks a bit more beefy14:00
joacimRomster: got a water block for it, but i dont want put water in this system14:22
joacimradiator + pump + reservoir is more expensive than just an rx 580 too :/14:25
joacimvery happy with my r9 fury actually. silent when idle, and not so loud that it bothers me when i play games with it14:54
joacimunsure which is better now tho. r9 fury, or rx 58014:54
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jaegerthe strix coolers are always top tier15:29
jaegerI tend to buy and recommend asus strix or msi gaming cards specifically for their coolers15:30
jaegerjoacim: I got a couple of games with my recent 580 purchase too, was a nice side bonus15:55
jaegerI've got a strix 580 and an xfx 580 black edition... they're both fine in terms of noise level and performance but the strix cooler is higher quality15:56
jaegerjoacim: also, if you've not seen it, might be of interest15:58
joacimyeah looked at that.16:03
joacimthink i'll smack the rx 580 in the windows games console first to redeem the games, so might as well run some tests too16:03
joacimcan also benchmark quake16:04
joacimsee if i can get higher than 2500 FPS16:04
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pedjawell, there is breaking the 4th wall, and there is smashing it to fucking pieces in epic fashion. Doom Patrol is awesome16:16
pedjasorry for the noise. carry on :)16:17
jaegeryeah, I did have to use windows for the redemption16:17
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joacimnot sure how the website detects which card you have16:46
joacimwebgl extensions?16:46
joacimthinking i could spoof those16:46
joacimso i can redeem early and without having to stick the card in my windows system first16:46
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jaegerLet me know if it works, just curious. I had windows on the machine it went in so was no big deal20:20
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joacimi see these in my syslog sometimes20:35
joacimbefore graphics dies and my monitors goes to sleep20:35
joacimcan reach my computer through ssh, and interact with it that way.20:35
frinnstwhat kernel? i saw similar errors ages ago21:00
joacimi see vague mentions of enabling dc21:00
joacimso might do that the next time i care about rebooting21:01
frinnstyeah i use that these days21:01
joacimat least implicitly. right now it is set to auto21:01
frinnsthave for a while now.21:01
joacimno idea how to see if auto == enabled or disabled21:01
frinnst[*] AMD DC - Enable new display engine21:26
john_cephalopoda[*] AMD Marvel21:26
joacimparm:           dc:Display Core driver (1 = enable, 0 = disable, -1 = auto (default)) (int)21:27
joacimin shit distributions where you typically dont build your own kernel =)21:27
frinnstah. I think it has to do what hardware you have - if there is dc code for it or not21:27
joacim[    4.292064] [drm] Display Core initialized with v3.1.68!21:28
joacimi guess it is enabled then21:28
john_cephalopodaDamn, those kernel devs should really release 5.0 soon. I won't update my kernel until then.21:29
joacim2.6 was the best one21:30
frinnstLinux nibbler 5.0.0-rc7 #121:32
frinnstits not that special :)21:32
frinnst2.4.20 ftw my first kernel that I built myself i think21:33
frinnstalso had a cool root exploit in it21:33
joacimi didnt know i used 2.4 series when i first started using linux for things21:33
frinnstran it on slackware21:34
frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: im betting there will be a rc8 (just to annoy you! :D )21:35
john_cephalopodafrinnst: And then Linus announces "I had a talk with some people in the dev team and I decided that the next version will be 4.21."21:36
john_cephalopodaIf I'd try to fly that thing, I'd definitely jet head-first into the water surface.21:46
TimB_the price question is: would you post a video of it on the internet for karma?21:53
joacimsend it to americas funniest home videos for a chance to go to disney land21:57
TimB_and here I was just thinking about reddit/imgur upvotes21:59
john_cephalopodaWow, Rigs of Rods is hell.22:28
john_cephalopodaFirst of all the dependencies are horrible: RoR needs mygui and ogre 3.11, mygui latest release needs ogre 3.10 though, so it's necessary to get mygui from git. Ogre builds a library it ships with but doesn't install the library when make install is run, so I got to copy the library to /usr/lib manually.22:30
john_cephalopodaAnd then RoR itself. "cmake .." - everything fine, finds everything and notices that a few optional deps are missing. And then make. "#include <angelscript.h>" isn't found. Angelscript is an optional dependency - which it acknowledged was not there but didn't disable. So gotta disable that manually when running cmake.22:31
john_cephalopodaCompiling again, now it misses rapidjson, which is mentioned _nowhere_.22:31
TimB_john_cephalopoda: I got a Pkgfile for that22:32
TimB_kodi depends on it now.. :^22:33
frinnst"hey I know, i'll use my raspberry pi 3b+ to test librenms. Oh it requires php7.1 or newer? stretch only comes with php7.0. Lets try the next debian - buster. oh it only comes with php 7.3? does librenms work with that? no"22:34
frinnstfuck php22:34
frinnstand fuck debian/raspbian22:34
frinnstMissing PHP extensions. Please install and enable them on your LibreNMS server.22:34
frinnstrm -rf /*22:34
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Crux-ARM ftw!22:40
john_cephalopodaTimB_: Thanks22:40
frinnstyeah I run it on all my other rpi's. havent had the energy to do anything other than dd raspbian to a sdcard for the 3b+ yet22:41
TimB_john_cephalopoda: yw22:42
frinnstits a nice upgrade from the other models. everything about the 3b+ feels a lot faster22:42
TimB_first time I tried CRUX-arm for the rpi3 I gave up. Maybe I should try it again, no idea where I failed before22:43
john_cephalopodaAfter it is set up it just runs.22:45
john_cephalopodaTakes a bit of work to get the kernel and drivers in the right versions (64 bit).22:45
frinnstperhaps a contributed image would be useful? agreed it's a pain to get started with22:45
TimB_I was just thinking about something like that22:46
TimB_my rpi has no other use right now, and I got some time22:46
frinnstwhat version is it? 64bit ?22:47
TimB_not sure, let me have a look22:47
frinnst3 is 64bit i think, 1 and 2 is 32bit only22:47
frinnstbut most/all raspberry distributions is 32bit only afaik22:48
TimB_ARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l)22:49
TimB_seems like a 3 Model B from Feb 2016, with a 64 bit BCM283722:51
TimB_I got a question. With switching from jdk to openjdk8 I can't build rstudio anymore, says it cannot execute Java - am I missing something or is that software just incompatible with openjdk*?22:56
TimB_I think I know what's up, I need to put openjdk in my $PATH23:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: chatty: 0.9.4 -> 0.9.523:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: youtube-dl: 2018.12.17 -> 2019.02.1823:05
TimB_jup, that seems to have done it23:08
Romsterjoacim, another idea put the rig in another room and use longer display port and usb extender :D silent pc then23:16
pedjaACTION finally watched Travelers series finale23:21
pedjanicely done, but I am still going to miss it :)23:21
pedjaif I had rpi3, I'd probably put openSUSE Leap on it (64bit, iirc)23:32
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