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AbdullahI have installed the system in lvm on luks but now unbootable. I think I have to install some software so that initramfs be created with it to unlock the partitions00:34
AbdullahI'm on archlinux iso so please guide me so that I can install some packages in crux iso because in arch iso I can't properly chroot to my crux installation00:38
Abdullahand I don't have an X.00:38
Abdullahphone screen is also broken00:38
RomsterJAVA_HOME a and/or /bin/java -> /usr/lib/java/openjdk8/bin/java00:43
AbdullahRomster: is it for me?00:43
Romsteranyone that uses java00:43
AbdullahI installed crux with lvm on luks but now I don't have an initramfs to unlock the root partition00:44
Romsterif you got root in LUKS in LVM you will need a initramfs00:44
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Abdullahyeah but how can I create one?00:44
Abdullahits lvm on luks00:45
Romsterwith cryptosetup and lvm2 staticly compiled for busybox00:45
Abdullahnot just root, but home and swap too00:45
Romsterah so the PV in in LUKS00:45
Romsteryeah same deal00:45
Abdullahso I have to compile cryptsetup in crux iso?00:45
Romsterthere should be a cryptsetup.static and a lvm2.static00:46
Abdullahcryptsetup.static I had but not sure about lvm2.static00:47
Romsterhmm seems lvm2 hasn't been built for that it'll need editing to make static lvm.static00:47
Abdullahso how can I do that Romster00:48
TimB_Romster: thanks, got it figured out :) found out in the log about missing java home00:48
RomsterAbdullah, if lvm2 hasn't changed since the old version i did it too. add --with-staticdir=/usr/sbin to lvm2/Pkgfile00:50
Abdullahand jaeger told that I can install some packages from other distros to crux iso00:50
Romsterand --enable-static_link00:51
AbdullahRomster: is it okay to do it with arch iso or I have to reboot with crux iso?00:51
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Romsterah probably easy todo with crux iso00:52
Romster <- i did that ages ago00:52
AbdullahI have mounted all necessary partitions now00:53
AbdullahI think I have to do what setup-chroot does00:54
Abdullahthen I'll be able to compile lvm200:54
Romstersetup-chroot then unlock luks vgscan -ay , mount the root LV00:55
Romsteror compile from the iso your choice00:55
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AbdullahI did all those mentioned setup-chroot commands from arch iso but still it says in bash, like ls command not found ;-)01:02
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Abdullahlemme boot from crux01:08
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Abdullahplease send me someone a tmux Pkgfile in ptpb.pw01:21
AbdullahI don't have X just compiled lvm2 Romster  how you said01:21
Abdullahnow part of initramfs?01:22
Abdullahnow I have lvm.static01:25
Abdullahgot tmux too ;-)01:32
Romsterdo you need tmux in initramfs?01:42
Abdullahnah, I have compiled that too01:43
AbdullahRomster: so now how can I create initramfs?01:43
RomsterAbdullah, always backup /etc/lvm and your luks keys or you may feel pain later on.01:43
AbdullahI have got lvm.static cryptsetup.static01:44
AbdullahI did rm /etc/lvm.conf cos new compiled one was complainig about it. now I have another one there.01:45
AbdullahI have compiled the kernel yesterday. do I have to recompile now?01:46
Romsteryou can use rejmerge01:47
Romsterand if kernel has lvm luks and initramfs no won't need to recompile it01:48
Abdullahlemme check I'm sure I added those options01:48
AbdullahRomster: config_initramfs_source=""01:53
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abdullahI get an error while executing in busybox, no lib/modules06:18
Abdullahdo I have to do something in kernel compilation?06:18
Abdullahsorry crux I'm giving up, I have no working system and I have to go for a job06:36
Abdullahso lets meet in new crux without encryption ;-)06:36
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TimB_finally came around pushing a big quality update to my repo.
AbdullahTimB_: great12:03
AbdullahI always check your ports if I can't find in official ones12:04
TimB_let me know if you run into problems with my repo12:05
Abdullahnah, I never faced such issue, I still don't have X. because I wanna encrypt atleast home but device mapper and cryptsetup aren't working12:06
TimB_Abdullah: I have no experience about that12:06
Abdullahjaeger: we have wlan in services and no wifi now in updated iso?12:06
Abdullahwifi started so fast and now I have to wait for wlan service to start12:06
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neeasadedoes crux have a release schedule14:20
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pedjawhen it's ready[tm]14:28
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neeasadepedja: ah ok neat14:29
Abdullahjaeger: old wifi service is fine, this wlan is taking long for me at boot14:29
neeasadeand does crux use systemd or nah14:30
pedjanah :)14:30
Abdullahneeasade: crux runs as cruze missile ;-)14:30
neeasadecrux missile14:31
Abdullahbtw one can use systemd too if they want. I also thought of it before installing crux as systemd was first init I knew. but now I'm happy with sysvinit14:33
neeasadethere was one feature I would have liked in crux when I took it for a test drive ~4 years ago14:34
neeasadeI would like if the steps fetching source and building source could be separated14:35
neeasadebecause then I could have a nightly cron of fetching the source or something14:35
neeasadeand then updating is just building from that cache14:35
AbdullahI think that is possible14:36
TimB_neeasade: pkgmk -do14:36
neeasadeTimB_: could you elaborate? just reffing this rn
TimB_-do is the download only switch for pkgmk, you could write a wrapper for it for use with cron14:39
pedjait should be possible to pass pkgmk -do flag to 'prt-get sysup'14:41
neeasadeTimB_: nice, I will have to check that out, thank you14:42
pedjaso the cron job would be 'ports -u; prt-get sysup --margs=-do' or something like that14:42
TimB_and maybe a prt-get cache in the end so you can prt-cache sysup later14:42
pedjanice touch :)14:43
neeasadenice, thank you14:43
TimB_I wrote a little housekeeping script for crux which does that for me, in ruby ^^14:43
TimB_I need to work some more on it to make the script more robust14:44
pedjatbh, I am not looking forward to rebuilding a shitload of stuff after the update to new CRUX release :)14:52
pedjaoh well, such is life of a CRUX user14:53
pedjabuilding gcc-fortran takes a while14:56
Abdullahmaybe hours ;-)14:58
pedja~2.5h, iirc14:59
AbdullahI think we can do fortran with gcc if enable it in Pkgfile, isn't that TimB_ ?14:59
TimB_Abdullah: there is no need for that15:01
pedjacore/gcc ships without it, since it's not needed for 99% of users :)15:01
TimB_pedja: currently hanging on webkitgtk.. after having done qt5 and qt5webkit this morning. oh beautiful life of a CRUX user :D15:02
AbdullahI have a Pkgfile for gcc815:02
pedjaTimB_, ah, the big guns :)15:02
TimB_but I pushed my R port to my public REPO :) so there goes one # Depends: gcc-fortran15:02
pedjadisabling qt5webkit in qt5 build shaved off a couple of hours on my machine15:03
TimB_pedja: I really wouldn't want it any other way than the CRUX way15:03
TimB_I think webkit is needed for the nextcloud-client..15:03
pedjait's the issue with the hw I have, not the distribution :)15:04
TimB_it's always the same, except maybe for the ryzen and threadripper folks right now ;)15:04
TimB_and $$$-intel ofc15:04
Abdullah I wanna unencrypt my encrypted home partition but its giving me some errors15:05
TimB_I am so used to rebuilding just everything in one batch now.. for example I upgraded my 3 CRUX installations to the newest openssl.. there we go15:06
TimB_Abdullah: posting the error would be better15:06
pedjadual core CPU is not really a powerhouse, but I'll have to manage15:06
Abdullah/bin/stty says no such option ''15:06
AbdullahI'm not so good in bash15:07
TimB_Abdullah: maybe one $variable is not set right?15:08
Abdullahyeah I think so15:08
TimB_pedja: oh, ok. Well at least I have my i3u Haswell and i5 ivy to work together, still, takes some time15:08
Abdullahcan't we do it in lvm block in /etc/rc15:09
TimB_if I'd run anything more near vanilla I'd say I could provide my built packages more but those systems are so far from it15:09
TimB_even though I cleaned all my self maintained ports with prtverify I will still need to go over them from a vanilla CRUX chroot15:10
TimB_or VM better..15:10
TimB_this will be fun ;)15:10
AbdullahTimB_: mine is new installation today ;-)15:10
pedjaTimB_, I often use Romster's built packages, but sometimes that's not an option, since the build needs to pick up stuff on my system15:10
TimB_pedja: right, it's not that easy with prebuild, I agree15:11
AbdullahRomster is one of our legends ;-)15:11
TimB_btw, what happend to I believe Han?15:12
pedjaTimB_, I just let it build and go annoy the cat in the meantime :)15:12
TimB_He had a massive REPO some years back, he moved to oBSD?15:12
TimB_pedja: he, well that's also a good alternative. :)15:13
pedjahe was(is?) one of the oBSD devs, iirc15:13
TimB_orly? wow, I didn't know that15:13
TimB_webkitgtk: [2199/2913] zzZZzzZZ :D15:14
AbdullahTimB_: if I do `cryptsetup open /dev/sda4 ak` in /etc/rc, will it ask me passphrase without something like read -r ?15:14
TimB_Abdullah: I seriously don't know15:15
TimB_never used cryptsetup, sorry man15:15
Abdullahlemme try ;-)15:15
Abdullahleave cryptsetup part, just guide me if /etc/rc file is able to get input before login comes?15:16
TimB_Abdullah: about setting the cariable in /etc/rc, I guess that would be appropriate, this definitely gets run before login15:19
pedjaTimB_, using lxc or docker container for a clean build is pretty neat. jaeger builds Crux docker image pretty regularly15:20
pedjaVM is overkill for the majority of cases15:21
TimB_pedja: oh good to know, it's in the dockerhub?15:22
Abdullah/bin/stty -echo; read -r PASSPHRASE; /bin/stty echo echo "" echo -n "$PASSPHRASE" | cryptsetup --key-file=- open /dev/sda4 ak15:23
Abdullahthere is some error in this line15:23
TimB_/bin/stty echo echo "" echo -n "$PASSPHRASE" <- does this look right?15:24
TimB_not sure15:24
Abdullahno idea15:24
TimB_where do you get those lines?15:24
Abdullahfrom a site15:24
Abdullahlemme paste the url15:25
TimB_have you tried the man page?15:25
TimB_sorry, I have no time to look into that15:25
TimB_I can try to elaborate on your questions here though, but you need to read the manpage15:25
Abdullahfrom this site15:25
Abdullahsorry I had no scroll for some moments so don't say I ignored your text TimB_15:26
SitriYou're reading instructions for a version that's several years old15:27
SitriYou're better off using the instructions on the website, which are for the current version15:27
pedjacrux image on dockerhub is old, afaik15:28
TimB_pedja: neat, thanks!15:28
TimB_I have been working for the past 3 days straight on my repo, might aswell make it 4 to 5 :D15:29
TimB_it felt good to see the rating, I agree btw, this should be the default portdb15:30
AbdullahSitri: unfortunately we dont have up to date docs there too15:32
SitriAbdullah: the guide you're looking at also has multiple issues with whatever he's using to generate the pages not adding <br />'s for his newlines (or using <pre>), meaning any code section that needs a newline is corrupt unless you're looking at the page source15:32
AbdullahI spent two days to have encrypted install but failed15:33
Anselmooooh I dont like mail stuff but I ended up setting up encrypted mail15:34
SitriWhat was the issue with those docs?15:34
Anselmowhat sort of server are you connecting to abdullah15:34
Anselmoooh wait install not mail15:34
Anselmosomehow Ive been super bad at reading lately x-x15:34
AbdullahAnselmo: encrypted mail is easy as just like one go for walk15:34
Anselmofor me it was a pain -_-15:35
AbdullahI was installing complete encrypted crux Anselmo15:35
Abdullaheven modified tek code but no help15:36
AnselmoI see that now, are you using lvm or what15:36
Abdullahyeah I was using lvm15:36
Abdullahand I was near to it. but got up15:36
Abdullahgave up15:36
Anselmoone trick you can do, if you dont need a custom kernel15:37
Anselmois to like, install debian or something else who uses encrypted LVM or can15:37
AbdullahSitri: I have no issue with docs, just we don't have encrypted install instructions15:37
Anselmoand then install crux ontop of it :P15:37
Abdullahlol Anselmo I had been using encryption everywhere but not on crux15:38
Abdullahbtw I have found the reason now ;-)15:38
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AbdullahI had no CONFIG_DEV or something in legacy. I thought it is off no means as it was labeled as legacy15:39
SitriCRUX doesn't have a system for making an initramfs, you NEED an initramfs to have encrypted boot.15:39
Abdullahsame problem I had now in this unencrypted install and just figured it out15:39
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AbdullahSitri: I managed to create initrd. but as I told you the error was that fucking legacy config for dev mapper in kernel config15:40
Abdullahyou know how it feels when someone do it for 2 days and got nothing ;-(15:41
AbdullahI didn't have another system or phone to ask for someone too or at least read docs15:42
Abdullahbut now I can help others. so don't say please, ' crux don't have encryption '. its perfect system if you know what you wanna do15:43
Abdullahmaybe I'll give it a try once I have some time15:44
john_cephalopodaAbdullah: Maybe read the arch wiki on disk encryption.15:47
AbdullahI had no issue john_cephalopoda, as I told I was successfull only this legacy fuckin option was not enabled in kernel config15:48
Abdullahit was producing errors just like this unencrypted system when I try to open encrypted containers15:50
AbdullahI lost two days ;-(15:51
Abdullahat least I got exerience ;-) at least I can say crux is perfect but I'm not15:52
john_cephalopodaAbdullah: The kernel is not the responsibility of Crux.15:58
Abdullahjohn_cephalopoda: yeah15:58
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TimB_opt/libmypaint source points to a generic version numbered file (github release, easy fix)16:31
AbdullahTimB_: echo -n "enter your password: "16:31
Abdullah/bin/stty -echo; read PASSPHRASE; /bin/stty +echo16:31
Abdullahecho $PASSPHRASE | cryptsetup -d - open /dev/sda2 foo16:32
Abdullahwont it readfrom input?16:32
Abdullahon np16:33
john_cephalopodaTimB_: Hm, for me it looks like it is already pointing at a github release.16:34
TimB_source=($name/archive/v$version.tar.gz) -> make it ../v$version/$name-$version.tar.gz and it shouldn't conflict with another source file16:36
john_cephalopodaOh. For me the source files are all in /usr/ports/opt/mypaint, so it wouldn't collide with anything.16:50
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TimB_right, that's optional.. I forgot. Anyhow, still I like sources to be named, I dunno about you all?17:00
neeasadeI do17:02
TimB_prt-get just started rebuilding llvm. $ sudo rm -fr /home/pkgmk/work/src17:19
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TimB_ this is a new one for me, ddg/google doesn't seem to know much except that the libs are invoked in the wrong order? any ideas?18:35
Anselmodo you have glib installed and up to date ?18:42
Anselmolooks like that particular thing its tripping over is inside of that . .18:43
TimB_glib is installed and uptodate18:45
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TimB_even rebuilds fine18:46
TimB_revdep reports nothing18:46
Anselmotesting if I cant build it here18:48
Anselmoooor ack thats turning into a lotta dependancies x-x18:53
Anselmolooked like someone else was able to use 4.13 fine though, after complaining of this issue. . . bleah18:55
Anselmoyeah hrm. builds on my laptop, both from the latest git and . . . wait from your repo too19:00
TimB_Anselmo: well, if all else fails, I'll hit it with the rebuild everyting hammer :D19:00
Anselmoyeah that usually works.19:01
Anselmoits just nice to understand thing ssometimes ;-;19:01
TimB_exactly what I'm thinking19:03
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AbdullahI need help with gcc-fortran. cant I enable fortran in gcc so that it should work as gcc-fortran?22:55
AbdullahAll my ports getting signature mismatch found on this new install22:56
joacimdid you keep your .pub and .sec files?23:05
Abdullahyeah I have put them in /etc/ports/ too23:07
Abdullahdo I have to put them somewhere else joacim ?23:08
joacim/etc/ports is the correct place for them23:25
joacimdoes the filenames in /etc/ports match what is in your .signature files?23:26
Abdullahyeah they match23:27
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