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MechamiHas anyone had success with recompiling glibc? Getting errors about the "SIG_BLOCK" macro being undefined.02:01
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frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: Linux kernel version 5.0-rc8 is now available08:40
frinnsthah knew it08:40
timcowchiprc8? what happened with 1-7?08:44
timcowchipguess they didn't cut the mustard08:45
timcowchipI wonder if version 5 will be the latest stable in time for Crux-3.508:52
timcowchipSlackware 15 is rumored for later this year making it only a 4 year wait since 14.208:55
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pedjainteresting. price diff between rx 580 4gb and rx590 is ~25€11:01
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: gnutls-32: 3.5.18 -> 3.6.611:12
Romsterwhere is the rest of my commits cruxbot11:13
pedjawhy do you care if cruxbot doesn't show them?11:20
pedjait should have separate channel, #crux-commits or something like that, anyway, imho11:22
john_cephalopodaI think it's a nice feature.11:23
pedjajust the commits tagged with 'notice' should go here11:23
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john_cephalopodaIt isn't too much spam and it reminds me to upgrade my packages.11:25
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timcowchip@jaeger: do I need to rebuild my kernel for bluez to work?20:55
timcowchipcrux-3.4-updated.iso from
joacimi'd enable the features documented by gentoo20:56
timcowchipguess it would help to add bluetoothd to rc.conf20:58
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timcowchipdoesn't gentoo use systemd?21:06
joacimthink it is one of those distros where systemd is available if you want it21:13
joacimwant to get more familiar with illumos21:14
joacimto see other system layer implementations21:14
dlcusatimcowchip, yes, gentoo is systemd-dependent--funtoo will never be (according to Daniel Robbins, BDFL).21:35
dlcusaoops, missing @ -- @timcowchip, see by previous post.21:39
dlcusa@joacim, I missed typing an at sign for the post replying to timcowchip.21:41
joacimi dont get it :(21:41
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dlcusa@joacim, my post at 21:35:41 should have started with an at sign--does that make it more clear?21:43
jaegerjoacim: just a different way to address folks, like <name>:21:46
jaegertimcowchip: there are bluetooth features in the kernel, yes. Wouldn't hurt to check them out21:46
joacimi know, but typically one dont on irc21:47
joacimwhich is why im confused21:47
joacimit breaks the norm21:47
tek_I compiled / added new ports for mesa3d 19.x-git today to give the new iris driver a test driver. Works in a sense that vlc crashes immediately, once iris is used. As the buildsystem was shifted to meson/ninja, I am still happy to provide a patchset if there's interest21:49
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timcowchipthanks @jaeger21:56
pedjajoacim, nice to see that I am not the only one confused with use of @ here :)21:57
joacimsoon we'll start placing # signs in front of common topics too!22:02
jaegerseems straightforward to me, @nick like "directed at nick"22:05
jaegerwas around long before discord/slack/hipchat, etc., though not as common on IRC22:06
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