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Abdullahif I'm not wrong, tek_ joined us ;-)02:25
Abdullahbut now I have only encrypted home. I hope he will update wiki ;-)02:26
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timcowchipusing bluez from the "jaeger" collection I have made ports for gnome-bluetooth and blueberry03:31
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markandjust curious, is the init system different between the iso and the installed system? just asking because the output is quite different09:27
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Romstermarkand, nope just how it's configured in /etc/profile10:13
dbrookeRomster: thanks for cython footprint fix10:25
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Romsterdbrooke, no worries, i have no idea how i missed that. i got code snippets i run to avoid that from happening, but i still derped10:46
frinnstits so easily done. one distraction and you fuck something up :-)11:09
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dbrookeyep, we all do, e.g.
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pedjakicad? didn't purism use that for their smartphone project?12:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: talloc: update to 2.1.1613:22
dbrookeI don't know about that but it's very capable - I only use a small fraction of its features13:22
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workoderaWill there be any interesting things in 3.5?15:14
workoderaI see that lilo has been moved to opt, is there any new core default?15:14
workoderawas lilo even in core?15:14
markandI use efibootmgr personally15:15
workoderayeah me too15:15
markandwith recent kernel (>= 4.19) you can even keep your UEFI logo until the boot process is complete15:16
markandbut for this you need a silent boot15:16
dlcusa@workadera, syslinux does support ext[234] filesystems, and is low on bells and whistles--very CRUXish.15:16
markandeven lighter than lilo?15:17
dlcusaThe big problem is getting it configured--doc is not great.15:19
dlcusaAnd there are some things that need to be reported and fixed.15:20
dlcusaI'll document the installation I just did as a working example and post the URL--gimme an hour...15:26
joacimjaeger: those young whippersnappers can stay off my lawn15:27
joacimmarkand: that boot logo feature is so annoying. it almost looks like a bug or instant reboot to me when the boot logo shows up after the boot loader =)15:28
joacimif i could add a loading bar or something like that15:29
Abdullahmarkand: can I use any logo with uefi?15:30
AbdullahI can see some options in kernel conifg but I don't know how to do that15:30
AbdullahI use efistub for boot, no custom boot managers15:30
markandAbdullah, no15:31
markandbut if you have a thinkpad, yes15:31
Abdullahyeah I have thinkpad15:31
Abdullahbut that doesn't support libreboot or coreboot15:32
AbdullahI think once I was updating EFI, I also saw some option to update my image in there15:32
Abdullahis that you're talking about?15:32
frinnstworkodera: only for 3.515:36
frinnstonly lilo was in core and its not as common these days. so makes more sense to move it out of opt and keep the most common bootloaders there15:37
AbdullahI forgot to pkgrm grub2 and lilo this time ;-)15:38
jaegerjoacim: :D15:39
Abdullahsomeone here knows C, I have a problem in slstatus which is working but I wanna add a new new C function mpd status to it ;-)15:39
jaegerlilo, grub2, grub2-efi, and syslinux will still be on the 3.5 ISO, just no need for lilo in core anymore15:39
dlcusa@markand, the text doc is now up at -- I hope this is useful.15:50
markandAbdullah, you can use libmpdclient but it requires lots of code though16:14
Abdullahmarkand: I think I can use mpdstatus.c but I don't know how to use it with slstatus16:15
Abdullahhere its
markandyou need to enable it in config.h and update args[] to call your function16:16
markandI think it could be nice to use a static connection to avoid spamming your mpd daemon at each slstatus iteration too16:16
markandadd { getmpdstat, "%s", NULL } in args[] in config.h16:17
Abdullahlemme try it.16:17
Abdullaherror: 'getmpdstat' undeclared here (not in a function); did you mean 'setstate'?16:19
Abdullahdunno where to declare it markand16:19
markandyou can put it in config.h too but add static before getmpdstat16:19
frinnst"Hi, this account is hacked! Renew the pswd right this moment!" interesting. they are adding extra typo-s with each email16:20
frinnst"I'mhacker who burstyour emailand all devicesseveral months ago."16:20
markandoh those mails16:20
markandI'm having one everyday16:20
AbdullahI added it in config.h16:20
Abdullahhere is my config.h
joacimdid VIM get smarter recently?16:31
joacimjust noticed that it detects indentation styles of certain config files16:31
joacimopened a .yaml file that uses spaces instead of tabs for indents16:31
joacimand VIM adapted to that, when my defaults use tabs for indents16:31
ryuojoacim: afaik, it also overrides for Makefiles.16:32
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tilmanfucking finally18:36
joacimtime of celebration18:37
frinnstdid you just watch "Free Solo"? that was my reaction too18:53
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tilmanfrinnst: i've been offline for 1.5 weeks, thanks for noticing ;)19:54
joacimthat long?19:56
joacimmy downtimes are usually just a few hours over night19:56
joacimwould be interesting to try out isdn speeds again tho =)19:56
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frinnsttilman: well you're so quiet these days :D21:27
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-server: updated to 1.20.421:36
joacimhasnt updated his ports lately either21:51
joacimmy clock is wrong...22:05
frinnstyep it is. its a bit behind. see?: 23:05 <joacim> my clock is wrong...22:19
frinnstits 23:1922:19
joacimfor me it was 30 minutes too fast22:26
joacim-- Tue, 26 Feb 2019 (Sun, 03 Feb 2019) --22:26
joacimdont know what this is about in my irc client22:26
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ryuojoacim: weechat?23:03
ryuojoacim: weechat records those in your buffer when it receives a new message and it's crossed over into a new day according to the localtime.23:03
ryuo-- Tue, 26 Feb 2019 --23:04
ryuoi got this in some of my other chanels with less traffic.23:04

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