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Abdullahwhenever I do prt-get update -fr , it gives me an error, =======> ERROR: File '/var/pkgmk/packages/dwm#6.1-1.pkg.tar.gz' is not writable.04:36
ryuoAbdullah: you probably don't have write permissions to that directory.04:41
AbdullahI do it sudo04:41
Abdullahand with pkgmk it is fine04:41
ryuook... then just check it.04:42
Abdullahsome packages are there with root:root04:42
Abdullahsome with pkgmk:pkgmk and some with myuser:users04:43
Abdullahwhat's the right bit to set on all of them so in future I won't get in trouble?04:43
ryuoAbdullah: what's the permS?04:48
ryuoof the files.04:48
Abdullah ryuo04:49
ryuoit might be that prt-get is trying to build as non-root user and can't write to that file as a result.04:49
ryuonotice it's owned by root.04:50
Abdullahmakecommand sudo -H -u pkgmk /usr/bin/fakeroot /usr/bin/pkgmk04:51
Abdullahownership of '/var/pkgmk/.ccache/b/e/e9c5d5fddcee85d1380bee74474d33-298881.o' retained as pkgmk:pkgmk04:53
Abdullahall such results from sudo chown pkgmk:pkgmk /var/pkgmk/ -Rv04:53
Abdullahdunno where the issue is04:54
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jaegerI use a bit simpler setup with a 'pkgmk' group with no need to sudo on the makecommand05:59
jaegerstill need sudo for the others, though05:59
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RomsterAbdullah, if you use a user account to build as you need to use fakeroot07:51
Romsterprobably hacky but that fixed permissions on ports -u07:56
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AbdullahI also use pkgmk for packages.09:27
Romsterfakeroot pkgmk09:27
Romsteranything you run with root is going to have root permissions, usually09:28
AbdullahRomster: what's this patch for?09:28
Abdullahmakecommand sudo -H -u pkgmk /usr/bin/fakeroot /usr/bin/pkgmk09:29
AbdullahI have this line in prt-get.conf so I think I'm okay with all what you and jaeger said.09:29
Romsterit was (at the time) to stop ports -u changing the permissions of /usr/ports/* for core opt contrib xorg stuff09:30
Romsterdunno if it's needed or not now. to build as a pkgmk user.09:31
AbdullahI also getting mismatch signify on all my ports after I reinstalled os09:32
AbdullahI have my sec and pub key09:33
AbdullahHow to again create signatures for all those ports?09:33
Romsterdid you place them in /etc/ports/ ?09:34
Abdullahyeah I have them09:35
Abdullahroot has only read write permissions to them09:35
Abdullahfor both files pub and sec09:36
Romsterwell if you are building as a user... don't you think that needs read permissions?09:37
Romsterto at least the public key09:37
Abdullahso what should I do there? the one who wrote wiki on using pkgmk as user should at least mention this issue too.09:38
AbdullahI'll create a good start tutorial on my site soon so at least more poeple won't suffer from this.09:38
Abdullahnow its 644 but still having issue09:41
Romsterhaving what issue exactly?09:42
AbdullahERROR: Signature mismatch found:09:42
Romstercopy the public key from /usr/ports/foo/ /etc/ports/09:43
Romsterthen it'll work as long as it can be read by pkgmk09:43
AbdullahI have it in /etc/ports09:43
Romsteras th3e same name as /usr/ports/foo as /etc/ports/ ?09:44
Romsterthen if permissions are current it should just work, you do have signify installed right?09:45
Abdullahlemme debug keys09:45
Romsterwell if that still does not work then the key is probably not correct.09:45
Romsterpkginfo -i |grep signify09:46
Romstermaybe you or the person that made that repo didn't update the pub key?09:47
Romsterif they generate a new key pair09:47
Romsteryou can look in pkgmk and see what the signify command does. and check it's output09:48
Abdullahsignify 0.1p1-109:49
AbdullahI'm gonna create new one09:50
Abdullahsignify -G -n -c $repo -p ${repo}.pub -s ${repo}.sec (repo is my repo name)09:52
Abdullahsignify -G -n -c ak -p -s ak.sec would be okay?09:52
Romsterthe secret key is only needed to modify the .signature09:54
AbdullahI would modify all .signatures I made09:54
Romstercd /usdr/ports/ak ; pkgmk -r -us09:55
Abdullahas root ?09:57
AbdullahI'm on that page yeah that's only source09:57
Romsteras what ever user has permissions to write to that path09:57
Romsterusually root09:57
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: sysvinit: update to 2.9410:35
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Abdullah jaeger update it12:01
Abdullahdo sqlite remove will break something? I don't find it useful for me at least12:06
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jueman prt-get, look for dependent12:20
Abdullah Pakistan captured indian pilot alive ;-)13:30
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joacimlet my fury cool off a bit before i take it out maybe16:57
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jaegerIf I didn't know you had an r9 fury that sentence would be much more funny17:24
tilmandid you just burn your fingers?17:40
joacimwas uncomfortable enough17:59
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Abdullah/usr/bin/pkgmk: line 278: .md5sum: Permission denied18:33
Abdullahmv: cannot move '/var/pkgmk/work/clipmenu/.tmp.footprint' to '.footprint': Permission denied18:33
Abdullahcommand run was 'sudo prt-get install foo'18:34
joacimsudo runs prt-get as root in this case?18:54
joacimor as some other user18:54
Abdullahpkgmk command is using fakeroot19:06
Abdullahif I run as normal user such commands, I get warning, build as root19:06
Abdullahif I do as root, it gives such warnings19:07
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Abdullahsomeone here had w3m with w3mimgdisplay20:07
jaegerIf that was a question, not I20:20
joacimhad it working a long time ago20:22
frinnst lol20:34
Abdullahcreated a port for it ;-)21:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: git: 2.20.1 -> 2.21.022:12
TimB_how reasonable would it be to list quickdep and dependent on prt-get info? maybe truncate the dependslist on 5+/10+/whatever?23:06
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