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Abdullahsurf.c:19:10: fatal error: gdk/gdk.h: No such file or directory12:25
Abdullah #include <gdk/gdk.h>12:25
Abdullahgtk and gtk3 installed12:25
Abdullahboth provide this file12:26
john_cephalopodaYou have to point your includedir at the proper gtk version.12:36
john_cephalopodaOr sed it to what you want12:36
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: libvdpau: update to 1.215:16
joacimamd is really slow at giving me my keys15:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: pmwiki: update to 2.2.11315:53
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AbdullahI can forcefully make a package but can I install it too via pkgmk ?17:02
Abdullahwithout again invokign pkgadd with -u17:03
joacim-u is just upgrade17:05
joacimso it replaces the old install17:05
joacimyou can install with pkgmk -i, or upgrade with pkgmk -u17:06
joacimwithout having to use pkgadd yourself17:06
AbdullahI tried -u too. but failed17:12
joacimyou have to show me that it failed17:13
joacimi need to see what you're trying to do so i can see what you've done wrong, or what might be wrong17:13
Abdullah=======> ERROR: Installing '/var/pkgmk/packages/dwm#6.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed17:13
joacimall of it17:13
Abdullahpkgadd: package dwm already installed (use -u to upgrade)17:13
joacimis this with prt-get?17:14
joacimif it is already installed, the process is an upgrade (-u)17:14
Abdullah sudo pkgmk -u -i -d17:14
joacimremove -i17:14
joacimif an upgrade, only do -u17:14
joacimif a new install, only do -i17:14
Abdullahbut now it won't download ;-)17:15
Abdullahwith -d17:15
joacimthe download is done with -d17:15
joacimregardless of other options17:15
Abdullahit didn't17:15
joacimsomething else is wrong then17:15
AbdullahPackage '/var/pkgmk/packages/dwm#6.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' is up to date.17:16
Abdullahwith -f it dwonloaded, and upgraded too ;-)17:16
joacimi usually run them by themselves17:17
joacimpkgmk -d17:17
Abdullahwhy can't we use option like -ufd17:17
joacimthen pkgmk17:17
joacimand pkgmk -u17:17
AbdullahI saw a fork of our package manager for other systems on github ;-)17:18
joacimthe message of it being up to date happens when an upgrade would change nothing17:18
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joacimand -d is not needed when you already have the source downloaded17:18
AbdullahI don't download from internet. I copy pkgfile from my ports, edit git source to working directory where I made commits to dwm source, so it would build from new source.17:20
Abdullahused dwm?17:20
joacim-d is only needed when there is stuff in source=()17:20
joacimon a remote host17:20
Abdullahlol nah mate17:20
joacimyes mate17:21
mayfrostgtk won't install due to a footprint mismatch17:21
joacimif i made a port that fetched from git within build(), i wouldnt need -d17:22
joacimbut if a port fetches stuff through source=(), -d is needed17:22
joacimalso im confused since i dont see the context of your errors and commands17:22
joacimmayfrost: you get missing files?17:23
mayfrostjoacim: new files17:23
mayfrostI am overriding it with -if17:24
joacimoh. only have to care about missing tbh17:24
joacimnew files happens when the build scripts found optional dependencies17:24
joacimand enabled optional features17:24
mayfrostyup, I think you already told me that17:24
joacimthink it is in prt-get.conf that you can enable ignorenew17:24
joacimthat way you dont have to deal with it in the future =)17:25
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Abdullahlemme give you a presentation ;-) joacim17:32
Abdullahhere you can see me doing it with -d17:33
joacimlogs would be fine tho =)17:33
joacimwhats the -d for17:35
jaegernot required in this case, you already have the source17:35
jaegerIt doesn't hurt anything but it's not required17:35
Abdullahjaeger: I have to commit if I made changes else git won't fetch the latest changes17:36
jaegeryou're talking about separate things17:36
Abdullahyeah maybe ;-)17:37
Abdullahbefore joacim suggestions I had to do something like 'sudo pkgrm dwm ; sudo rm /var/p/p/dwm'17:37
Abdullahnow I can do it with -d -f17:38
AbdullahI think in this dwm case, (as I mostly tinker with it) one should do this in some dir without pkgmk being involved, I mean just make it, exec it like 'exec /some/dir/dwm' and once he is happy, he can install it with pkgmk17:41
joacimI dropped food an hour ago17:43
joacimI'm still angry about it :(17:43
joacimlanded cheese first17:43
Abdullahin 5 years I dont remember I ate with my hands, my wife feeds me like a kid ;-) while I do computer things ;-)17:47
Abdullahtoday I just did drink two glasses of pure milk17:48
joacimi cant handle lactose :(17:52
joacimi think17:52
mayfrostopenjdk8 won't install and I get a weird error18:40
mayfrostlink to the log
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AbdullahI have multiple packages in one group as I told earlier. so what should be used for every package's DESTDIR= ?20:09
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john_cephalopodamayfrost: Looks like the error might be further above21:23
john_cephalopodamayfrost: Either compile with -j1 or look for the error in the backlog21:24
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mayfrostjohn_cephalopoda: thanks I'll check that21:44
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mayfroststill insufficient memory22:06
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mayfrostsharing the log in hopes this can be solved
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frinnstmayfrost: not enough memory?23:23
mayfrostthat weird message on the link is what I know23:52
mayfrostbeen trying to look for a solution but I don't know what else to do23:52

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