IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2019-03-02

jaegermayfrost: I just tested building it in a clean container and it finished without trouble00:01
frinnsthow much ram do you have on that box?00:03
mayfrostless than 2GB00:05
jaegerdoes it work if you add more swap temporarily?00:07
ryuoprobably should have at least 4GB...00:08
jaegerwow, a random person on linkedin wants me for a "web administrator middleware developer".... I don't know who you are but I'm sorry you hate me so much00:11
john_cephalopodaOh, btw, got a job offer for Embedded Software Engineer today :D00:13
jaegergood luck, if you go for it00:15
mayfrostjaeger: can't make swap right now00:15
jaegerdon't have any extra disk space? that could also cause some problems00:15
john_cephalopodajaeger: Thanks!00:18
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: have you written C before?00:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: postgresql: 11.1 -> 11.200:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: freetype: explicitly disable harfbuzz.00:28
mayfrostcongrats johnfallocate seems to be broken on JFS for some reason and dd gives a file with holes sometimes00:33
mayfrostwoops, sorry for the grammar00:34
frinnst jesus00:37
frinnstdon't use jfs00:38
frinnstif you can avoid it, do00:38
mayfrostbut those writing speeds tho00:39
frinnstand random dataloss it seems :D00:42
mayfrosti did manage to make a swap file after all00:46
ryuowho's using JFS?00:49
ryuoi mean, what is this? 2006?00:49
mayfrosti could swear it revived my laptop by how fast things are with jfs00:52
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frinnstI dont remember it being much faster than say ext401:13
frinnstbut was ages since i used it01:13
ryuoafaik jfs is dead. i don't think it's being developed anymore.01:18
ryuoi don't think people should be using reiser3 anymore either.01:18
mayfrostthen again might be snakelooks like openjdk finally installed01:32
mayfrostsorry for that01:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: thunderbird: 60.4.0 -> 60.5.204:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: firefox: 65.0.1 -> 65.0.204:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: streamlink: add postinstall for certificates04:08
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: streamlink: add directory for post-install04:56
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timcowchipso was firefox updated to fix a signature mismatch?07:16
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Romstermayfrost if you are truely stuck compiling oipenjdk8 i got a package of it at
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elderKHey all, I was wondering what prtcheckmissing does?12:55
elderKAlso, if there's a good example of a package that uses git to clone the source.12:55
joacimjust lists files that is registered as installed to your system, but is missing from that location13:00
joacimlike if i remove a binary from /usr/bin, that file is reported by prtcheckmissing13:01
elderKIt's listing files that are present?13:02
joacimfor git, i would search portdb for "-git". i think most people do it in similar ways13:02
joacimit is listing files that are not present13:03
elderKjoacim: Aye. What I'm saying is, it's listing a file that is apparently not present - but it is.13:03
elderKI can verify that the file exists.13:03
joacimit is listing files that the package db believes is present, but actually isnt13:03
joacimoh thats strange13:04
elderKLike, it says that /sbin/fsck.ntfs is missing13:04
elderKbut it's there...13:04
elderKAlso, for some reason, prt-get dependent doesn't always sem to work, even when I have all / recursive.13:05
elderKDo I have to regenerate something to get it to work properly?13:05
elderKIf it helps at all, I upgraded to this release of Crux13:05
elderKIt was not a clean install.13:05
joacimmaybe it triggers on permissions13:05
elderK:) And I'm still a super happy customer.13:05
joacimor other footprint mismatches13:05
elderKI wish I could help debug it, but I don't know Perl :(13:06
joacimthis install i tested on is a decade old13:06
joacimhas a few things in prtcheckmissing =)13:06
elderKWeird, prt-get search --regex '.*-git' isn't showing anything.13:07
joacimmostly user repos that have -git packages13:07
elderK(I'm not using anyone else's port repos, just the ones crux provides, and my own)13:07
joacimthought 6c37 wopuldh ave some too13:08
elderKThanks joacim.13:08
joacimalso with github, one can typically grab a specific commit as a tarball13:08
joacimwhich is what i would do instead of doing a git clone with within the build section of the Pkgfile13:09
elderKThat's hat I'd prefer to do, unfortunately, this particular program I want to package uses tons of submodules.13:09
elderKI really, really hate it when people do that.13:10
elderKSo, the source, fully checked out, is like 2G13:10
elderKI normally clone something, then zip the source (after removing .git and stuff)13:10
elderKbut for such a huge source, that's not... viable.13:10
elderKAny tips? :)13:14
joacimno :(13:15
elderKEvery time I hit some codebase that does that, I almost always just say "@!#$ this..."13:15
elderKThe same if a given program ends up needing a bazillion nested dependencies, like say, GNOME programs.13:16
elderK"@!#$ this, I don't want it that badly."13:16
elderKI wonder if I'm alone in that13:17
joacimi do that to. cant be bothered when something is a pain to package =)13:19
joacimI dont need it that badly13:19
elderKIt used to kind of bother me. But these days, I actually like that things are like that.13:21
elderKIt's kept my system clean :P13:21
elderKThat means a lot to me :)13:21
dbrookeelderK: I don't have ntfs on my system, so I can't easily check, but several of the fsck variants I do have are symbolic links, so maybe the link is present but its target is missing?13:31
elderKdbrooke: Good point. I'll check that13:32
elderKYou're right - the symlink is broken13:32
elderKI'll rebuild the port, see if that fixes anything13:32
elderKWeird. It's linking to /bin/ntfsfix, which doesn't exist.13:33
elderKSeems it is at /usr/bin/ntfsfix now13:33
joacimit didnt for me13:34
joacimntfsfix is at /usr/bin, but the symlink points to /bin13:34
elderKjoacim: How do you mean?13:36
joacimrebuilding didnt work for me i mean13:38
elderK:P It also bugs me when source trees don't have any releases or tags. :P13:42
elderKIt's all just "master"13:42
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crux_userHello crux'ers :) I made a portspage so happy that I almost finish build a minimal desktop :)
crux_userTar file with all the binary packages need to be updated, will do it asap firefox finish to build16:20
TimB_crux_user: I see your adwaita icon theme build error log - you need to rebuild librsvg16:22
crux_userI also added Jaegers and Romster links to I wold like to add more links to other people / projects related to crux. Mail me if you wold like to add something16:22
crux_userThank you so much TimB_16:23
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AbdullahI have lpeg but still cmake throws an error that no file16:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: grub2-efi: added xfs sparse inode patch17:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: grub2: added xfs sparse inode patch17:15
elderKAbdullah: Are you fakeroot pkgmking the port? Or installing it as root / via sudo?17:19
elderKOn a random note: God I love hg backout.17:19
elderKCreating a new pcsx2 port, then I remembered: I have most of the deps in my tree already, just removed.17:20
elderKRestore them all, update them to latest versions, boom.17:20
Abdullahyeah fakeroot17:20
elderKIs lpeg available to the system itself, or just your user?17:21
elderK(I don't know anything about Lua, but these kind of mistakes get me from time to time)17:21
Abdullahit says command not found ;-)17:22
elderKI saw "module not found"17:22
elderKIn your lo17:22
elderKIf it's a command, perhaps you need to tweak the luajit port? I had to do this for a few - like NodeJs, so that I had npm.17:22
elderK"/usr/bin/lua5.1: module 'lpeg' not found:"17:23
elderK"/usr/bin/luajit: module 'lpeg' not found:"17:23
elderKHow is neovim, btw? Compared to normal g?vim? :)17:23
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AbdullahLuaJIT 2.0.5 -- Copyright (C) 2005-2017 Mike Pall.
AbdullahJIT: ON CMOV SSE2 SSE3 SSE4.1 fold cse dce fwd dse narrow loop abc sink fuse17:24
Abdullah> lpeg17:24
elderKRight, from what I can tell, lpeg is a module.17:24
elderKPerhaps you need to create a port that installs the lpeg module for Lua?17:24
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elderKThis seems to be what you require.17:25
AbdullahI have this one.
elderKNo make install?17:26
pedjathe basic requirement for a filesystem is 'don't eat user data'17:26
pedjaby that metric, ext3/4 are partial FAIL :)17:26
elderKAbdullah: We need to try and track down why Lua and Luajit aren't finding them.17:27
jaegerby that metric, ALL filesystems have failed at some time17:27
elderKpedja: What did you encounter?17:27
elderKI use xfs myself. But, I'm curious :)17:27
elderKAbdullah: Have you installed that port? And verified that things are being installed where they should be?17:28
elderKI can't see anything obviously wrong with that lpeg port.17:28
elderKIt seems to be installing the .so where Lua's looking for it.17:29
elderKAbdullah: You might want to learn how to use the install command, too. It can automate a lot of that mkdir / cp / chmod stuff for you17:29
pedjajaeger, so far, jfs never ate any of the data on power loss. ext3/ext4, otoh :)17:30
jaegerIn my opinion that's luck more than anything else :D ALL bets are OFF when you're talking power loss17:30
elderKAbdullah: Dumb question but, is that lpeg port installed before you try building the neovim one?17:30
jaegerGlad that's been your experience, though, that's a good thing :)17:30
pedjajaeger, me too :)17:30
Abdullahyeah without it neovim won't compile ;-)17:31
pedjabut it's interesting that some fs seem more robust17:31
elderKAbdullah: Just checking :) I find it useful to assume nothing when I'm trying to help someone :P17:31
AbdullahelderK: I think I have to change path for neovim port where it look for it17:32
elderKAbdullah: Have you verified that say, is present in the FS where you think it is?17:32
Abdullahyeah its there.17:32
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: bindutils: update to 9.12.417:32
elderKIs it under 5.1, too?17:32
pedjait was never full on loss, thou. the kernel, grub config, pkgmk db, were the fun ones17:33
elderK(I'm just going on the trace...)17:33
Abdullahnah, its only under 5.317:33
elderKRight, well it's looking for it under 5.1  (lua and luajit)17:34
elderKthen there's mpack, which it's looking for under 5.317:34
AbdullahI'm gonna edit the port17:36
elderKWeird, libaio doesn't want to build in 32bit.17:43
elderK(libaio-32 port)17:43
AbdullahelderK: LUADIR=/usr/include ?17:44
Abdullahor /usr/lib ?17:44
Abdullahluajib is also residing in first path17:46
elderKAbdullah: Try firing up Lua and importing the lpeg module.17:47
elderKTry that independent of your neovim stuff.17:47
elderKIf Lua can't normally find lpeg that you installed, it's not going to find it when neovim tests.17:47
elderKSo, fix the lpeg port.17:47
elderKWeird, needed to specify -fno-stack-protector17:48
elderKI wonder why I need to specify that for 32bit but not for 64bit.17:48
john_cephalopodaryuo: I got some C experience17:58
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: ok. i was just thinking embedded systems usually require that kind of experience.18:01
rmulljohn_cephalopoda: I've been doing embedded systems for 10 years - if you're just starting out lmk if you have any questions or anything. Good luck though, it's a fun field.18:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: i3blocks: initial import, version 1.418:09
ryuormull: you do, eh? how well do you know C then?18:14
ryuoi've memorized a crapload of features rarely used in real code, but still valid syntax.18:15
pedjaembedded systems come in all shapes and sizes. how often you have to start form scratch vs using yocto or something similar?18:19
tilmanfrom my very limited experience (1 company, ~5 years): you never start from scratch18:21
pedjaI agree with rmull, it is an interesting field (that, too, I know very little about :) )18:21
pedjatilman, what was the project you worked on? (if no NDAs are involved)18:22
tilmanvarious medical devices18:22
pedjaso DOS/Win95 :) ?18:23
rmullryuo: I'm fluent in C. I avoid weird aspects of the language that would be difficult to maintain though.18:23
ryuormull: ah, like digraphs? he18:23
tilmanso usually a bunch of microcontrollers (and maybe FPGAs) accompanied by an arm/x8618:23
rmullpedja: I don't use yocto et al - I only do bare metal development18:23
pedjaah, interesting18:24
rmullI have a bit of boilerplate that follows me around to different projects, and I reuse design patterns all the time18:25
pedjafew years back, I had an interesting conversation with someone using Win10 IOT on rpi for a project18:29
pedjaI was curious why are they not using not Linux for. apparently, Windows was a client requirement18:31
pedjacouple of extra words in that sentence, couple of words missing. yay me18:32
rmullYikes -_-18:32
pedjacan't remember why exactly, it was a while back18:36
john_cephalopodarmull: I already had two internships at that company. was a lot of fun.18:38
pedjait could be that the device(s) rpi was supposed to be driving had windows-only sdk or something18:41
pedjaor,instead of theorising, I should just stfu, because I have no idea how that stuff works :)18:43
pedja'Azure Sphere is a Linux-based operating system created by Microsoft for Internet of Things applications'18:50
pedjamust be freezing in Hell these days18:50
pedja(not Hell, Norway)18:50
joacimnah hell, norway is 2C right now18:52
joacimabsolutely no snow18:52
joacimexcept for that shit we had today18:52
joacimpass through there on the way to the airport =)18:53
joacimlots of turbulence on the way down18:53
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pedjafrom 44 to 10$? what's the catch?19:00
TimB_Notice: This kit DOES NOT include the Raspberry Pi 3.19:01
joacimhow much is the shipping? =)19:01
TimB_probably that :P19:01
joacimdont think it is worth 44 dollars, but 10 seems cheap19:01
TimB_other than that, it's not missing much more if you ask me19:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: rofi: initial import, version 1.5.219:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: xorg-xcb-util-xrm: initial import, version 1.319:10
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jaegerwow... arc-theme requires resvg now which requires rust... way to fuck up another of my favorite projects20:24
pedjarust-'enhanced' librsvg is a PITA20:33
pedjaslower to build, slower to use. yay, progress20:34
joacimwho needs svg anyways20:34
pedjapretty much any DE :)20:35
joacim16x16 icons is good enough20:35
joacimhow about adapta? think that one looks neat20:35
pedjaACTION is using numix20:36
joacimwithout being so custom it cannot be the default20:36
pedjaI did experiment with the idea to use my rust-bin port to build the latest librsvg20:38
pedjacouple of minutes to d/l and install rust vs a couple of days to build it :)20:40
joacimfor 3.5, make distcc the default20:40
joacima massive botnet to build rust20:41
john_cephalopodajoacim: A service to mankind!20:42
pedjawould you volunteer your TR system to it :) ?20:49
joacimmaybe =)20:50
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TimB_jaeger: which arc-theme?22:30
TimB_ seems not to be running this path22:31
jaegerThat's the one22:35
jaegerIt needs resvg which seems to need rust22:35
TimB_ oh22:35
jaegerI might just use a precompiled rendersvg bin or something22:37
TimB_well but it does say optional, right? I have no idea what the benefit would be. isn't inkscape + optipng enough?22:39
jaegerIt does say optional but seems required if you want gtk2 or gtk3 support.... which is the entire point of a gtk theme, right?22:39
jaegerI may be missing something22:39
jaegerI don't want to install inkscape or rust stuff just to install a gtk theme, that's ridiculous22:40
TimB_I'm just trying a build, I certainly do not have rust installed and have a port for this in my official repo22:40
TimB_mh, I use inkscape for uni so I do have it installed already.. well I could always share my builts if you like22:41
jaegerfor resvg or rendersvg? I see neither in the portfb22:42
jaegerAnother option I might go with is just use the oldest version of arc-theme that doesn't require extra shit22:43
TimB_no, sorry, I meant the gtk theme22:43
jaegerAh. Then you're using an older version, I assume22:44
TimB_well, latest release in the REPO22:44
jaegerNot in that repo22:44
jaegerOh, you're using the older horst one22:44
TimB_I am using the newer fork22:45
jaegerThe url in your Pkgfile may need an update, then :)22:45
TimB_horsts repo seems pretty much dead, so why support it22:45
jaegerAnd that version is pretty old22:45
TimB_you are right ^^'22:45
TimB_I'll push an update22:45
jaegerlatest in the nico repo is 2019021322:45
jaegerwhich is where I ran into this issue22:46
TimB_uh, this looks pretty much off22:46
TimB_I mean, excuse my bad formatting, I have gone over my vimrc the last weekend, I promise I'll better this with the next push then22:47
TimB_URL is off, but the version mismatch?22:47
TimB_oh, you have linked the icon theme22:47
jaegerAh, your naming scheme confused me, I see now22:48
jaegerarc-icon-theme vs. gtk-theme-arc vs. arc-theme (mine)22:48
TimB_so my desktop just built the latest git pull from the newer upstream for the gtk theme itself just fine with inkscape22:48
TimB_I'll try to adopt whatever is officially used, I have to admit I created those ports set after being absent from CRUX (and Linux in general) for a bunch of time22:49
jaegerLooks like I can use 20180114 without the SVG BS22:49
jaegerI don't think there's an official naming scheme, really22:50
TimB_ok :D22:50
TimB_the icon theme is pretty much useless if you ask me btw, it's very incomplete22:51
jaegerI use other icon themes anyway, haven't messed with arc icons22:51
TimB_I think I just wanted to offer what was meant to be used with it.. for whatever that's worth - I am not using it either22:52
TimB_which are you then using?22:52
jaegercurrently paper22:52
jaegersometimes MATE or Adwaita22:52
TimB_papirus dark is matching nice with arc dark for my eyes :)22:52
jaegerI'll give that one a look22:54
TimB_I have a port for it, and they updated it today :) I'll push an update in a minute22:57
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: [notify] xorg-xdm: updated to 1.1.12. Fix for CVE-2013-217923:06
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-mkfontscale: updated to 1.2.023:07
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: [notify] xorg-mkfontdir: dropped. Now merged into xorg-mkfontscale23:10
TimB_updated the port for the papirus icons.23:10
TimB_and I think why my built of i3-gaps (and i3 for that matter also) failed. I had libnsl installed, and somehow I agreed on overwriting conflicting files it shares with glibc23:11
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TimB_yeah.... :D23:14
TimB_I mean, nothing else is "broken" - everything runs. still. this bugged the hell out of me and took me longer to find out then I am willing to admit23:15
jaegerI think most of us have had moments like that23:17
TimB_great fun for sure23:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: dunst: initial import, version 1.3.223:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: libxdg-basedir: initial import, version 1.2.023:22
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-mkfontdir: purged from dependencies23:27
TimB_cool, with all those in contrib, I could drop my ports for them23:28
pedjajaeger, check out numix circle icon theme, it's pretty nice. I've been using it for a long time23:28
jaegerI have looked at those, they're not bad23:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: removed xorg-mkfontdir dependencies23:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: removed xorg-mkfontdir dependencies23:35
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frinnstI really need to get my amiga4000 in better shape23:48

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