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Romsteruse yaml and convert to xml07:57
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elderKGuys, what's the deal with glvnd? Does it replace mesa?08:16
elderKAlso, is there a good way to install an entire directory, and it's contents, other than cp?08:16
elderKI've been using install but it doesn't seem that great for the task.08:17
Romsterglvnd is a layer between mesa and nvidia08:17
Romsterso gl-select symlinks are not needed any more08:17
elderKSo, when should I set OpenGL_GL_PREFERENCE to glvnd?08:17
elderKOnly if I'm using nvidia? Or always? or?08:17
Romsteryou don't it picks the backend to use for you.08:18
elderKYeah, but CMake projects complain about there being two GLs - libGL and glvnd.08:18
elderKIt warns.08:18
Romsteri haven't seen that warning08:18
elderKRelevant docs here:
Romsterlibglvnd is a vendor-neutral dispatch layer for arbitrating OpenGL API calls between multiple vendors. It allows multiple drivers from different vendors to coexist on the same filesystem, and determines which vendor to dispatch each API call to at runtime.08:19
RomsterBoth GLX and EGL are supported, in any combination with OpenGL and OpenGL ES.08:19
Romsterbasicly any program just uses glvnd and that takes care of the rest08:19
Romsterand if a gl call is not available it falls back to the cpu to emulate it08:20
Romsteryou sure you don't have old symlinks floating around from gl-select?08:21
Romsterromster/pkg-not /usr/lib/08:21
elderKI don't have gl-select?08:22
elderKI don't have nvidia stuff you see.08:22
Romsterso you never used it so shouldn't be any issues08:23
Romsterinstall -t /foo/bar/ *08:24
Romsteror cp -a or rsync not much other options?08:24
Romsteri don't suppose you want to mv08:25
elderKdoes install -t install directories? Or just files INTO directories?08:33
elderKI guess I'll just use a combination of install and cp.08:33
elderKThanks Romster :)08:33
elderK(oh, and thanks for your hardwork for tons of ports!)08:33
Romsterjust into directories08:38
frinnstlibglvnd - because nvidia are assholes11:18
pedjaelderK, ignore that cmake warning, it's the job of the application developers to set it, and forcing it *will* break stuff11:51
elderKThanks pedja :)11:52
elderKBTW, I was wondering how you guys test your ports. Like, ensure that you know, the dependencies you list really cover everything you need to build.11:53
elderKSometimes, it's hard for me to determine the precise dependencies - so it's a best effort thing.11:53
elderKand finddeps gives SO many.11:53
elderKI try to reduce it as much as I can.11:53
pedjadocker container, chroot11:53
elderKWouldn't that basically require you to depinst the package on a "clean" install every time?11:54
elderKIt sounds very expensive to test "fully"?11:54
pedjait depends. you could use the fresh, just the core packages, container, or make a more full image out of it after the first bigger build11:56
pedjaor add more PITA-to-build-every-time packages to docker image when building it, which is what I used to do11:58
elderKIs there a way to say "Install these ones from binaries, rather than source"?11:59
elderKI mean, my ports repo is just used by me. So, if something fails when I install it fresh, I'm like "Oh, okay." *updates deps*11:59
pedjaI guess it could be done, but kind of defeats the purpose of the clean build :)12:00
elderKYeah, true.12:00
elderKI noticed btw, that you can build Firefox from source again?12:00
elderKThe non -bin port is back?12:00
elderKAny reason for that?12:00
pedjahaven't seen that one12:00
frinnstsome people enjoy pain and crazy buildtimes ? :-)12:01
elderKProbably :P12:01
elderKIt's strange. Like, I prefer builds from source. Not sure why. I make a rare exception for Firefox.12:02
elderKBut like, even when you can download a binary from some site for some program, I prefer to build it.12:02
elderKNo idea why :)12:02
elderKI guess you guys are similar, else you wouldn't be using Crux? :)12:02
pedjafor bigger stuff that's relatively straightforward, I prefer upstream binary. libreoffice, firefox12:04
pedjasome I prefer to build myself, because the upstream builds are either old, use old deps or don't exist at all :)12:06
elderK:P I find having to make ports for the things I want forces me to reevaluate how much I need or want them.12:06
elderKWith the end result being I have less pointless shit installed.12:07
dbrookeelderK: romster has a pkg-clean which uninstalls everything except core and ports you specify but leaves the built packages. I use this in a VM to check that a depinst of my port under test pulls in what it needs14:35
dbrookeof course, depending on the order you first installed ports they may have different features to a pure clean build but it saves a lot of time not having to rebuild all dependencies and is a pretty good check14:37
jaegerelderK: yes, set the preference to glvnd14:40
jaegerfrinnst: at least glvnd shows they're trying to improve some of that behavior :)14:42
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pedjanope, not confusing at all.
john_cephalopodaThe cool thing about USB-C is, that you can plug it in both ways.16:06
joacimi also like that you dont really know if the port supports charging, dp, thunderbolt, without looking up the specs =)16:11
joacimi like USB-C, but it's all become a bit of a mess :(16:11
jaegerWhat I want to know is how some insane genius made usb type A require turning over twice to plug in... that's magical16:12
joacimbetter than vga that requires at least 5 turns16:13
jaegerwhat? VGA isn't rectangular16:18
jaegerI don't think I've *ever* messed that up unless I couldn't SEE the connector16:18
joacimi can never see it behind my monitor16:24
joacimeasy enough on a crt or pc due to the location of the port16:24
john_cephalopodaYou can easily see the VGA connector on a laptop and you plug it in maybe once a year on a desktop.16:33
john_cephalopodaBut honestly, PS/2 isn't better than USB. You have to turn that thing 5 times until it finally fits :รพ16:34
Anselmosomehoe Ive never much hit the usb rotation issues . . .16:47
joacimi stare at the connector before i insert it16:51
joacimmake it work the first time through fear16:51
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pedja heh17:21
pedjakhronos/google/lunarg are taking their sweet time validating new vulkan release18:19
pedjastill no sdk source18:21
pedjav.$version is source, sdk-$version is 'internal vendor tests validated'18:22
jaegerRPM build processes involving npm/node and fpm make me sad18:59
pedja'run the build, hope for the best' :) ?19:13
pedjaant builds are like that too19:14
pedjaI wonder how are Go applications rpm packaged. can't see them letting 'go build' d/l all the stuff from Github19:16
pedjaopensuse has some packaging guidelines for them, but haven't looked at them yet19:18
pedjayay. instead of just the patch, cuda-10.1 is a full ~2gb .run file19:19
pedjaabout half of that is extra stuff. IDE, examples, (broken) gdb source19:20
jaegerI've had to shit up a container with node/npm, fpm, rubygems, and a ton of build deps for this so far19:23
pedjaain't the progress fun19:26
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onoderadoes anyone here use bitwarden?19:58
jaegernot I19:58
jaegerI use password-store19:58
tilmanjaeger: not a fan of containers, or not a fan of node? :p20:01
jaegerjust not a fan of the complexitiy hodgepodge20:01
jaegerI wouldn't need to bother because this project (moloch) provides RPMs, but I need to rebuild it against a vendor-provided libpcap20:03
pedjaonodera, are you looking to self-host it?20:07
onoderaI'll probably do so in the future20:08
onoderathough I was looking for the best way of saving cryptocurrency private keys20:08
pedjafor small deployments, I've seen this recommended at r/selfhosted20:08
pedjaa bit smaller footprint20:09
onoderathat's cool, thanks!20:09
pedjawritten in everybody's favorite new language, Rust :)20:10
onodera /s i hope ;)20:10
onoderaanother question, how do I build a node package, is npm required?20:11
pedjaafaik, yes20:11
pedjafor reference, one of my ports using node
onoderahow'd you get npm20:18
onoderai dont see it listed on the crux port db20:18
pedjaI maintain my own port which ships it20:19
pedjanpm, iirc, has its own release schedule, but I am too lazy to make a port for it :)20:28
pedjawell, damn. frontmen of The Prodigy is dead (suicide)20:40
frinnstI use bitwarden for web stuff20:56
frinnstprefer it over lastpass20:56
joacimi looked into installing bitwarden21:41
joacimmoved it into my "fuck it" box21:41
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ryuojoacim: TMI.22:19
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jaegerheh, running cinebench in wine on this threadripper system amuses me... though I don't know how it compares in windows23:35

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