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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: scrot: 0.8.13 -> 0.8.1804:51
Romsterjohn_cephalopoda, fixed05:01
Abdullahimport png:- | xclip -selection primary -t image/png ;-) needs imagemagick05:04
Romsterwhat program is that?05:05
Abdullahfor screenshots.05:05
Abdullahnah, I use it as alias to take screenshots. I aliased it as scrot ;-)05:05
Romsterso my port isn't broken :) had me confused.05:07
Abdullahoh ;-) your ports are perfect btw you're our living legend in crux community ;-)05:08
Romstereh not really i get bugs too05:08
Abdullahbugs are everywhere ;)05:08
Romsterand i get blamed for dependency hell :D05:08
AbdullahRomster: if we do depinst, it reads the line commented line in custom ports 'DEPENDS'?05:09
Abdullahlike if I do a depinst on a custom port, will it install all those dependencies which are written there in '#DEPENDS' line?05:11
Romster# Depends on:05:11
Romsterfindredundantdeps finddeps are helpful and so is prtverify and testing in a clean container either a chroot lxc or docker.05:12
AbdullahI have a script which I invoke to write a port. and leave Depends empty then when I do pkgmk and it gives me a dependency error, I add it05:13
Romsterthat is one way to do it yes05:13
Romsterbut it isn't fail proof05:14
Abdullahhere is my script. I call it np. <div class="post-preview">05:14
Abdullah            <a href="/blog/how-to-include-screenshot-in-git-repo.html">05:14
Abdullah           05:14
Abdullahoh shit05:14
Romsterdynamic loading libraries and execute programs wont necessary show up unless there configure script is sane.05:14
Romsterderp paste05:15
Abdullahptpb is shutdown ;-(05:15
Romsternew python3 qt5 qtwebengine cleaning up footprints for python and perl05:23
Romsteri am not sure why but git wont update to the new perl version05:30
Romsteri haven't looked into it05:30
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: python-32: 2.7.15 -> 2.7.1605:45
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-xprop: update to 1.2.409:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nspr: updated to 4.2112:00
Romsterbut i had everything in sync. :D12:02
Romster8 hours ago?12:04
Romstermust be the servers time zone12:05
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: nspr-32: 4.20 -> 4.2112:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: openjdk8: fix building under linux 514:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: openjdk8: clean up Pkgfile14:11
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Guest60615need assistance in a port I just wrote.15:41
Guest60615This tarball comes with spaces in it and I can't figure it out how to resolve it. Pkgmk giving errors15:43
Guest60615I also tried to use quotes but failed15:45
jaegerwell, since you're using file:/// you've already got it downloaded. Might be simplest just to rename it15:47
pedjaI'd just repackage it15:47
pedjaor rename it, as jaeger says15:47
pedjapacketracer? it's been a while since I played with that (7.1, I think)15:48
Guest60615jaeger: I have download it, I know I can rename it but I wanna make it usable for others too15:48
Anselmoyou could have a preinstall script that renames it15:49
Guest60615so is that a proper solution and I should ask others to rename it in readme too?15:49
Anselmoor downloads/renames/puts in the right place15:49
jaegerthere's probably a way to set source properly to deal with it, thinking about it15:49
Anselmoseems like it should be ...15:50
Guest60615here is the readme I have now. so I can ask users to rename it15:51
pedjad/l that requires a Cisco account, so I am not sure how useful it would be for other users :)15:52
Guest60615it asks to sign up else you can't download.15:53
Guest60615I can put tarball on my site but ...15:53
pedjagns3 is far more popular15:53
Anselmomight be against some licensing things .... . .15:53
jaegerHrmm, not sure if this would be possible without changing IFS15:53
pedjayes, against TOS15:53
Guest60615gns3 is for heavy usage, it requires more ram and more things15:54
pedjaa.k.a 'a bad idea'15:54
pedjaptracer is not lightweight either, iirc15:54
pedjaas gns3 can use more then cisco stuff, afaik15:55
jaegeryeah, looking at the bash manpage, seems like changing IFS would be needed to properly use that array15:56
Guest60615jaeger: I'm waiting for that so please update me. right now I'm gonna rename it. I hope you'll find a better solution15:58
jaegerI tested with a small shell script, changing IFS will fix it. However, changing IFS for this one case would break array expansion for other cases, not what we want to do15:58
Guest60615so mentioning that 'rename it' would be okay?15:59
jaeger <-- here's a test script so you can see what I mean16:01
jaegerrenaming it seems the better choice here16:01
Guest60615okay. I have installed it . also have updated it.
Guest60615some packages whose name is different in source dirs than package name. and If I do in build, cd package-$version they don't accept it.16:24
Guest60615Pkgfile: line 24: cd: libpng-: No such file or directory16:25
Guest60615sorry my mistake ;-)16:29
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