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john_cephalopodaAll the AI stuff looks pretty cool, but it is usually either based on tensorflow, which appears to be a pretty complex framework, or some even more complex framework.00:18
john_cephalopodaAlso it needs a GPU with CUDA support in like 80% of the cases and one with openCL in 19% of the cases :รพ00:19
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jaegerkeras makes tensorflow a lot more accessible, at least at the beginning00:42
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timcowchip mate-1.2202:39
timcowchipnice job @jaeger02:39
jaegerthanks. TimB__ helped as well02:40
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elderKHey all.04:35
elderK:P More and more is entering contrib, replacing my own ports.04:35
elderKobs, pavucontrol :D04:35
elderKI do have a question, though:04:35
elderKAs I install and remove ports, I notice that I get a lot of lingering ports around. Dependencies, I guess.04:35
elderKHow do you ensure that your system doesn't have anything it doesn't need?04:35
elderKI'm reluctant to remove some ports because I know that some programs use them, even though they aren't mentioned as hard dependencies in the Pkgfile.04:36
elderKLike say, sdl-image. It uses dlopen and stuff to get things. There are a lot of thinsg it will use, that are not in the # Depends on:04:36
jaegerIf they're required dependencies, notify the maintainer of the port and ask for them to be added... if they're incidental deps that were picked up because something else was installed, revdep should find them when something breaks05:02
jaegerAlso, you could use a script that finds leaf ports in the package database (ports for which there's no longer a dependency)05:02
jaegersomething like
jaegerIf it's NOT in the list that produces, it's probably not safe to remove05:03
jaegerfor things that use dlopen and didn't require it to build, it's hard to track that sort of thing without the port author knowing it and including it05:04
elderKThanks jaeger :)05:06
elderKI was wondering if there'll ever be like, an addition to the ports system, to enable tracking of "incidental" dependencies.05:07
elderKLike, optional dependencies.05:07
elderKOr maybe it would be smarter for the ports authors to explicitly disable the use of those incidental things. That way, at least the user knows what to change and include if they need whatever.05:09
elderKACTION shrugs05:09
emmett1hye, is there a place to make request for future crux release?05:22
elderKemmett1: I guess here, and someone will take it further?05:41
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TimB__jaeger, timcowchip: happy to help! :)10:26
john_cephalopoda :D11:03
Abdullahyesterday was Archlinux birthday. When is ours?12:12
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frinnsti have no idea13:19
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pedjathat's quite a list
Abdullahfrinnst: what's that net*split, lot of users got it today17:15
TimB__with the recent updates for python{,3}, does building gcr work for you all?17:54
TimB_for me, it throws like 30000 lines of errors (repeated) in about 5 secs somewhere in the build o:)17:56
TimB_nevermind, I think it was me again18:14
TimB_ok, since this fixed my weird error I had with i3-gaps I had for weeks now: gobject-introspection 2.60 plays a funky game - beware :D18:29
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Abdullah is there something I'm missing?19:40
jaegerdepends. is there a problem?19:43
Abdullahna, it doesn't need some extra packages as dependency as for now19:44
Abdullaheven my taste for terminal which I use as scratchpad in dwm is in official repos (rxvt-unicode)19:45
Abdullahjaeger: I can't get these four packages as thier name19:48
Abdullahsorry for my poor english understanding19:48
jaegersure, not if you build them all in one package called suckless19:48
jaegerput them in separate Pkgfiles if you want them separate19:48
Abdullahoh without that I can't have them as I want them like with different names?19:49
jaegerpkgmk names the package whatever you put in the name= var19:49
jaegerand everything you put into $PKG goes into one package19:52
Abdullahis it good practice ? or I may have problems with it?19:54
jaegerIt won't work the way you want19:54
Abdullahlike how?19:55
jaegerSorry, I don't think I can make it any more clear19:55
Abdullahlike now I can execute all four programs I rm'ed them and installed using this new ports19:55
Abdullahand got all executables19:56
TimB_I think Abdullah has more of a Arch pkgbuild understanding, but this is not Arch19:56
jaegersure, you can put more than one program into a single port19:56
jaegerbut you cannot make multiple packages from a single Pkgfile19:57
AbdullahTimB_: I have been using Arch but I never used pkgbuilds. even I didn't know how it works until I joined crux19:57
TimB_I think the right way to do it would be split all the individual packages and then mage a meta port that installs all of them individually19:57
AbdullahTimB_: I'd adopt that way if you're kind enough to guide me.19:58
TimB_mage.. make..19:58
TimB_Abdullah: have a look at the mate package19:58
AbdullahThanks for an idea TimB_ ;)19:59
TimB_jaeger: gvfs needs an extra entry for revdep.d19:59
TimB_in case you updated the other ports as well20:00
AbdullahI can't find mate in officail repos. maybe it has another name20:00
jaegerI haven't yet20:00
jaegerjust the mate stuff20:00
TimB_jaeger: just checked :) any reason on why holding back? I'm curious20:01
TimB_Abdullah: no idea where you are looking, but maybe the portdb would be a good start? :D20:01
jaegerhaven't had time yet20:01
TimB_jaeger: alright, no worries. :)20:01
AbdullahI thought thats in official ports. SO I was looking from prt-get ;)20:02
TimB_I'm somehow eager to keep things up2date... ~.~20:02
AbdullahAs far as I understand, I have to write a port with all these packages as dependencies and then do like prt-get depinst sucless?20:04
TimB_bingo, 100 pts20:04
TimB_if you ask me at least :P don't take my word for full20:05
AbdullahThanks TimB_ I'm intelligent ;)20:05
AbdullahI think I'm the only one here who isn't coder. ;-)20:06
TimB_I'm no coder20:06
Abdullahdunno why I'm loving this distro. Is it innocent or what ;-)20:07
TimB_no idea20:09
TimB_I just love the simplicity20:11
Abdullahso I'm20:15
AbdullahI wish I could set topic ;(20:19
AbdullahCrux is like a good looking, really good looking, gorgeous, hot girl without any cheap perfume or makeup, waiting for you to customize her in any way you see fit. On top of that, she is free, permanent and wont make absurd and disturbing demands.20:20
TimB_this is disturbing..20:21
AbdullahCrux or my text ?20:22
TimB_g2g, cya20:23
joacimi just like crux as a distro21:27
pedjawhen I read at r/linux threads like 'omg, ubuntu is getting the latest nvidia/cuda!!!', I just smile and think 'you poor bastards'21:30
pedjaI guess I am spoiled :)21:31
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frinnstlet's time out!22:45
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frinnstah sweden: reindeer charged with assault23:15
frinnstnot charged, but filed :-)23:15
pedjaI can't help but 'read' that article in the voice of The Swedish Chef :)23:27
pedjaACTION hides23:27
frinnstbut the video played? not some silly geo-ip crap?23:39
frinnsthe kicked a person that filed a police complaint23:39
frinnstjust.. awesome23:39
pedjavideo played fine23:44
pedjaa police complaint? I'd love to see that conversation :)23:46
pedja'officer, I want to file a complaint.-Yes?. Reindeer kicked me.-(dafuq) errr...yes, of course, this way, please'23:49
pedja'terroriserar' is 'terrorised' or something?23:54
pedja'The Terror Reindeer' is a nice name for the band23:58
pedjaor irc nick23:58

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