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frinnsthehe yep00:24
frinnstoh fuck, late00:24
frinnstwas waiting for a btrfs dev del to finish00:24
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elderKHey all, I've asked this before but is there anything special I need to do to get prt-get dependent to work?04:13
elderKLike, I say, dependents of some port - I know some of my ports depends on it - but it prt-get dependent shows me nothing.04:13
elderKOr shows me stuff but doesn't include my ports.04:14
elderK(My ports repo is visible to prt-get.)04:14
jaegerprt-get dependent only shows depdendencies for installed ports by default and ports that it can find04:14
jaegeryou can add --all to show ports that aren't installed, too04:14
elderKThanks jaeger.04:14
jaegerother than that, nothing special04:14
elderKI've tried --all and --recursive, too. I'll try again. See if I can reproduce it04:14
elderKAlso, Happy Wednesday all. :)04:15
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nwedoes someone use consul-alerts in here?07:55
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: gcr: 3.28.0 -> 3.28.108:28
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jaegernot I13:52
sirmacikis there any supported install with luks encryption for crux?14:16
jaegernothing official but you can definitely do it with some modifications14:24
jaegertek worked on it in the past but it's a bit out of date14:24
sirmacikit would be nice to have it, I've found some nice installation manuals with „encrypt your device anywhere that's possible” in the neighberhood but no info on how to connect them both14:33
sirmacikcrux installation manuals *14:33
jaegerhave you looked at ? This is the outdated doc I was mentioning14:35
jaegermight be useful to get you started, at least14:35
sirmacikyes, I've seen it. I'd love to update it, but not enought time. Maybe next month I'll revisit the topic14:38
sirmacikIt'd be nice to rejoin crux community (;14:38
jaegerfair enough14:41
jaegerwelcome any time, of course :)14:41
ryuosirmacik: it's doable, but you basically have to do it manually. really not something for someone not used to manual bootstrapping.14:41
ryuosirmacik: i do manual bootstraps of Ubuntu from time to time.14:43
abenzdoes anyone have problems updating cups? I get the following compile error14:57
ryuoACTION prepares for the flood.14:58
ryuowas avahi updated?14:59
ryuoabenz: do you have avahi installed? it's not packaged in a main repo.15:00
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abenzyes I have it installed15:01
ryuothat's probably why. avahi is an optional depends of cups.15:01
ryuowhat port did you use?15:02
abenzName:         avahi15:02
abenzPath:         /usr/ports/contrib15:02
abenzVersion:      0.715:02
abenzah avahi itself is not updated (signature mismatch), I'm updating it15:03
abenzthanks for the tip ryuo15:03
ryuoabenz: avahi isn't in the upstream contrib.15:03
ryuoi have no idea where you got that from.15:03
ryuoabenz: fyi, you could have looked at the messages and deduced as much.15:04
ryuoi mean, "avahi_service_resolver_free" is kinda a dead giveaway.15:04
abenzryuo: that wasn't it15:05
abenzcompile still fails at same point15:05
abenzremoving avahi seems to have fixed it!15:06
ryuowhere did you even get that? there's no trace of it in contrib.15:07
abenzjaeger is listed as maintainer15:11
abenzdon't recall this is an old install of crux..15:12
ryuoAvahi is in repo jaeger15:13
abenzoh well, my printer is not supported15:19
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AbdullahMy cups is updated. I don't get a diff16:19
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sirmacikguys, how active is current crux development/how big the team is?21:22
pedjathe next release is shaping up nicely, afaik21:23
pedjano release date, thou. when it's ready[tm] :)21:23
sirmacikthe website certainly feels like there is completely nothing happening21:33
sirmacikdevlists with one mail per almost half a year and so on21:33
pedjagit repos are buzzing, otoh21:36
sirmacikyea, but that's rather not one of the things that attracts new users21:36
sirmacikunless you're just doing all this just for yourselves21:37
joacimwe like our users aged, like ham and cheese21:37
pedjapretty much, yes. all are invited to join the fun, but no PR campaign or ads on Distrowatch :)21:38
sirmacikIt has been a long while since I last used crux but I habve a big sentiment for it and would love to see it in better shape21:38
TimB_better how?21:39
sirmacikthere is no need for campaign or ads21:39
sirmacikyou know21:39
sirmacikjust make some relatively fresh documentation21:39
sirmacikTimB_: alive?21:39
TimB_no, I'm a robot21:39
pedjaTimB_, you too? nice21:39
TimB_you know you can always contribute?21:39
TimB_pedja: electrical high 521:40
sirmacikthat's why I've raised this topic21:40
joacimsome nicer documentation would be nice21:40
joacimwanted to give it a go myself, at least tidy it up a bit, but havent been bothered21:40
sirmacikI'd like to give a try at creating some new docs21:41
sirmacikespecially mentioned earlier cryptsetup install21:41
sirmacikwhich is like a must nowadays21:41
TimB_it is?21:41
sirmacikyes, it is21:42
sirmacikyou don't have to like it21:42
sirmacikbut it doesn't make it less true or needed21:42
pedjaafaik, cryptsetup requires initrd, and Crux has no official way of making it yet21:42
pedjathere is some documentation on it in the wiki, but needs updating, iirc21:43
TimB_well, it was mentioned that there is some older documentation that you can use21:43
sirmaciksth for a new release then21:43
TimB_I'd read something new on the topic if you have to present it, maybe it's something for the next installation21:44
TimB_even though I am sure that I personally don't need it.21:44
sirmacikok so its more like a distro for yourselves now21:45
sirmacikor looks like that at least21:45
TimB_well I am not an official spokesperson21:45
TimB_it's just my opinion that I think that this is a smaller distro, so it's more of an community effort21:46
TimB_you want something, provide for it?21:46
TimB_just getting in here telling it's a must have nowadays hasn't created any documentation so far21:46
sirmacikas I said before, trying to find out where are things at21:47
TimB_you have seen this?
sirmacikyes, we've been talking about it earlier today21:48
sirmacik(as I sad few minutes ago)21:48
TimB_ok. I have no idea about the topic in general, never bothered21:50
dlcusasirmacik, you might find interesting.21:50
sirmacikdlcusa: awesome link, thanks!21:52
sirmacikI know it has been a long while since I was active here in any way. But I'm not talking about it to criticize, just want to know if and what's happening21:53
sirmacikand wanting to plan some work for crux becasue of my great sentiment for this distro21:53
pedjahm. 'Commonwealth'? that's a bit...bombastic :) Crux is more of the cabal, imho21:59
joacimwas thinking some simple farming death cult of sorts22:00
pedjathat terror reindeer from the news the other day would be a awesome mascot22:02
pedjaTux riding the terror reindeer to glory22:03
pedjasomeone make that wallpaper/blender 3d model. please? cherry with cocaine on top?22:04
joacimblender is bloat. i make all my pictures in joe22:04
joacimi think you can actually. i forget the name of the format, but xfwm themes uses this text based image format22:05
joacimtaking driving lessons, and the site they use for video courses send you your password by email in plain text22:07
joacimwhen they first gave me my password, it was just my first name :(22:07
pedjaxfwm4 themes use xpm/png22:10
joacimmight be xpm22:11
pedjathat's not text based, afaik. are you thinking svg?22:11
joacimpretty much ascii art, with some colour definitions on top =)22:12
pedjaoh, nice. didn't know that22:12
pedjafinally found free and properly licensed Tux 3d model22:15
pedjabut Crux Tux is a bit cross-eyed, poor thing22:15
joacimwhy i like ufetch. that crux ascii is great =)22:18
pedjaI have neofetch, haven't seen ufetch22:30
joacimi use it instead of a motd when i login with ssh22:36
joacimalso serves as a reminder that i am on a remote shell22:36
pedjasmart. I set the different base16 theme for remote shells22:38
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joacimthat'll work too22:54
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