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timcowchipanyone know which kernel option needs enabling for "io_counters" to work?00:59
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TimB_timcowchip: could it be CONFIG_TASKSTATS?01:10
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timcowchipTimB thanks, already tried that01:49
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TimB_timcowchip: np02:00
TimB_was worth a try :)02:00
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john_cephalopodaRomster: xscreensaver is outdated, package download 404s. Latest version is 5.42.
john_cephalopoda*source download 404s10:20
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Romsterkeep forgetting to bump that12:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: libsoup: 2.64.0 -> 2.66.012:48
frinnstI have a bunch of gtk stuff that I need to bump. The changelogs are often depressing - such as "updated translation <random language>"13:01
frinnstfeels like they just need to bump all libraries to keep the versions in sync13:02
Romsterfun... why don't they just wait until they have a critical bug or got a group of changes13:10
Romsterthe million dollar question right13:14
pedjayou could wait for the changes to accumulate over a few versions before you bump them13:16
pedjathat's what I do for xfce13:16
pedjaif it's all translation updates or typo fixes, I don't bother :)13:17
john_cephalopodaThanks for updating, Romster13:34
Romsterno worries i knew about the 404 but forgot13:36
Romsterseems crux bot is broken again. got compat-32 in sync again13:37
TimB_does somebody here has a Pkgfile for boost with python support?16:33
jaegernot I16:41
TimB_I think I got it16:53
TimB_and it wasn't the solution :D damn it17:13
TimB_the configure script is detecting python and says it's too old (even though I point it explicitly to python3)17:22
TimB_and when I point it at python2 it says this is too old as well :D17:22
TimB_ maybe somebody here has an idea?17:25
TimB_and it obviously doesn't find python3 on it's own.. mh17:26
jaegercheck the config.log17:26
TimB_oh, right. thx jaeger!17:27
TimB_so it says python is not found in the pkg-config path17:43
pedjaTimB_, try this
TimB_pedja: thx, will do, maybe it has something to do with boost after all..17:47
TimB_pedja: you wanted to build libreoffice from source, didn't you?17:48
pedjahell no :)17:49
TimB_hahaha, ok17:50
TimB_dunno then, maybe romster17:50
pedjaI only build what I have to on my potatoputer :)17:50
pedjayeah, probably romster17:50
TimB_ok :)17:51
TimB_I think I made good progress on my repo, but now it fails to build armlong into the build, thank god for ccache17:51
TimB_pedja: , this is on 3.5 btw. currently building all the other deps on 3.4 somewhere else.. maybe this works out differently17:57
pedjaTimB_, what's the python3 on 3.5?18:01
pedjastill 3.6, or 3.7?18:01
pedjaTimB_, build fine here (3.4, python-3.7.2)18:06
TimB_k, I'll wait for the build on my laptop to finish.. let's see where we get there18:07
pedjaTimB_, is include/python3.7m symlinked to python3.7 and python3?18:09
TimB_pedja: it isn't :^18:11
pedjaI think I had to modify python3 port to make those symlinks because of the boost's way of finding includes18:11
TimB_so ln -s /usr/include/python3.7m /usr/include/{python3.7,python3}?18:12
TimB_seems to do something, cool! maybe this fixes libixion for me18:14
pedjaI keep forgetting to ask romster about that :)18:15
TimB_it worked18:15
TimB_at least for boost18:15
TimB_libixion doesn't work, darn it18:16
pedjawhat's the error?18:16
TimB_that's the config.log18:17
TimB_No package python3 found18:17
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TimB_already had a look around slack/arch/void, they don't do anything special with it..18:20
pedjaTimB_, is there a python3.pc in pkgconfig dir :) ?18:20
TimB_lol, no18:20
pedjahint: yet another symlink18:20
TimB_pedja: thank you! that was it :D18:21
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tsaophello all20:25
tsaopI have made some quick Pkgfiles for mesa3d and mesa3d-32 using meson and ninja20:27
tsaopif someone wants to take a look, they are here:20:27
tsaopif you need the nouveau gallium driver, you should rebuild llvm with -DLLVM_ENABLE_RTTI=ON20:28
jaegeris mesa gonna be the next thing to move full to meson/ninja?21:44
joacimis that a cmake thing?21:53
tilmanjoacim: meson uses ninja as a backend. cmake *can* use ninja as a backend22:02
tilman(not 100% sure that meson _only_ generates ninja files)22:03
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timcowchipfrinnst: thinking of bumping gtk?22:26
timcowchipre: I have a bunch of gtk stuff that I need to bump. The changelogs are often depressing - such as "updated translation <random language>" could you --enable-wayland-backends in the Pkgfile?22:43
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pedjahas anyone packaged wayland yet?23:02
pedjaI am not at all interested in it, just curious. xorg works just fine :)23:04
TimB_it worked °_°23:05
TimB_I am wondering how good wayland would hold up against it in a daily usage situation really23:05
timcowchipenabling walabd backends doesn't require waylan23:05
TimB_never tested it before23:05
TimB_this was just in general :)23:06
timcowchipit requires wayland-protocol23:07
timcowchipvala-panel requires gtk+3 with wayland backends enabled23:08
timcowchipits only my port, not in contrib or anything, but I think its pretty useful for window managers without panels23:11
timcowchipthat's a good name for a band "wm's without panels"23:11
timcowchiplike " men without hats"23:12
timcowchipI have my own gtk+3 port so that it can be built23:13
timcowchipbut frinnst could update gtk3 and put wayland protocols in contrib23:16
Abdullahdo we have some benifit of having wayland guys?23:17
timcowchipI think I just explained the benefit23:19
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