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frinnstI began a year or two ago but gave up because of pam00:10
frinnsti think i still have the ports around. should fire that up again00:11
frinnstbut now - sleep00:11
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TimB_ here it is00:39
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timcowchipTimB is there a Pkgfile?02:18
timcowchipor do I just clone it?02:25
timcowchipthink I found it02:29
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abenztek__: hey03:23
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Abdullahtek__: isn't there ;-) abenz03:47
Abdullahafter a hibernate I have no sound03:48
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timcowchipTimB: looks like suitesparse depends on lapack
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timcowchiplapack depends on gcc-fortran08:17
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TimB_timcomchip: noted11:58
TimB_he's not there, I'll put lapack in the REPO12:08
pedjaopenblas is better :)12:42
pedjaand provides lapack, so numpy is happy12:42
ryuoTimB_: well, unfortunately, CRUX only packages the C and C++ GCC frontends.12:42
ryuoI can see why Ada isn't included.12:43
ryuoFortran actually sees some use...12:43
TimB_pedja: I have to check if libreoffice can use openblas instead of lapack? not sure12:44
TimB_ryuo: what do you mean? I copied it von romster and put it in the libreoffice repo12:45
TimB_that I just applied to be listed btw :)12:45
pedjaTimB_, openblas is an optimised lapack, like atlas or intel's or amd's versions12:46
TimB_pedja: I wrote it in my notebook12:47
pedjaTimB_, I have openblas port, if you are interested12:47
TimB_I have to say, I really need a break :D I got some stuff to do for uni next12:47
pedjaTimB_, what are you studying? CS?12:48
TimB_pedja: I wish. economics12:48
TimB_had a specialization in "current development in IT" - it was very disappointing12:50
pedjaah. so get on with it, already, world economy needs fixing :)12:50
pedjahow current is that 'current developement'?12:51
TimB_pedja: haha, will do, I won't quit that.12:51
TimB_pedja: it was just about management styles it appears, like scrum and kanban, agile.. :D12:51
ryuoTimB_: I meant the compiler for Fortran software isn't part of core.12:51
pedjaunfortunately not12:51
TimB_ryuo: gcc-fortran? well but it's in opt isn't it?12:51
TimB_or contrib.. one of the both12:52
pedjain contrib, iirc12:52
ryuoIt is? usually it's better to include it in the main GCC package, but i guess that works.12:52
pedjaI understand why it's not. it adds time to build and the use is rather niche12:53
ryuoGo is quickly becoming another frontend that might be worth having around.12:53
pedjajaeger is maintaining go port in contrib12:53
ryuoAda, D, and Objective-C are so exotic i have yet to see anything that really uses them.12:53
TimB_I wouldn't have had fortran installed if I wasn't using r12:54
ryuoI've only seen one project use Objective-C, and it prefers clang.12:54
pedjaone tool on freebsd, ports build/update, is written in Ada, iirc12:54
ryuoweird choice... there's fewer compilers for it.12:55
ryuokinda like Fortran.12:55
ryuoi don't see llvm replacing gcc, not as long as it has compilers it lacks.12:55
pedjadeveloper has been using it for years for projects, so it made sense to him, I guess12:55
ryuoIs anyone even working on llvm frontends for Ada, Fortran, Go?12:56
pedjagood question12:56
ryuoI've only seen 2 serious LLVM frontends.12:56
ryuoclang and ldc12:56
TimB_to me it seems that often a featureset alone is reason enough for some choices? but then again, no idea really, some stuff like the rust development keeps me asking if this is a wise move?12:57
Romsteri made it as a add on to crux ryuo12:57
ryuoRomster: ah, i see.12:57
Romsterit took some effort12:57
ryuoit seems like the gcc optional frontends should be in opt though... they need to be maintained in lockstep with main gcc.12:58
ryuoi think the first set of bindings i'll implement for libpkgutils (once i finish it)...12:59
ryuois Perl. It's already in Core, so it makes the most sense to be first.12:59
Romsterat this rate python3 might end up in core.13:00
ryuoit means perl scripts would be able to directly interface with the library logic.13:00
ryuoRomster: perhaps, no way to tell.13:01
Romsterdf clones my port wonder what was changed13:01
TimB_I really like that13:01
TimB_sounds cool ryuo!13:01
ryuoTimB_: you write Perl?13:01
TimB_ryuo: nope ;D but ruby and shell13:01
ryuogiven what prt-get does, it might be better off being scripted...13:02
ryuobut makes most sense to start with the foundation.13:02
ryuoit may make sense to reexamine prt-get after pkgutils.13:02
TimB_I agree with that13:02
Romsteror the land the foundation goes on :D (don't mine me being silly)13:02
ryuoi at least plan to port revdep to this library.13:03
ryuoprt-get might be better off being reimplemented in a glue language like Perl.13:03
ryuohonestly, i suspect no one wants to touch pkgutils and prt-get because they're written in C++.13:04
TimB_Romster: have you seen my libreoffice repo? you wanted to build it from source, right? ^^13:04
Romsteryeah but if perl gets broken then prt-get gets broken but then yua can use pkgadd/pkgrm/pkgmk to fix it though. being a static binary it don't break on ports being updated13:04
Romsteri am looking over it TimB_ but i am pretty worn out this evening13:04
ryuoRomster: perhaps so, but pkgmk would still function.13:05
ryuopkgmk depends on the shell, and no one seems to worry about the shell breaking.13:05
TimB_Romster: no worries :)13:05
ryuobut anyway...13:05
Romsterwell if the shell if broken you got major issues? and fall back to the iso?13:05
ryuoPerl's depends are pretty basic... but fair enough.13:06
ryuoprobably should keep it to libc only depends.13:06
ryuofor critical tools13:06
Romsternot saying not do it just saying points of failure13:06
ryuothat at least is true for pkgutils.13:07
ryuoprt-get is a higher level tool. maybe can afford the risks.13:07
ryuowe'll see.13:07
Romsterdf's port of gcc-fortran looks like a exact copy to mine13:08
Romsterso TimB_ where did you get your info from for libreoffice?13:10
TimB_that you wanted to build it?13:10
Romsteryeah so you are also building it from source?13:10
Romsteror just doing the ground work?13:10
Romsterpython3 and boost is a bit of a pain, i haven't sorted that out yet13:11
TimB_Romster: have been for a while now, but with just a single Pkgfile that pulls all the deps (the configure script can do that)13:11
Romsterbut it's not widely used yet either13:11
TimB_but I wanted to build it with all system headers and libs13:11
TimB_doing the ground work, and hoping people use it and help on it. but I think it's clean, prtverify says it's ok, here it's working on two live machines13:11
TimB_so from now it's mostly bumping hopefully :D13:12
Romsterwell i am insane enough to use rust firefox thrunderbird as source, not a big fan on binary only where i can help it13:12
TimB_same here13:12
Romsterand quality control13:12
TimB_but not about firefox though13:12
TimB_I switched to palemoon13:12
Romstermidori now works stable again13:13
Romsterbut i miss the addons that firefox has13:13
Romsterpalemooon waterfox what's the real difference?13:13
TimB_uh, I think they are not at all the same? I am not sure about waterfox though, let me have a look13:14
TimB_this is palemoon, they forked from firefox once and then well just did their thing I guess..13:15
TimB_builds without webrtc for example13:15
TimB_I think you need their basilisk package if you want a "full featureset"13:16
Romsterwhy isn't palemoon in crux's portdb?13:17
Romsterit would be nice if things like that got shared :)13:17
TimB_Romster: I have followed the discussion here13:17
TimB_j_v had a port for it in his repo but deleted it13:17
TimB_the palemoon devs have been somewhat of a dick to an CS student from new york that ported it to openbsd13:18
TimB_and since palemoon requires you to use their version of libs to use the branding palemoon13:18
TimB_and well openbsd being openbsd13:18
Romsterwhat is wrong with diversity13:18
TimB_they told him to use the other branding they provide13:18
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TimB_the community didn't like it13:18
Romsteropenbsd would of told them where to stick it13:18
TimB_and well it was kind of a bird move but yeah..13:18
TimB_I meant openbsd wants everything shared, right?13:19
TimB_so palemoon still wants to be build with gcc4, the old autotools set, and whatnot...13:19
Romstermeh i don't want to even try palemoon if the devs for it are pricks13:19
Romsteryeah pass13:19
TimB_I use it for years now13:20
TimB_but it was a bird move13:20
TimB_still a good browser that works for me13:20
Romsterthat killed any desire to check out palemoon13:20
TimB_let me know if you still want to though, I mean, who is free from ill being? end of the story was that student dropping the project since he wanted palemoon and not the unoffical branding "new moon" or whatever it is13:22
TimB_I don't know, I think there is a valid point to both sides of the story and all that failed was a proper talk about how to solve things13:22
Romsterif it's just the actual name of it... who gives a toss as long as it worked the same. it's just a name.13:23
Romstercall it jupiter or something and done13:23
Romsterbut yeah only using gcc4 still that is old13:24
TimB_haha yeah13:24
TimB_well j_v had patches for it to compile with gcc6 it was I think13:25
Romsterwonder if flatpack or other stuff has palemoon13:26
TimB_don't think so13:26
TimB_flathub says 013:26
Romsterso the devs basically alienated anyone else from packaging it13:27
Romsterdon't see it in gentoo13:27
Romsteris in arch AUR13:27
TimB_I think one of the main motivations was that they don't want to support builds they can't vouch for? so either use the official binary, or an endorsed build like slackware13:27
TimB_it's in AUR as well and endorsed I think13:28
TimB_I don't follow the news much with it because ^13:28
Romsterwhen it comes to distros it's up to the distros to fix bugs if the official binary/build of it hasn't got that issue13:28
Romsterthat be like wine supporting ubuntu/debian when they backport cherry pick patches that have been known to break wine, and yeah had to say sorry build wine from source...13:29
TimB_just the way he phrases it...13:29
Romsterwhat the actual heck that's not breaking any ToS?13:30
Romsterunless palemoon has some stupid agreement?13:31
TimB_seems like they do13:31
Romsteri personally hate monolithic monsters. i want stuff to use system libs13:32
TimB_so steam next?13:32
Romsteri've been thinking of tackling steam yes13:32
TimB_I am in for helping on that13:33
Romsteri started to stream with obs-studio on twitch13:34
TimB_btw, python3 needs some symlinks, you can see that in my lo repo for libixion README, can you add them officially? :)13:34
Romsterbeen playing bejewelled 3 and red alert two from crux13:34
TimB_hahaha you do? red alert, cool13:34
Romsterpossibly i'd like to see what the major distros add in regards to that13:34
TimB_I don't really stream13:35
ryuoRED ALERT13:35
ryuoACTION sounds a car alarm.13:35
TimB_I just have twitch for vermintide 213:35
frinnstfuck you HPE13:37
frinnstNot Found13:37
frinnstThe requested URL /pub/softlib2/software1/pubfw-uefi/p1969849748/v159644/I36_2.70_12_29_2018.signed.flash was not found on this server.13:37
Romsterwhen will you learn frinnst... HP will never have what you want13:39
ryuofrinnst: is that a BIOS update?13:41
ryuofrinnst: either way... it's funny... i find HP's consumer/business website far easier to navigate than HPE. what's up with that?13:42
pedjadifferent companies?13:56
pedjahp and hpe split up, right?13:56
pedjaRomster, I had to add a couple of symlinks to python3 port, mostly to keep boost happy :)14:17
pedjainclude dir and pkgconfig pc file, iirc14:18
pedjaapparently, different apps use different strategies to find it. some look for python3, or python3.7 or python3.7m or parse the output of 'python3 --version" or...14:20
TimB_pedja: I pinged that too, and added a README to the port that failed with it :)14:20
AbdullahI wrote a port and something wasn't working when it comes to write as $name-$version so I had to use its name manually.14:40
AbdullahI have to use its name in both source and build and I was unable to use $name14:42
darfoI think you have to use ${name} where anydesk is because of underscore (_)14:53
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Abdullahyeah I used it now and its working, I never saw someone using it this way so asked. either arch and slock builds are using it14:55
ryuoAbdullah: darfo is correct. _ is a valid shell variable character, so you need {}s to use them in that context.15:20
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john_cephalopodaIt would probably make sense to use {} everywhere.17:58
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timcowchipTimB: py3boost won't build
timcowchipthere are libboost_python27 files but not libboost_python3 in /src/stagedir/lib/19:33
AbdullahI read on that its not crux gnu/linux. its only CRUX. do I know the difference between these two terms?19:39
AnselmoI think its just silly pickyness over words . . .19:41
Anselmothere isnt any major techncial difference between crux and general ''gnu linux'' es, it just doesnt identify itself as such .. .19:42
timcowchipsince "gnu" means Gnu's Not Unix19:44
Abdullahso we are unix? and not gnu?19:44
timcowchipgnu came from Richard Stallman linux came from Linus Torvalds19:46
joacimneither is an amiga19:47
timcowchipits Linus' kernel I don't know what part of linux Stallman contibuted19:47
Anselmowell, linux has always been focusing on gcc hasnt it been19:48
Abdullahwe have most of the software from gnu. isn't that?19:48
tilmanAbdullah: doesn't deny that19:49
tilmanAbdullah: it just says that the name of the distro is CRUX ;)19:49
AbdullahThanks. I like that. I once read manpage about rxvt-unicode and he said its not gentoo, its GNU/gentoo. so on mailing list once I had an issue with rxvt, I told him, mine isn't GNU/crux. its only CRUX ;-)19:50
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timcowchipgot py3boost to build with a Pkgfile edit "cp -a ${_stagedir}/lib/libboost_python* $PKG/usr/lib" instead of "cp -a ${_stagedir}/lib/libboost_python3* $PKG/usr/lib"21:43
timcowchiplibetonyek depends on glm21:45
timcowchipln -s /usr/lib/pkgconfig/python-3.7.pc /usr/lib/pkgconfig/python3.pc should be ln -s /usr/lib/pkgconfig/python-3.6.pc /usr/lib/pkgconfig/python3.pc21:59
timcowchipto work with the python3 version in/opt22:00
timcowchip^in /opt22:00
timcowchipand now /contrib/fontforge won't build
TimB_timcowchip: I'm soon there for you22:25
TimB_just got home, need some food, try a PYTHON=/usr/bin/python3 \ ./configure ..22:25
pedjayup, Doom Patrol is fucking incredible22:28
pedjamost fun I had watching a TV show in a long time22:29
timcowchipgot fontforge to build with a Pkgfile edit22:38
timcowchipusing git clone instead of downloading a specific archived version22:40
TimB_timcowchip: you are right, I'll have to check py3boost with the current python, shouldn't take long22:40
TimB_timcowchip: which python version are you using?22:40
TimB_python3 that is, 3.6, 3.7?22:41
timcowchip3.6 in /opt22:41
TimB_because my readme for libixion that creates for 3.7, which are incorrect if you have 3.6 installed22:41
TimB_you probably need to adjust those22:41
timcowchipneed to upgrade /opt/python322:42
TimB_you can just change the symlinks22:42
TimB_I think at least :D22:43
TimB_and it's not the symlinks, it's the sed lines, I'll push an update for it @timcowchip22:48
TimB_well, at least I think it is, so I'll have to make it 3.4 compatible22:48
timcowchiplibreoffice says "No package 'graphite2' found"22:52
TimB_I think I have it in my repo, I will push this in a minute22:54
TimB_timcowchip: thx for testing! :)22:55
timcowchipI had occasion to use libreoffice yesterday to open a *.xlxs file22:58
timcowchipI think your crux-libreoffice will be grand22:59
timcowchipgotta go for now23:01
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TimB_oh ok, I just pushed the changes that should solve the problem23:04
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