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RomsterAfter all the shit design, shit implementations, and broken audio involved with PulseAudio, they're just gonna be starting over from scratch anyway, and now we're gonna have this new shit called Pipewire03:43
RomsterNot even fucking kidding.03:43
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joacimcalled it =)08:14
joacimevery oen in a while, someone will choose to make a replacement, every distro will switch to it before it is ready, and it will not really solve anything that could not be solved with the old system08:15
AbdullahI wanna install crux on USB and wanna make it to save my data across reboots.08:22
joacimshould be doable.08:36
joacimjust not point to stuff like /dev/sdd or something, as those change with every reboot08:36
joacimor can change08:36
tilmanpipewire is supposed to replace pulseaudio as well? i thought it was only gstreamer's successor08:42
joacimwouldnt be surprised if op got it wrong08:44
joacimyou have to be patient with 8chan-users =)08:44
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pedjapipewire is still in its infancy, it's too early for pitchforks and storming the castle :)13:48
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-x11perf: update to 1.6.113:50
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-libxxf86dga: update to 1.0.1113:50
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-libxrandr: update to 1.5.213:50
pedjait's an ambitious project. merging, in essence, jack, pulseaudio and gstreamer. that should be interesting to watch13:54
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joacimpedja: can at least light someone on fire14:00
pedjajoacim, well, the whining has already begun, if that counts :)14:02
joacimno not really. i want some screaming14:02
SitriRomster: sndio?14:03
pedjasince when is 'starting from scratch' a bad thing? presumably, they figured that fixing the current solutions is as much work as starting from ground up.14:09
pedjait's silly, imho, to already have a strong opinion on something that people haven't actually used14:11
tilmanwow, you're so grown up and reasonable14:16
ryuopedja: i'm sure they used the same reasoning when they started systemd.14:16
pedjatilman, :)14:21
pedjaryuo, and systemd is *the* init system on all major distributions now, so there is clearly something they did right :)14:25
ryuopedja: my sarcasm meter registered a reading over 9000 just before exploding. epic.14:26
pedjaI don't buy the 'RH bullied everyone' 'argument'14:27
pedjadon't get me wrong, systemd has a lot of flaws14:27
pedjasurprising for piece of software, right?14:28
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iovecpedja: RH didn't bully anyone, but they carry a lot of weight (as in terms of resources). systemd might be not be the best technically, but it is still far better than a homegrown pile of scripts or defunkt projects like runit offering similar functionality, for distributions14:37
iovecalso, systemd is nice for packagers, as it does their work for them, policy14:37
iovecthere is very little technical merit, if you get down and compare it to alternatives, you will find an appalling lack of understanding of the problem space14:38
ioveceg. Scott James Remnant understood socket activation was nothing but a special case of file descriptor holding, Laurent Bercot of s6 (skarnet) fame understood it too, but Lennart decided to munge various concepts in a convoluted way that lead to fragile architecture where now PID 1 stores file descriptors for everything14:39
iovecIt is a long debate, systemd does ofcourse get the very basics right (or it wouldn't work anyway), but adoption has very little to do with its technical excellence14:41
ryuoiovec: s/systemd/Windows/14:41
ryuoiovec: =p14:41
pedjaiovec, so it's 'good enough' :)14:44
ioveceverything has bugs, but very few projects make poor design choices but then the author then also chooses to aggresively ignore anyone who points them out14:44
iovecpedja: exactly =)14:44
iovecit reminds of the days when sendmail and BIND were all the rage14:46
iovecthey even tried to rewrite BIND, of all things14:47
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timcowchipHappy Saint Patricks Day :)19:18
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pedjajaeger, you might want to update docker/runc
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joacimwhat was the fix for the shit again?22:49
TimB_libtiff iirc, not sure though22:50
joacimyup. libtiff was the guilty one22:56
TimB_great :)22:59
TimB_timcowchip: btw, happy to hear that your libreoffice build was successful. Thanks a lot for the feedback!22:59
TimB_I tried to fix the missing deps22:59
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