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Abdullahbsdtar -p -o -C /var/pkgmk/work/qt5/src -xf /var/pkgmk/distfiles/qt-everywhere-src-5.11.3.tar.xz07:54
Abdullahbsdtar: Error opening archive: Unrecognized archive format07:54
frinnstare you running out of diskspace?08:19
frinnstqt is huuuuge. sounds like the file is truncated08:20
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denresHow long does it take to fix a bug in this community?10:22
denresCritical bugs, for example10:23
denresSecurity bugs, etc.10:23
Abdullahnah, I have space frinnst10:25
Abdullahdenres: some minutes10:25
Abdullahfrinnst: I downloaded it 2 times and last time I got some android problem which was posted here too10:26
denresAbdullah: I mean fixed, patched, merged and realesed.10:27
AbdullahJust file a bug. or send an email to maintainer/packager10:28
AbdullahThat's the beauty of our distro denres10:29
denresThanks for your reply. By the way, are you a maintainer?10:30
denresOr packager_10:31
denresOk, I believe you; I ain't clicking that shit.10:32
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AbdullahThere is an idiom in our language. he just ran like how a female donkey runs after she is done ;-)10:50
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john_cephalopodatek__: wirehsark download link 404s, they took down the 2.6.6 version. New one is 2.6.713:11
frinnstthat practice is hateful13:43
frinnststop moving old files around!13:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: poppler-qt5: update to 0.75.013:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: poppler-glib: update to 0.75.013:55
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: iproute2: update to 5.0.013:57
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-mkfontscale: update to 1.2.114:00
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Mmh,14:19
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Anselmoaaah, yeah that always annoys me15:06
Anselmoat least keep the last coupleversions around so it doesnt break imediately when you make  a new one ;-;15:07
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pedjaheh, freetype update partially broke fonts in Chrome15:24
pedjabut they are OK everywhere else, afaict, so who cares15:25
frinnstthat's who15:59
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pedjaI am curious why it isn't honor the system font settings, thou16:54
TimB_pedja: what font's are missing?16:55
pedjafont weights are the issue16:55
TimB_for me, only version numbers, last commit date and time and so on are missing on gitlab, nothing else16:56
TimB_looks weird16:56
pedjathat's even more fun then this :)16:57
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TimB_especially while everything else works16:58
pedjaI even got a segfault when I tried to set fonts in Chrome17:00
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TimB_mh, no, that's working for me (in palemoon tho)17:00
pedjait works in the latest stable, but fonts are still somewhat fucked :)17:01
pedjacuriously enough, only in the body of the web pages, comments sections look ok.17:02
pedjabut I only use Chrome for (totally legal) streaming, so17:03
pedjaspeaking of streaming, lots of hype around G's latest 'game streaming' project17:04
pedjaI think only frinnst, with his 1/1Gbit might be able to enjoy it properly :)17:05
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pedjafrinnst, you have a Nokia phone, right?17:22
pedjaapparently, it's spying on you :)
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onoderalibtool:   error: cannot find the library '/usr/lib/' or unhandled argument '/usr/lib/'18:45
onoderalibjpeg after the update is giving me this18:46
onoderaanyone know whats up?18:46
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TimB_probably libtiff onodera18:53
onoderasorry I said libjpeg but I meant openjpeg18:54
onoderaregardless, i rebuild libtiff and openjpeg builds now18:54
onoderathanks TimB_18:54
timcowchippedja: re: heh, freetype update partially broke fonts in Chrome, but they are OK everywhere else, afaict, so who cares I care and so does abdullah who copied my chrome port18:55
TimB_onodera: yw18:57
Abdullahtimcowchip: I admit that I copy most of the ports from arch linux, so if you feel I copied yours, it means you copied from arch linux ;-) and yeah who cares ;-)18:57
Abdullahbtw I feel happy if I help someone or if someone copy my work.18:58
Abdullah its from AUR19:02
timcowchipnot judging, just saying19:02
timcowchipabout who cares19:02
Abdullahand here is mine,
Abdullahokay, I'm not good in English so please guide me too if I'm wrong sometime getting you19:03
AbdullahI also have dev port for chrome. timcowchip and fonts are working for me.19:03
Abdullahmaybe I didn't ports -u today.19:03
timcowchipif you maintain aport for something you should care if another package messes it up19:03
Abdullahtoday I was installing pavucontrol and got an error about some packages and created two ports. I hope maintainer should try to add those packages as dependencies.19:05
Abdullahglibmm is one of them19:05
AbdullahI mostly use two or three fonts in my terminal which I maintain as files in my git repo. and path as ~/.local/share/fonts so in terminal I don't get a problem. the only one I installed from official repos was terminus. I think I created a port for it too.19:07
AbdullahI just see the urls from arch repos. then load it and if they are using git version, I use tar.gz from release.19:10
Abdullahbtw someone here once said something about patches in crux.19:10
Abdullahin previous install my system was always using 32 or something like tha cpu. in this one it is always at 10019:18
Abdullahwhile compiling something19:18
pedjapavucontrol already depends on glibmm19:25
timcowchipI'm noticing when I prt-get update -fr thunderbird-bin it stills shows up in stdout of revdep after updating poppler19:26
pedjatimcowchip, what's the output of 'revdep -vv thunderbird-bin'?19:27
timcowchipalso when I update goole-chrome from 72.0.3626.119 to 73.0.3683.86-5 about chrome says its still 72.0.3626.11919:29
timcowchipbash-4.4$ revdep -vv thunderbird-bin19:30
pedjadid you remove the source deb before updating?19:30
timcowchip** calculating deps19:30
timcowchip** checking 1 ports19:30
timcowchip** checking linking19:30
timcowchipthunderbird-bin:/usr/lib/thunderbird/ error19:30
timcowchipthunderbird-bin:/usr/lib/thunderbird/ error19:30
timcowchipthunderbird-bin:/usr/lib/thunderbird/ error19:30
timcowchipthunderbird-bin:/usr/lib/thunderbird/plugin-container: error19:30
timcowchipthunderbird-bin: erro19:30
timcowchipI should probably remove the source.deb in the Pgkfile19:31
pedjathe d/l one?19:31
pedjagoogle doesn't bother with versioning them, it's always google-chrome-stable.deb19:32
pedjaso it might be that the build just reused the old one, instead of d/l the new one :)19:33
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timcowchipthat's what happened the first time I updated before removing the old source.deb19:34
timcowchiptnx prdja19:34
pedjanp, it happened to me too19:35
pedjaas for thunderbird-bin, frinnst maintains that19:36
pedjait's just a matter of tweaking revdep line to include that dir too, afaict19:37
timcowchipTimB crux-libreoffice needs prt-get update -fr after updating poppler19:37
TimB_timcowchip: of course it would, we love poppler19:38
TimB_timcowchip: btw, how often would you be comfortable with updating lo?19:38
pedjayeah, its 'breaking shit left and right on every update' ways :)19:39
TimB_because I follow the src package for quiet a while now and they get updated every 2-4 weeks19:39
TimB_I already have build but they just pushed the tarball today19:39
pedjastable release?19:40
TimB_pedja: I recon they try to do that on purpose19:40
TimB_pedja: it's a stable release, yes, currently I list
timcowchipif you push that new source now we can update once19:41
pedjanah. 99% of Linux users don't care about poppler breakage19:41
TimB_timcowchip: k, will do19:41
pedjaTimB_, if it's stable, push it :)19:41
timcowchipI'll time it this time19:41
timcowchipprobably 3 or 4 hours19:41
pedjaif you need to rebuild it because of poppler, might as well build a new version19:42
timcowchipas for thunderbird-bin I'll have better luck using a different mail-client that getting frinnst to fix it19:44
TimB_pedja: well you are right of course, with poppler now19:44
TimB_I mean I am fine with rebuilding it every 2-4 weeks19:45
TimB_I did that almost the past year just asking about what you all think about it19:45
pedjawhat do you mean?19:46
TimB_ugh the official mirror is slow but I need to repull because they ship it as tar.xz19:46
TimB_pedja: just that the build takes some time, like timcowchip said, 3-4h?19:46
TimB_when you do that twice a month I could imagine some people would hate it19:47
pedjaso? people were building rust that takes much longer more often then that :)19:47
pedjaand there is a libreoffice binary port for lazy bastards like me, so19:48
timcowchipthey were probably rebiulding more often than they were using it19:48
pedjafirefox port depended on it19:48
TimB_changes are pushed19:49
pedjaspeaking of things that take a while to build, qgis is broken. yay19:50
TimB_yeah ok, I was just wondering, I skipped most of the rust fun :D19:50
pedjame too, I was using firefox binary for a long time :)19:50
pedjastill do, but now someone else is maintaining it19:51
timcowchipok starting now19:51
TimB_ready, steady, GO19:51
pedjaand go, and go, and go, and...19:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: thunderbird-bin: fix revdep whitelist20:01
timcowchiptnx frinnst20:16
timcowchipshit, I forgot to ports -u before prt-get update -fr libreoffice20:51
timcowchipstarting over now20:52
TimB_it's ok to fall, it's important to GO GO GO20:55
timcowchipstill downloadeing :)20:58
TimB_everybody grab the rope and help pulling20:58
timcowchipand its down21:03
TimB_timcowchip: I have enabled pdfium btw, not sure if you use it, it's when you insert pdfs as images21:08
TimB_afaik it can do that without it, but there is a lot missing, pdfium just makes it render all the options pdf can offer21:10
TimB_added ~6MB to the package ~.~21:10
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denresThe autocomplete function doesn't work after a fresh install. Why?21:58
denresIn the terminal21:58
denresWith the tab key21:58
jaegerGuessing you didn't change your shell. I don't think dash supports tab completion by default22:00
denresWhat should do first after doing a fresh install?22:02
denresHow do I change my default shell?22:02
TimB_freaking poppler effed up texlive once again22:03
denresFor some reason I am not allowed to change my shell22:06
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denresI have to log in as root?22:06
TimB_sudo chsh22:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: cryptsetup: 2.0.6 -> 2.1.022:09
jaegerIf you haven't got sudo configured, you could do it as root, sure22:10
denresNope. It didn't take effect.22:10
jaegerdid you log out and back in?22:10
denresI still can't use the tab key as autocomplete.22:10
denresHow to I do that?22:11
TimB_what does echo $SHELL say22:11
denresIt says /bin/sh22:12
TimB_after the sudo chsh part open a new terminal and try that echo part again22:13
TimB_it should say the shell you choose22:13
denresIt's complicated; I don't have X server installed yet.22:13
TimB_well then22:14
TimB_log out and log in again22:14
denresHow do I do that?22:14
denresStill says /bin/sh22:14
TimB_man chsh22:15
denresI'm not under root, btw22:16
denresI created a new user22:16
denresMaybe I messed up with that?22:17
TimB_you need to setup sudo for your new user22:17
denresYep, I did that22:17
jaegeryou shouldn't need anything special to change your own user's shell, though22:17
denresvisudo $username, right?22:17
TimB_this means you need to add yourself to the group wheel, you did that alraedy? if you have that, then with root visudo and enable wheel to use commands with password, it will ask for the user password22:18
jaegerjust run chsh, when it prompts for the shell you want, type in '/bin/bash', hit enter22:18
TimB_oh, right, it's interactive?22:18
TimB_but you can specify with -s iirc22:18
TimB_like chsh -s /bin/zsh tim22:18
jaegeryes, both ways should work22:18
TimB_otherwise... sed /etc/passwd? :B22:19
jaegerif you're running as the user, not root, just 'chsh -s /bin/bash'22:19
denresHow do I add myself to the group wheel?22:19
TimB_usermod -G or -g, one of the both is append to the group without changing your first group (users)22:19
TimB_I always forget22:20
TimB_-g is the login group, -G are additional groups22:20
denreslol, usermod command not foung22:22
TimB_how used are you to linux?22:22
denresIt's complicated22:23
TimB_because, usermod should be run as root, so you need to have a root enviroment for it22:23
TimB_you have a different PATH set as root22:23
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TimB_have a look at the output of export both for root and your user22:23
denresFor some reason I can't log in back to root22:24
TimB_you are sure to use the right password?22:24
TimB_if you use su, it asks for the root password22:24
denresYeah, it says incorrect login22:24
TimB_if you use sudo it asks for your users password22:24
denresI know22:25
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TimB_no idea then really22:25
denresI ran usermod as sudo so why didn't it run?22:25
TimB_I dunno, maybe because your are not in the group wheel?22:26
TimB_get a root shell via su22:26
TimB_setup sudo22:26
TimB_modify your user account22:26
TimB_maybe you want to modify your root shell at the same time22:27
denresok I'm in22:28
TimB_i dunno?22:29
denresCan you believe that?22:30
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denresI added myself to that fucking group22:30
denresNow I'm a god22:30
TimB_I guess22:30
denresI changed the shell22:32
denresThanks, gayz22:32
denresNow, how do I install xorg22:33
denresThe package manager says it couldn't find it22:33
TimB_have you had a look at ?22:33
TimB_well, it's described there22:34
denresWhat section exactly?22:35
denresMaybe I'm blind22:35
denresSo basically I have to resolv dependencies on my own?22:48
ryuodenres: prt-get resolves dependencies at build time. that's the only dependency resolution crux has.22:51
denresNeat. Thanks, man22:58
denresIt's normal that I get warning during the build proccess. It's not critical, right?22:59
ryuowarnings can mean anything. critical ones would halt the process.23:01
ryuochances are they're compiler warnings.23:02
denresThey are23:03
timcowchipits done23:04
timcowchipbut I walked away for too long23:05
timcowchipso < 3 hrs23:05
timcowchipnot too bad23:05
TimB_timcowchip: cool!23:05
timcowchipgo ahead and update as often as you like23:06
TimB_I'll try to keep it as recent as they update the official mirror23:06
TimB_I had this version before from their github mirror23:06
denresHow long doest it take to build the X server?23:06
denresFor me it's taking forever23:06
timcowchipTimB: got my vote23:08
timcowchipdenres: was xorg-server updated?23:08
denrestimcowchip, I don't think I understand23:08
TimB_timcowchip: well, they told me to stick to the offical mirror and don't use github as a source. in fact, their offical git listed this version 6 days ago23:09
TimB_but the download mirror got the source files today23:09
TimB_doesn't matter really I guess :)23:09
denresTimB_, to your previous question: I'm learning.23:10
denresIf I'm new to linux23:10
timcowchipwhy are you building xorg-server?23:11
denresBecause I want to use it.23:11
denresI did a fresh install.23:11
timcowchipyou can install the xorg group when you do a fresh install23:11
timcowchipand not have to build23:11
denresI know, but I'm retarded.23:12
timcowchipit might be quicker to re-install23:12
denresYou think it takes so long to build it?23:12
jaegerIt can take a while, it's not a small piece of software23:13
timcowchipI would advise installing opt and xorg23:13
jaegerYou might want to check pkgmk.conf as well and make sure you have MAKEFLAGS set usefully, if you have cores/threads available23:13
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