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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.15614:48
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mayfrosthello there16:43
mayfrostI've got a message saying usr/info/share/dir is already installed16:43
mayfrostany idea what's going on?16:43
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deep42thoughtHi, I'm looking for gcc-ada - do I have any other chance than bootstrapping it myself from some binary source?20:19
TimB_hey, I took a look at the arch PKGBUILD, should be fairly doable?
deep42thoughtTimB_: I tried that, too - "configure: error: GNAT is required to build ada"20:20
deep42thought... and:
deep42thoughtso: a classic bootstrap problem20:21
TimB_I see20:23
deep42thoughtACTION wonders if he can make archlinux's gnat run on crux by installing archlinux's, too20:25
TimB_this now asks for libisl, arch pulls it from outside and builds against it20:30
TimB_its based on contrib/gcc-fortran and what arch does, maybe this can get you started?20:30
TimB_oh and mind the typo and add another \ on the last two lines of configure20:31
TimB_oh, my bad. I removed --with-isl and then it asks for gnat again... maybe gnat needs it?20:32
deep42thoughtdunno, I'm trying to use a gnat from archlinux20:32
deep42thoughtbut it is linked against newer glibc20:33
deep42thoughtso I try to build a static gcc on archlinux first20:33
TimB_maybe it's easier to get libisl integrated?20:33
deep42thoughtmaybe that works :-)20:33
TimB_I mean, you need the sources in there, maybe there is a git repo then it's an easy game20:33
deep42thoughtwell, the gnat-and-thus-ada-is-required-to-compile-ada issue was also discussed on some mailing list20:33
TimB_no idea then, sorry20:36
deep42thoughtnp :-)20:36
deep42thoughtjust for completenes, here is the mail I was referring to:
ryuodeep42thought: nothing you can really do. crux doesn't ship gnat, so there's no way to compile it natively.20:50
ryuodeep42thought: also... an archlinux32 cloak? what's that? an i686 arch port?20:50
ryuosurprised anyone cares enough about i686 still...20:51
deep42thoughtonly crazy heads like me care ;-)20:51
deep42thoughtplus: It's a nice project to automate the build and dependencies :-D20:52
deep42thought(which we must, because we're so few devs)20:52
ryuosounds like CRUX.20:55
deep42thoughthow many users does crux have? I guess, you have more than archlinux32 has ;-P20:55
ryuoNot sure. We have no hard count.20:55
ryuoalso, ADA? what do you use that needs that?21:00
deep42thought_that_ was my thought, too21:00
ryuoi have never seen a single package that uses it.21:00
deep42thoughtbut I need gpg encryption in alpine - and on arch I got used to topal which provides that21:00
ryuofortran has a few packages.21:00
deep42thoughtand this needs gcc-ada21:00
ryuoi presume GCC 9 isn't going to be fun...21:01
ryuonew language frontend21:01
ryuoperhaps a pain to package.21:02
deep42thoughtI'd say, alpine on crux is an edge case and topal is a corner case - so I guess, I'm pretty much alone21:02
deep42thoughtwhen's gcc9 due?21:02
ryuono idea.21:02
ryuoi just know GDC was finally integrated into upstream.21:02
deep42thoughtthat's good news for archlinux3221:02
deep42thoughtwe had some trouble compiling dmd21:02
deep42thought... with dmd21:03
ryuodon't celebrate just yet. GDC has its own issues. it lags behind the mainline D compiler and library.21:03
deep42thoughtwell, but we get more options to choose from :-D21:03
ryuobecause, it's GCC.21:03
deep42thoughtso far we compiled dmd with ldc and dmd21:04
ryuolibraries only get updates from major releases.21:04
deep42thoughtwell, if it suffices to bootstrap a not-too-old dmd, then it's ok :-)21:04
deep42thoughtACTION is optimistic21:04
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mayfrostcan a kind soul check what the usr/shar/info/dir error means21:44
TimB_mayfrost: I don't use emacs, so not sure what that dir is all about, but maybe you have tinkered with that yourself in the past? check for the contents, maybe make a backup && rm -fr, then pkgadd -u again?21:45
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jaegermayfrost: your package is trying to install usr/share/info/dir which already exists on the filesystem but is not tracked by the package database, probably21:53
jaegerif it only belongs to emacs and nothing else you can pkgadd -f and overwrite it21:53
jaegerIf it belongs to something else, find out what that is so you can make them coexist21:53
mayfrostjaeger: thanks, I fixed that by removing it during compilation (pkgmk -f wanst fixing it)21:56
jaegerpkgadd -f would have22:00
jaegerpkgmk -f just forces the package build... the problem you were seeing is doing the add phase22:00
ryuojaeger: boy, that sure does add up.22:15
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