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deep42thought=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/gcc-ada#7.4.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.05:31
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alanciotek__: did you see my email about my git/ssh issue?05:34
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frinnstalancio: did you send it directly to tek?09:03
frinnstwhats the matter?09:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nano: update to 4.012:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: dropbear: add patch to fix regression where TTY modes weren't reset12:18
pedjausing btrfs as a router fs is an interesting idea13:21
pedjasnapshot, update, snapshot. if it breaks, boot from the previous snapshot. cool13:23
frinnstmy router/fw dropped it's configuration this weekend. fun times13:27
frinnstdid an innocent change and *everything* stopped working. connected via console and everything was corrupted. forced poweroff and the console returned to normal but the config was empty13:28
frinnstubiquiti quality13:28
pedjawhat was the change?13:31
frinnstjust a route change13:57
jaegerwhoa, you can't just update a route on a router!13:58
jaegerthat's dangerous!13:58
Anselmoeveryone knows that13:59
Anselmobut blah. do you know what actually caused it or just . . . like, disk randomly decided to corrupt14:00
frinnstnot really. luckily it saves previous configurations on disk. so was a simple matter of "cp /config/archive/boot.conf-<date> /config/boot.conf or whatever the filename was14:01
pedjathat's VyOS fork of sorts, right?14:02
Anselmooh, phew14:02
AnselmoI had heard things about like, uSD cards being very bad sometimes so was half wondering if that might not be it14:03
Anselmobut I've never seen that in person14:03
pedjawhen I say 'poweroff', I really mean 'poweroff', not 'reboot', you silly systemd14:07
pedja'poweroff -h' works. yay14:08
pedjarelearning things is fun14:12
Anselmois that new or has that always been, on systemd14:20
pedjaidk, tbh14:22
pedjamight be luser error14:22
pedjaplenty of time to learn it when CRUX switches to systemd, I guess14:25
Anselmofelt like it was something I should have run into earlier14:25
Anselmoplease no, I think I might actually have to start my own distro at that point14:25
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pedjait's unlikely :)14:26
pedjatbh, I wouldn't mind if we did14:27
pedjanot my call, thou :)14:28
Anselmowell. proper support for it wouldnt bother me. proper support for nothing else would14:32
pedjathe thing is, even the distributions with far more developers can't keep up, so it would be systemd and best effort something else14:33
pedjayou have to allocate resources14:34
Anselmoand the effort spent into crux is presently seemingly comparatively small (no offense to any of the heroic devs)14:35
Anselmobut yeah14:35
alanciofrinnst: I can't push to opt14:38
alanciofrinnst: I sent him a couple of emails14:38
pedjaas always, TheRealLife[tm] gets into way, Anselmo :)14:38
pedjain the way*14:39
frinnstyou can CC me14:40
frinnstwhat errors do you get?14:40
Anselmoehh, low effort is part of the reason I like crux ~14:41
alanciowell, first of all, I put an ed25519 ssh key in my authorized_keys, but it doesn't work14:43
alancioan rsa key works fine though14:43
alanciosecond, I'm not sure if I'm using the right path to the repository, has it been changed?14:44
alancioerr, ssh://<username>
alancioor is it /home/git/repositories/ports/opt.git?14:45
pedjaAnselmo, 'low effort' ?14:53
Anselmoor just, it doesnt seem like crux tries to do very much at all, compared to a lot of distros14:57
Anselmolike, you dont have fancy configuration management tools or other things that the distro tries to do14:58
Anselmoit has some ports, an iso every so often,and thats about it,14:59
alancioI get access denied, but I can ssh to crux.nu15:02
alanciothe exact error message is: Permission denied (publickey)15:02
Abdullahalancio: your key isn't added there.15:08
AbdullahAnselmo: you also wanna have systemd in crux?15:09
alanciook, that explains it, I thought I had to use my own username, not "git"15:09
alanciojaeger: can you add my key? preferably the ed25519 key?15:10
AbdullahI think yeah if our ops aren't adopting it, our ways are gonna apart if we compile and install systemd in crux15:10
Abdullahbtw I realized its a big work, not just a common port build and compile ;-)15:11
Anselmohehe, no not particularly. I use systemd enough for my work, I dont want also to have it on my own machines x-x15:13
AbdullahI have it on my servers. On one UFD installation I also have it. but in CRUX I don't have it which is my main machine15:14
AbdullahBTW its not bad. It was my first init system I learned. and I'm happy with it. maybe our ops aren't gonna learn it thus not adopting it ;-)15:15
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pedjaI am reasonably sure they are so fed up with it at work that they want to keep it away from their personal machines :)15:51
jaegeralancio: I think so, send it my way16:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: freerdp: fix dependencies, build with newer ffmpeg18:56
alancioalright, it's almost 4 am, I'm out18:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: thunderbird-bin: updated to 60.6.119:43
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Anselmotrying to run 'ports -u' doesnt work for the core/opt/xorg/contrib ports for me presently20:54
Anselmorsync: did not see server greeting20:55
Anselmousing rsync 3.1.3-120:56
AbdullahAnselmo: failed for me too. its only with crux repos. other repos are okay20:58
Abdullahrsync: safe_read failed to read 1 bytes [Receiver]: Connection reset by peer (104)20:59
Abdullahrsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(276) [Receiver=3.1.3]20:59
AbdullahAnselmo: which kernel you're on?21:00
Anselmo5.0.0 but I cant imagine that matters21:00
jaegershould be fixed now21:00
Anselmowoo works21:01
Abdullahworking now ;-)21:02
AbdullahI'm now on 5.0.4 and all browsers giving me this error.21:02
Anselmooh, weird21:02
Abdullah[32454:32454:0326/] Bad NaCl helper startup ack (0 bytes)21:02
AbdullahI did two things. first upgraded kernel. second I just resumed from a hibernation. so dunno which one is to be blamed.21:04
Abdullahand I have no browser so no idea where to go for troubleshoot ;-)21:04
Anselmonacl makes me think of libsodium21:07
AbdullahAnselmo: there is no libsodium in official repos21:08
Anselmobut I dont really know. so.21:08
Anselmouuh, theres also nacl in qt5 ?21:09
Anselmobut like, this is me shooting in the dark, I dont even know what browser this is :P21:09
Abdullahchrome and opera21:10
Abdullahboth run without qt21:10
AbdullahI compiled qt4 after installing them21:10
Abdullahnacl is also in go21:11
Anselmoit might be the chrom NAtive CLient21:11
Anselmohave you rebuild chrome ?21:12
Abdullahnah, I didn't21:12
Abdullahopera is also not running21:13
Abdullahcompiling midori ;-)21:13
AbdullahI have to steal jaeger machine ;)21:14
Abdullahhe has the best hw21:15
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