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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: go: updated to version 1.12.100:23
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denresHello. I'm learning Linux and all of this stuff. I installed successfully CRUX and started Openbox. My question is: what should I learn afterwards?09:48
ryuodenres: after what?09:52
denresI mean after installation09:52
ryuodenres: build the rest of the stuff you intend to use?09:54
ryuodenres: shell is probably the main thing of interest.10:00
ryuomore advanced users would probably want to learn C too.10:00
ryuobut it's not strictly a requirement.10:01
][_R_][What interested you in Linux in the first place?10:15
denresI am practicing before installing the actual system on my hdd and got an error starting with switch_root: can't execute /sbin/init10:16
denresDuring boot10:17
][_R_][Booting from the live-CD?10:17
denresI can't copy the rest of the log because I'm in a VM10:17
denresThe updated one10:17
][_R_][... okay, so from the live-CD10:18
TimB_][_R_][: jaegers updated iso on crux.ninja10:18
denresTimB_: So I have to redownload my iso? I get errors due to update?10:19
][_R_][So the only thing that generates an error about switch_root is an initrd (rd == Ram Disk).  CRUX doesn't normally use an initrd to boot (once installed) but install/live media do.10:19
TimB_denres: where did I say that?10:20
][_R_][Either the initrd wasn't made properly, or it is corrupt10:20
denresI don't think it is corrupt because I checked it before installation10:20
denresOr, who knows10:21
TimB_what ][_R_][ said. although last time I used jaegers iso was last year, I remember needing to ^C before beeing able to login for some weird error that didn't matter at all10:21
TimB_denres: why don't you take the not updated iso..?10:21
TimB_If you want to learn, might as well take the extra mile10:21
denresBut it worked last time10:21
TimB_if you aren't building on a potato of course10:21
denresI have it on my disk10:23
denresGuess what?10:25
denresIt worked10:25
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TimB_ coming up next to a CRUX install near you13:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: pure-ftpd: update to 1.0.4816:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nsd: update to 4.1.2716:45
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: tzdata: update to 2019a16:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: nginx: updated to version 1.15.1018:19
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jaegerwill take a look, thanks for the heads up19:36
jaegerprobably will be a few things broken, doing upgrades19:36
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tek__frinnst: my friends are mocking ubiquity as the 'Apple of networking gear' already :>22:32
ryuotek__: really. are they removing arbitrary and claiming it's progress?22:39
ryuoarbitrary ports*22:39
tek__Not yet? ;-)22:43
joacimbut isnt it?23:01
joacimafaik apple engineers that worked on airport stuff, now work with ubiquity23:02
joacimhave all the same features like running hot23:02
joacimi think those engineers are from the time when apple did good with software i think23:03
joacimbefore they randomly removed features from airport utility23:03
joacimthink ubiquity stuff is nice, compared to a lot of other shit out there23:05
joacimall devices in one portal, maps and naming that makes it easier to find devices23:06
joacimlocator lights23:06
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