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Abdullahtek__: any update on full disk encryption?02:25
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tracer_Hello, I have a stupid question, again :)07:13
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: rust: 1.32.0 -> 1.33.009:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nodejs: 10.15.0 -> 10.15.309:43
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jaegerheyo - feel free to ask your question, if nobody is able to answer it now they can do so later18:47
tracer_Hi jaeger18:53
tracer_Well, I use the time to get familiar (again9 with irc. But maybe I can ask right now. Anyone fit with pkgmk? It defines a function remove_work_dir(), but also calls rm -rf $PKGMK_WORK_DIR 7 times. Any reason for that?18:55
tracer_I stumbled upon this while I'm trying to extend pkgmk, I want a config option for -kw for ports developing18:56
tracer_OK; I'll check back later … food is waiting :)19:00
jaegerIt's probably just an oversight, it's been a long time without a lot of change to pkgmk itself. Can't hurt to look into it19:02
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tracer_OK, jaeger, I'll make changes, then I'll add the option to honor the kw (KEEP_WORK) option in pkgmk.conf. Can I send anyone the patch, or can I host the changes version on my repo so that anybody can take a look at if he's interested?20:19
TimB_tracer_: maybe post it on the mailing list or on the bugtracker?20:44
TimB_I think maybe on IRC people could miss it - and this would give everybody involved a chance to take a proper look20:45
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tracer_TimB_: Did nobody ever think of creating a forum for CRUX? I dislike Mailings lists.20:53
TimB_tracer_: I dunno20:53
TimB_A forum would be a bit too much imho20:54
tracer_Too much work? No problem at all, I can handle that if there is demand.20:55
TimB_no, just too much ^^'20:55
TimB_but sure, if there is demand20:55
TimB_but I can't tell if there is any20:55
jaegerIt's happened a couple times in the past, there wasn't enough interest to keep it around. same with a subreddit20:56
jaegeras for a patch, post it to the bug tracker20:56
TimB_ha, so the r/CRUX has been official?20:56
tracer_I'll be away for an hozr or so, than be back, have time for the rest of the night, we can talk later. Only short: Is use linux for 24 years now, and I really like CRUX.20:56
TimB_I saw it some weeks ago and it's just invite only :P so guess it's abandoned?20:56
jaegerI don't remember who created it. It wasn't me :)20:57
tracer_I'll be back in an hour or so …20:58
tracer^afkBTW, who is the hostmaster of
TimB_isn't frinnst taking care of that? :^ not sure21:09
jaegerthe folks who host the server are in charge of it21:11
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tracer^afk@jaeger I mean: who is responsible for dns?21:35
tek__Abdullah: no, but was thinking about it just the other week..22:52
tracer_hi tek__23:30
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