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jaegerAbdullah: there's one at - we start announcing them when a release candidate is available00:00
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ryuowell, that's interesting.07:07
ryuoi found a way to make pkginfo -f faster.07:07
ryuousing a very basic technique.07:07
ryuothe current approach makes two expensive passes through the same archive...07:08
ryuoby caching the necessary data during the first pass and using it in the second pass, you can cut the time expenditure in half07:08
ryuoin a week i should be finished with pkginfo...07:10
Abdullahjaeger: please include cryptsetup 2 in next release and necessary things for encrypted installation too.07:14
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Abdullahthe latest 3.5 iso has lvm2 and cryptsetup with luks2 ?08:42
Abdullahjaeger: crux 3.5 test iso 2 has problems loading some libraries09:26
Abdullahcryptsetup and lvm09:26
AbdullahHow can we install some packages in iso from another distro?09:27
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jueAbdullah: lvm2 doesn't depend on json-c, what's the exact error-message you see?13:14
jueAbdullah: besides, you can use cryptsetup.static and lvm2.static as a workaround13:16
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juecorrection, it's lvm.static13:17
jueAbdullah: btw, with you meant, right?13:20
elderKHey all, anyone else having trouble building texlive and fontforge?13:21
elderKFontforge works as long as we update it to a newer version.13:21
elderKBoth texlive and fontforge fail to build.13:21
TimB_elderK: I think I can help you out, but later, I am not at home right now13:23
elderKI was trying to use groff and eqn for my typesetting but I lack the skill to like, access the glyphs I require.13:23
elderKMaybe Latex would be a better option.13:23
elderKIt seems to support more stuff out of the box, as it were.13:24
juejaeger: but we have two small issues spotted by Abdullah13:28
juewe need libaio for lvm2 and libjson-c for cryptsetup in ISO_PACKAGES13:28
juenot a big issue at all, cause we have *.static versions for both13:30
frinnstYour password can't be longer than 16 characters.13:31
frinnstwell fuck you then13:32
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Abdullahjue: libjson error came when I invoked cryptsetup14:30
Abdullahjue: I'm not sure but it was if you want me to confirm, I'll reboot using that iso again.14:31
AbdullahI'm gonna install crux in an external drive. it will be an encrypted installation. I tried both iso1 and iso2 by jaeger ninja site. both gave me errors for cryptsetup.14:33
Abdullah3.4 iso is okay but it also lacks luks2.14:34
AbdullahIn this installation, I have home encrypted with luks2. and its working.  but only home is encrypted.14:34
jueAbdullah: as I wrote above, you can use cryptsetup.static instead of cryptsetup14:38
Abdullahjue: I have installed the system now using crux 3.4 iso. I'm gonna write an initramfs if you can help it'd be much appreciated as I can't find some help for our distro in this regard except the tek__ article which is expired now14:44
jaegeryou might want to look at dracut, it can probably save you a lot of work for an initramfs/initrd14:44
Abdullahjaeger: thanks, I'll look it up now14:46
TimB_elderK: ok, let me see what you need15:11
TimB_elderK: or did you sort it out already?15:11
elderKWell, I mostly just wanted to let you guys know that texlive and fontforge don't build.15:18
elderKI fixed the fontforge issue by updating it to the latest release from Github. Also, cidmaps is no longer at the location the Pkgfile mentions.15:18
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TimB_elderK: true, they all should be know to tek__15:19
elderKtexlive I haven't corrected yet, mostly because I don't want to download a @!#$ off huge thing again.15:19
TimB_do you need a pkgfile for texlive?15:19
elderKNo, I think I'll try to get groff/eqn to do what I want. texlive is so huge.15:19
elderKI don't have enough space to build it...15:19
elderKI have to move it to /tmp, then make my tmpfs huuuuuge.15:20
elderKThe problem wiht texlive just seems to be like, warnings that are being treated with errors, or some upstream API has changed.15:20
elderKSo, I imagine a newer version will build ok.15:20
elderKIf you like, I can pastebin the log.15:20
elderKOr try to :P15:20
TimB_well, I have it working over here, that's why I asked if you need help15:21
pedjathis looks similar to gns3
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elderKTimB_: Did you have it installed, or did you build it?15:26
TimB_j_v did some great fixes15:27
elderKMoment, trying to generate a log for you15:27
TimB_but I think his webspace is offline at the moment15:27
TimB_I don't need a logfile?15:27
TimB_there is several stuff that needed work on, so I can provide you with the fixes that are not upstream yet unfortunately15:27
elderKAh, so the compilation issues are upstream, not fixed in newer versions?15:28
TimB_basically: install harfbuzz and and graphite2 from my repo, then zziplib
TimB_elderK: yeah15:29
TimB_and downgrade poppler* to 0.74.015:29
TimB_I think this should be it, just gimme a ping if you need anything15:32
elderKThanks TimB_.15:33
elderKTimB_: You don't happen to know a ton about Groff / Troff and stuff do you?15:34
TimB_nope, sry15:34
elderKNP. :)15:34
elderKWill texlive be available there long enough to warrant bookmarking?15:34
TimB_probably, but don't expect it to be updated really15:35
TimB_I was just too lazy to create a gist because of all them patches :D15:35
TimB_I think those patches mostly come from arch15:36
TimB_the LFS patch doesn't work over here15:36
TimB_but texlive is just such an evil beast.. and the recent poppler updated once again killed it completly (lovely)15:37
TimB_so remember to downgrade poppler first, and resolve all ports reported by revdep15:37
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Abdullahjue: json-c is dependency for cryptsetup.16:23
Abdullahjust updating cryptsetup gave me this error ...16:24
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elderKGuys, do we always need to provide a URI?17:35
elderKI'm creating a personal port that generates Groff support files for a specific set of fonts.17:35
elderKIt doesn't seem right to use the font's URI here, since, it's not really associated with upstream in any way.17:35
elderKI'm not downloading anything - it's all generated as part of the port build process.17:36
pedjait's not mandatory, afaik17:37
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elderKThanks pedja :)17:44
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aicsgood evening17:47
pedjait will be, once the meds kick in :)17:51
aicspedja I hope nothing serious18:03
pedjaaics, light headache, more annoying then painful18:09
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AbdullahHurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ;-)19:41
AbdullahI have finally achieved fully encrypted install with crux ;)19:44
joacimwhat do you have to hide? :319:45
Abdullahits an external drive install. waiting for 3.5 to be available soon so I'll install fully encrypted one in main machine.19:45
Abdullahjoacim: nothing at all but I love privacy so ... ;)19:45
Abdullahyou know I have been using encryption in all other distros so why not crux19:46
Abdullahand I think I'm second one after tek__  who went for it ;)19:46
joacimi thoguht about it, but i havent cared enough yet19:48
joacimmight get a newer used thinkpad, one that is a bit slimmer19:48
joacimeasier to get in and out of my purse at the airport security19:48
Abdullahtek__: frinnst jue jaeger ;)19:52
Abdullahjoacim: you know I'm having thinkpad ;)19:53
Abdullahbut I think slim things are easy to be stolen ;)19:55
AbdullahI never get a problem and here in my place none can use it even if I give them password ;) they don't know about linux even I have met guys who have done masters in computers but they don't know how to operate my mahcine ;)19:56
joacimi have a T420, but it is a bit heavy and chunky19:56
Abdullahit was a challenge to me ;)19:56
joacimdoesnt go well in my bag when i also have to carry my work laptop19:56
joacimnot going to do my stuff on a work laptop =)19:56
Abdullahyeah I don't like those models ;) I have X1 Carbon19:56
Abdullahjoacim: dunno about your location but if my boss gives me a machine to work, I always tell him I won't give him hard drive back ;)19:58
joacimwork machine is an MBP19:58
joacimthe newer ones with the shitty keyboard19:58
AbdullahMBP ? sorry no browser yet ;)19:59
joacimmacbook pro19:59
Abdullahokay. I never used macbooks. I heard many rumors about them. but no personal experience with it yet20:00
joacimthey used to be pretty decent i think, but apple kinda stopped making shit that i want20:00
Abdullahjoacim: this machine is from 2014. and you know I get 5 hours battery time while working on it even if I don't let it sleep for some seconds20:01
joacimi get more or less the same with my x220. up to 12 hours if im stingy20:01
joacimshould switch to my x220 i think20:01
joacimor buy an x26020:01
Abdullahdo you have an ssd in it?20:01
Abdullahwell, I'm gonna test the suspend, resume on this installation now.20:03
Abdullahoh but its an externel drive you know connected with usb cable ;)20:03
Abdullahnot sure if it will work or not20:03
joacimhibernation is something ive been wondering about with an encrypted drive20:04
Abdullahjoacim: I have been using hibernation on my main machine and it works20:04
Abdullahsuspend too20:04
Abdullahonly home encrypted20:05
Abdullahon archlinux I had fully encrypted install and it worked like a charm but yeah with systemd lol20:05
Abdullahsystemd works out of the box for it20:05
Abdullahon system v we have to install some tools like pm-utils20:06
Abdullahsystemd has logind for it20:06
Abdullahlemme try it and I'll be back20:06
AbdullahIt worked joacim20:08
Abdullahit just asked me for encryption key as I have externel drive and came on same screen we were before talking20:08
Abdullahmaybe network gave you these texts some late. I'm sending it at 01:08:0820:09
Abdullahthis one was hibernation. now I'm gonna try suspend.20:10
Abdullahfor reference here is the repository I have for some hibernation and suspend configs.
joacimyour messages showed up at 2108 on my screen =)20:12
AbdullahI'll be back from my main installation.20:12
Abdullahjoacim: yeah because we have different time zones.20:13
joacimi have acpid listen for button events, and run those pm-* commands20:13
Abdullahso I was back in less than a minute20:13
joacimwhen i close the lid etc.20:13
Abdullahjoacim: same I do. you know I was asking for help but none helped me until I found it somewhere on arch or gentoo wiki20:14
Abdullahwhenever my lid is closed machine goes to suspend. and gets locked too20:15
Abdullahjoacim: what about only encrypting home? or should we do complete encryption?20:15
Abdullahyou know we can enable auto login if we have home encrypted only. so we just have to use one key and then directly login to system20:16
joacimi think i'm leaning more towards full encryption20:16
AbdullahI'll write complete installation procedure for crux as we already missing alot20:17
Abdullahtek did it back in 2014 and since then we can't find something about it.20:17
joacimi think many crux users are used to adopting other distros documentation to suti crux20:19
AbdullahI'm back ;)20:22
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aicssorry but I have a question. Starting from blha blha source etc ... is there any chance that pkg-get has an active repo somewhere or is it only meant for local repo add? is it still efficient?23:27
elderKaics: How do you mean?23:30
elderKThere are a great many "personal port" repositories available.23:30
elderKGenerally, people look at the portdb, see if a port exists in one of those "personal port" repos.23:30
elderKThen you add them to your /etc/ports/ dir.23:30
elderKAnd boom, you can use ports from them :)23:31
elderKIf you're talking about say, creating a personal port repo for yourself, and whether thats' worthwhile than just installing directly from source, well, I think it is. If only because it means you can always remove something you install.23:31
elderKThat's not always a given as much software doesn't actually provide a "make uninstall."23:31
elderKIndeed, I've never seen a CMake-style makefile that provides such a target.23:32
elderKaics: Not sure if that helps. :)23:32
aicselderK i know .. but my question is "pkg-get"23:33
aics is this still in use ?23:33
TimB_I think I never used pkg-get, no idea23:34
aicsI was curious to verify the operation of the tool for binary23:34
aicsbut I don't think I could find even one repository at the moment23:35
jaegerI've never used it, sorry23:35
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aicsok, I think it's time to try then: P for the community. in theory if I compile as always and create a repo it should work. I haven't studied the code in detail, but it should go23:38
aicsthank we guys, sorry the breaking of balls.23:39
elderKaics: Oh, I'm sorry. I misread. My bad.23:44
aicselderK absolutely no problem, thank you. I'm just looking for a way to not recompile all the arsenal all over again ... and having never tried, I said to myself, but why not try ...23:47
aicsa binary package system although against basic concept philosophy can be a useful thing. Since it already exists I didn't understand why there was no online repo ... maybe it's time to create a git repo for this too23:50

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