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jaegerneat little thing:
ryuojaeger: seen it before. it has some wifi issues last i heard...16:44
ryuoopen hardware isn't entirely true afaik. the wifi driver is proprietary or so.16:44
frinnstgod damnit jaeger, now i'll have to buy one16:46
frinnstlooks glorious16:46
ryuofrinnst: you seen the sheeva64?16:46
frinnstcrux-mips ?16:46
frinnstglobalscale can go fuck themselves16:46
frinnstshit hardware16:47
frinnstI had the sheevaplug and guruplug16:47
ryuothat thing has only 128MB of RAM.16:47
frinnstnot enough for your pkgmk rewrite? :D16:47
ryuofrinnst: lmao.16:47
frinnstyeah you could boil an egg on the rj45 port16:47
ryuofrinnst: i'm looking for ways to reduce memory usage.16:48
frinnstthe sheevaplug was better but still very non-free and the psu's sucked16:48
ryuobut, can you even compile anything with such low RAM?16:48
ryuothe device has only 16MB of onboard flash16:48
Anselmowell, crosscompile and sync ports16:48
ryuocrux wasn't built for cross-compiling....16:49
frinnstdon't tell that to pitillo :-)16:49
AnselmoI suppose not. I used to build things for arm on my main computer though, much faster than building forever on a raspi :P16:50
Anselmoif the alternative is to never finish or keep crashing you can surely make things work ^_^16:50
ryuoraspi is a different story, though super slow IO...16:50
ryuoguess it's not surprising. it's stuck with usb2.16:50
Anselmoyeh. its a  pain. I dont really like it but I have it so I put up :P16:51
ryuotruth is existing pkgutils is somewhat RAM hungry anyway...16:53
ryuoXZ isn't cheap to decompress.16:53
ryuoeven worse to compress16:53
ryuoi wonder what mode of XZ bsdtar uses16:54
ryuohuh. -617:01
ryuoi guess the archive i was testing with was using -917:01
ryuotrying -617:03
tilmanfrinnst: sheevaplug was non-free? what?17:04
ryuotilman: ...? i was talking about the vocore.17:05
frinnstfirmware iirc17:05
tilmanand i'm asking frinnst a question17:05
frinnstor am I remembering wrong?17:05
tilmanfrinnst: for the wifi module possibly?17:06
frinnstbootloader etc17:06
ryuoindeed. i bought a used dreamplug. same basic platform as the sheevaplug and guruplug. it required firmware blobs for the antiquated wifi.17:06
ryuoOh, the uboot for those is upstreamed.17:06
frinnstbut  my memory is pretty shit? if i'm wrong im sorry :-)17:06
tilmani still have source code for the libertas wifi17:06
tilmannever got it to work17:06
ryuothe wifi works with debian 9...17:06
ryuoon the dreamplug anyway17:07
ryuoGST is releasing an updated version of sheevaplug...17:07
ryuomore RAM and newer ARM chipset.17:07
ryuosheeva64, though that's about it for improvements.17:07
ryuono usb 3.017:08
tilmani'm with frinnst though; not buying from them again after those PSU fuckups :[17:08
tilmanhow the guruplug passed any kind of QA testing i don't know17:08
frinnsthaha yeah that was just silly17:08
ryuoyou folks tried the alix apu2?17:08
ryuoor anything from pc engines17:09
frinnsti remember burning my fingers really bad when i tried to disconnect the network cable17:09
AnselmoI have a friend who uses hardly anything except apu2s for hiscomputers :P17:09
frinnsti have a apu217:09
Anselmodont remember how many he has but like, 5 or something I felt like17:09
ryuohow is it? it's an x86, so software support should be easy to find.17:09
frinnsti ran pfsense on it. also crux. its pretty great but the nic doesnt do vlans very well17:10
frinnsti used it as a router on a stick and with vlans17:11
frinnstgot maybe 500mbit out of it17:11
ryuowhat's it doing now?17:11
frinnstcollecting dust until i get energy to do something fun with it again17:11
ryuoi see.17:11
frinnstnow back to my GoT marathon in preparation for the 15th17:12
ryuofrinnst: how precious is RAM? i've got some ideas for slimming pkgutils down some more during this rewrite...17:12
ryuoi could use some custom allocations to reduce the overhead of regular dynamic memory...17:13
joacimcomes with 2GB and 4GB configurations17:31
joacimnot very precious for my limited needs17:32
ryuoas it stands, 32MB is the minimum it seems CRUX requires for installing packages.17:36
ryuoif they're compressed without an insane level of xz17:37
ryuoi'm experimenting with a BCJ Filter of xz...17:37
ryuoyou can use it apply a filter to binaries to make them more compressible.17:38
ryuoand done.17:38
ryuointeresting. it shaves off a bit more.17:38
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elderKaics: How'd you go with pkg-get in the end?20:24
aicselderK im build package and after i up repo with pkg but now i have strange problem with udev21:22
aicskvm group after sysup21:22
ryuoaics: crux doesn't include a kvm group.21:22
aicsi know21:23
ryuoit should but it doesn't.21:23
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aicsbut why sysup this?21:23
aicsthere is a problem with dep in ports i think21:23
aicsim see why21:24
elderKaics: Good luck :)21:24
aicsehehhe ye but need for pkgbuild changes, the system should not require this group21:27
aicsok resolution.21:33
aicsehehhe stupid question..21:34
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jueryuo: it22:19
juedoes, actually :)22:21
aicssimple resolution: groupadd kvm | usermod -a -G kvm user | touch /etc/udev/rules.d/number-kvm.rules23:50
aicsKERNEL=="kvm", NAME="kvm", OWNER="root", GROUP="kvm", MODE="0660"23:51
aicset wualà ... udev error fix.23:52
aicsbut I insist, there is an error in the update from release 3.4 to current with sysup.23:53
aicsalso the xterm pkg does not find the version23:54
aicsversion=344 no avaiable23:55

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