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john_cephalopodaI made a few packages for wayland and pushed them to the jmf repo.14:30
john_cephalopodaOne of them is the sway WM, which is a compositor for wayland that is 100% compatible with i3.14:31
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Anselmooh, interesting16:17
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TimB_the moment you realize that biber is not included in a normal texlive installation and needs a shitload of perl extensions to run - fml20:39
TimB_why oh why did I wait with citations to the very end20:39
tilmancheck out metal archives today if you're into ... metal ;)20:40
TimB_metal archives? april fools?20:40
TimB_or a biber port package? ;P20:40
TimB_tilman: gotta say the latest Sleep releases got me pretty hooked again20:40
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frinnstooh in flames. 90s flashbacks22:09
frinnstinflames, amiga & bbs22:10
TimB_I just remembered I can still hold my deadline and just install texlive in a lxc container - saved my night22:12
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ryuoTimB_: and people wonder why i use a ubuntu derivative...23:40
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