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jaegerAnyone with an RX4xx/RX5xx GPU know how to get ALSA audio properly from it through HDMI?03:38
jaegersomehow kodi can use it just fine but I can't figure out how to set my asound.conf to work with everything else03:42
jaegerspeaker-test works but aplay doesn't... I feel like I've run into this before but now I can't recall how to fix it04:04
joacimi never use the hdmi audio with mine :/05:08
tilmanjaeger: i'd think you don't have to touch asound.rc at all? why would you? does aplay error out? or how to you tell aplay doesn't work?05:21
AbdullahI once tried hdmi audio but failed. never tried after that as I don't have one monitor now05:36
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abenzjaeger: I usually run alsamixer, then press F6 to select sound card05:55
tilmanjaeger: fwiw, i used to do hdmi audio on a bonaire radeon. so definitely not the same hw ;)06:08
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frinnstI dont use hdmi-audio sorry. my tv sucks ass and I cant output the audio to my speakers if I do11:50
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jaegerabenz: the correct card is the default in this case13:45
jaegertilman: speaker-test can produce sound if I explicitly select the right device with -D hdmi:CARD=HDMI,DEV=3 but aplay cannot play sound through it no matter what I do. Kodi is able to use it somehow but I was trying to get other software to as well. Pretty bizarre13:46
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jaegerI would just use pulse and forget about it but I'm also testing polkit updates and pulse doesn't work currently :P15:11
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TimB_jaeger: polkit update you say? :P that's a fun one15:43
TimB_jaeger: If you have been using the patch I generated on the mate repo, I could make a new one, I changed polkit a little bit since then and got it running again15:44
TimB_wasn't really aware that it broke when I made the patch ~.~15:44
pedjaI don't see the issues with it and pulse15:47
TimB_I am still a little bit uncertain what it is with polkit. but it tells you to set wrong permissions when ./configure is done, which kinda sucks :P15:51
pedjaTimB_, wrong permissions?15:53
TimB_yeah, iirc, it tells you that $ETC/polkit-1/rules.d and /usr/share/polkit-1/rules.d should be owned by user polkitd15:54
pedjaI have a pre-install script that sets that user/group15:54
TimB_which effectively brakes it for me with all apps that use it15:54
TimB_even though I got it running now, share it :315:54
TimB_mh, same as in mate repo15:56
TimB_but I was talking about the rules files folder15:56
pedjarules.d? polkitd.root on my system15:56
TimB_I just checked, folder is owned by polkitd:polkitd, all files are owned by root:root - and that works15:57
pedjahm. idk, tbh, this works too :)15:59
TimB_I really haven't pinned it down, might as well have been the other js port I tried16:00
TimB_jaeger: maybe it's that?16:00
pedjajs *shudder*16:00
TimB_weird decision, isnt't it?16:01
pedjausing full blown programming language engine as a parser for configuration files? I'd say :)16:04
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pedjaif you are curious
TimB_interesting, thx16:07
pedjaI rant about that from time to time :)16:09
TimB_it's certainly on my list as well :p16:09
TimB_interesting, the link pedja posted mentions that return polkit.Result.YES in a config doesn't work (regarding polkit-0.107 specifically) but I tried setting individual rules to exactly that before and it really didn't work. I wonder if that's still an unsolved bug?16:16
TimB_just "return yes" supposedly works.. but I am too afraid to touch that stuff once it works :p16:16
pedjado it, it' :)16:17
TimB_I had this fun 2 weeks ago and I am still so much entertained I have to pass :P16:18
TimB_on another topic though, have you tried pulseeffects yet?16:18
pedjanot yet, unfortunately16:20
TimB_ok, np16:20
TimB_I wanted to look out for what other ports make sense for it16:21
pedjadependencies for it?16:22
TimB_no, it runs as is so far16:22
TimB_because it will display all plugins it has to offer unconditionally of what deps you have installed for them :P16:22
TimB_tickles my ocd I guess16:23
jaegerI haven't dug into it yet, just updated polkit and it stopped working... will dig into it when I have more time16:31
jaegerTimB_: your patch didn't actually contain any changes to polkit from what I could see... but I'm just updating it to 0.115 and using mozjs5216:32
pedjafwiv, I have no patches in polkit port16:34
TimB_it didn't? :^ mmmh ok16:35
TimB_well no worries then anyway16:35
jaegerIt's all good. I'll figure them out when I have time to, just been keeping quite busy16:41
pedjawell, you did buy nginx :)16:42
TimB_jaeger: alright :)16:42
TimB_pedja: guess the only real thing needed is calf and mda.lv216:42
pedjagstreamer ones are a backup, in case those aren't available?16:43
TimB_rubberband is already in contrib, and the one thing left is zam-plugins16:44
TimB_I think not?16:44
TimB_I mean some plugins should be delivered by gst since it pulls it as a dep.. but not all it seems16:44
TimB_ <- arch lists what the others provide, but not gst16:45
pedjazam-plugins are 25$, iirc16:45
TimB_oh wow16:45
TimB_doesn't seem like it?16:46
pedjaah. the binaries are, had no idea there is source available :)16:47
jaegerHoping to have some time this evening after work to poke at polkit/mozjs and get them updated in the MATE repo16:52
pedja52.2.1gnome1 js should work fine with it, that's the version I've been using for a while now with xfce16:55
pedjapolkit does build with other versions, but segfaults randomly after :)16:56
pedjawhich was fun to debug16:57
TimB_I think you can set verbosity up with a rules file16:58
pedjatbh, can't be sure if it was polkit or consolekit that I had issues with, I scrubbed that painful memory16:58
jaegerMy usual experience is that I install them and they stay out of my way... so I haven't had to troubleshoot too often17:00
pedjagetting usb mount and libvirt to work with all that was...interesting17:01
TimB_woaaa, fun, updating ladspa and it sends white noise of death through all my channels17:02
pedjaI take it you are not a fan of Merzbow/Nik Endo then :)?17:03
TimB_that kind of noise that let's you fear for your speakers.. and then it even fails to compile17:03
TimB_lol, never heard of, but right now, after reading the first sentence wiki has to say: no, thanks :P17:04
pedjasmart choice17:05
pedjaotoh, I still prefer *that* to whatever goes for popular music these days :)17:06
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pedjabut I am an old fart, so17:07
TimB_what, you disgrace Lady Gaga?17:08
TimB_uooo uooo uoooo17:08
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TimB_I think I spelled beyonce wrong :P17:16
TimB_anyway, I really like the loudness plugin of pulseeffects17:16
TimB_and even though I build almost all the other deps, the plugins won't work :3 lovely17:19
tilmanjaeger: could be difference in audio formats? i.e. samplerate, sample type?17:33
jaegertilman: none that I could see but it's possible. Usually alsa complains about that sort of thing if it's wrong17:46
tilmanso aplay doesn't complain but you just don't hear anything?17:48
tracer_Hi. I've got a question, again :)17:51
tracer_Info: pkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)   <= How can i find out which port they belong to?17:52
TimB_tracer_: prt-get fsearch usually17:52
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tracer_Hmm, thx TimB_, but it lasted long (as long as an updatedb would take, where are the infos stored?) and it found no results. For now I'll just overwrite the files, but keep that issue in mind.17:56
TimB_tracer_: should be /var/lib/pkg/db17:57
TimB_try prt-get cache and work with prt-cache17:58
jaegertilman: if I specify a device like plughw:0,3 it doesn't complain but there's no sound, yeah17:59
tracer_Oh, thats plain ASCII?17:59
jaegerIf I specify hdmi:CARD=HDMI,DEV=3 there's also no sound17:59
tracer_OK, I'll look for the cache stuff.17:59
jaegertracer_: pkginfo -o is also useful for checking package ownership17:59
tracer_Hmm, "no owners found".18:01
jaegerMight be safe to overwrite, then, if no other package owns it18:02
TimB_maybe you placed the files there yourself? or did you ever install anything without using pkgmk/prt-get?18:02
tracer_Oh, it will be safe, I'm just playing around. Breaking the system cost me just a rollback of the VM :)18:02
jaegerTimB_: while I was eating lunch I installed mozjs and updated polkit on my laptop... no problems on that one so something else is wrong on my first test system, I guess18:03
tracer_TimB_: I'm not sure, to be honest. I'm very fresh to CRUX. Playing around like every few months with linux. Managed to get xorg up (finally), now try to build Enlightenment.18:04
TimB_tracer_: you would have needed to run something like make install on your own somewhere..18:06
TimB_jaeger: I'm out of ideas. the official docs state a method how you can up verbosity. but I really didn't get much out of auth log when it failed for me18:07
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jaegerI'm not too worried about it, that test system has other stuff that might be in the way like PAM, etc.18:08
tracer_yes TimB_, that's possible. Many of the things I work with are in a kind of mess. Outdated stuff.18:08
TimB_pam works just fine over here, on 3 installs :) a clean set of pam.d files and everything's golden18:09
jaegeryeah, it generally does18:09
jaegerand will be in 3.518:09
TimB_I know :) I followed git for the past month or so. I think that's a great change18:10
TimB_jaeger: say, have you an opinion about pkgconf in favor of pkg-config?18:11
jaegernot particularly. If it's a drop-in replacement then whatever18:12
pedjais pkgconf bug-compatible :)?18:12
TimB_pedja: not sure ^^'18:12
jaegerBy which I mean NOT a libressl-style drop-in :P18:12
jaegergonna build mozjs and polkit 0.115 in a clean env and if they don't give any trouble I'll push them into the MATE repo18:13
TimB_well, I mean, I have no idea really, but I saw the flyspray post about it and I tried it out, and it works on 2 machines flawlessly and it's "supposed to be better/lighter/faster"?18:13
pedjaany numbers to that statement?18:13
jaegerI've read that it works well but haven't done much with it18:13
TimB_pedja: not from me18:13
pedjaiirc, one of the issues with pkg-config is its circular dependency on...glib?18:14
pedjawhat are major distributions using? pkgconf or pkg-config?18:16
TimB_pedja: the performance statements are their own btw, just went looking and that's what they say :)
TimB_I think arch uses it by default18:19
pedjaI said 'major distributions' ;)18:19
TimB_not sure about others :P18:19
jaegerI feel like arch has more than enough users to be called a major distro18:20
TimB_well I posted a 'fork' of the arch build on the flypsray topic, if you want to test it out18:20
TimB_well, it seems popular at least18:21
axgood evenening , i don't know if already reported but there is a dependency error in systema base for "prt-get sysup" about lvm2  "libaio"18:22
axsame thing for "meson", needs python3-setuptools18:23
jaegerax: if you check 'prt-get depends lvm2' it should show up in the dependencies list there18:23
jaegerNew dependencies that were added after the release of 3.418:24
axI said this as a function of the basic system prt-get sysup18:24
jaegeryeah, prt-get sysup unfortunately does not handle this case18:24
pedjayet :)18:25
jaegeryou'll need to install libaio, then updating lvm2 should work18:25
axyes , it was just for information18:25
jaegerok :)18:25
pedjactrl-q instead of ctrl-w in ff. oops18:29
TimB_pedja: see Current state of pkgconf in distributions18:33
TimB_freebsd switched completly and erased pkg-config18:33
TimB_arch didn't switch if this is up2date18:34
pedjaarch, debian, ubuntu, gentoo, all provide it as an alternative to pkg-config. suse too, afaik18:35
TimB_fedora switched18:37
TimB_afk, bbl18:37
pedja'We do not provide bug-level compatibility with pkg-config.'18:39
pedjatbh, don't care that much. not my call to switch to it :)18:41
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TimB_well, I was just curious, I can't notice any difference20:05
john_cephalopodapedja: It's so annoying when I press ctrl-q instead of ctrl-w in ff. It just closes all my stuff without asking me.20:10
john_cephalopodaI usually only got four or five tabs open, still annoying.20:10
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jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: you could turn on the "warn when quitting the browser" config option to avoid that20:29
joacimthats even more annoying i think =)20:35
joacimi rather swear a bit once or twice a month20:35
joacimthan having to click away some nag box20:35
joacimthat's just me20:35
dbrooke I've not checked, but History->Restore Previous Session will likely get it back20:45
jaegerYeah, it will20:59
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