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markandI was reading the source code of sysvinit to see if it's possible to disable complete logging on the console07:06
markandbut it looks not :(07:06
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ryuomarkand: there is, but it requires changing the environment of init 1. not sure if the kernel has any mechanic for that.07:36
ryuoi found it while i was tracing an issue with it in containers.07:36
ryuoit involves settings CONSOLE to /dev/null07:37
ryuoseems the init environment is hard coded by the kernel.07:42
ryuoyou could patch your kernel to set CONSOLE.07:42
ryuoyou can specify it.07:43
ryuomarkand: you can try adding this to your boot cmdline07:46
ryuomarkand: CONSOLE=/dev/null07:46
ryuonot sure why you want to disable logging, but outputing to null is the best next thing.07:47
markandclean output it desired, I don't disable it myself but I like to be able to have a pure silent boot if desired07:47
markandbut you meant CONSOLE=/dev/null as a command line parameter? just like you set root=/dev/foo quiet rw?07:48
ryuoit turns out unrecognized options are passed to init either as an argument or an environment thing.07:48
markandah okay07:49
markandthanks I'll try07:49
markandI think it could be nice if sysvinit understood "quiet" argument instead, maybe I could send a patch07:52
ryuoquiet is only used by the kernel.07:52
ryuoafaik it's not passed to sysvinit07:52
ryuobut it could exist.07:53
ryuomarkand: i doubt you'd get them to accept it even if you did write a patch. you'd be changing what 'quiet' does.07:54
ryuoother people expect it to only silence the kernel.07:54
markandokay I thought it was also used for boot process, not only kernel07:55
ryuohalf ofi t.07:55
ryuoonly the kernel half.07:55
ryuoinit is separate.07:55
ryuoi've never seen a system that silenced the init output.07:55
ryuoby default anyway07:55
ryuoyour best option is to redirect the console.07:55
ryuoor set it to /dev/null for sysvinit07:56
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markandI don't do it by default08:52
markandbut it's convenient for people booting with UEFI and do not care about boot message08:53
markandthey keep the UEFI boot logo until the display manager is started08:53
TimB_markand: are you refering to the new kernel module for intel graphics card? doesn't it utilize plymouth for that?08:57
markandno it uses nothing but the UEFI logo09:02
markandin fact, it just does not erase what is displayed on the screen09:02
markandthat's also what Windows use when you have the spinner rotating on the middle of the screen while having your laptop's brand on the screen booting09:03
TimB_I see09:05
markandhere's a demonstration09:11
markandhmmm, not that one I though09:12
john_cephalopodaYou can use that early kernel graphics stuff to display some loading animation.09:12
markand this one I meant09:12
john_cephalopodaBut that's cosmetic.09:13
john_cephalopodaI don't even start x/wayland, I just use plain agetty, log in and then run startx/sway.09:14
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markandyep, everybody has its preferences :)09:24
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Abdullahjohn_cephalopoda: I think you can use sway -d too10:09
AbdullahI use startx if logged in tty1, it automatically starts X10:09
TimB_I can really recommend checking out lightdm once 3.5 lands with pam support10:27
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AbdullahTimB_: I tried and it didn't work for me. lightdm11:49
Abdullahin last installation I did.11:49
Abdullahthinking to have encrypted installation with 3.5. I hope Devs will add cryptsetup2 support in it too11:50
Abdullahjohn_cephalopoda: I have custom logo in my lenovo...11:51
Abdullahbut I didn't disable boot messages. I think with efistub (which I use) its easy11:52
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markandoh dear, librsvg depends on rust now15:27
ax sorry but has something changed in source xterm?15:36
ax==> Type I ... done. ==> CWD (1) / xterm ... No such directory 'xterm'15:36
AnselmoI do not get this issue15:39
Anselmoeven after removing and deleting and updating it entierly, not sure what would be going on with that o_o15:42
Anselmocan you build it if you enter the source and try manually ?15:42
axError: Downloading 'ftp://ftp.invisible ./xterm/xterm-344'15:44
Anselmooh, huh15:44
Anselmooooooooh ack somehoe I didnt realize that was a dl thing15:45
Anselmo appears to be working15:47
Anselmosame source, not sure whats up with the ftp15:47
ryuoAnselmo: maybe it stands for file transfer possibly?15:56
Anselmooh,hey ya know that actually makes sense15:57
Anselmocould be15:58
Anselmomore seriously I just didnt recognize the ==> Type I ... stuff x-x15:58
axok solved by hand15:58
axthank you.15:58
Anselmobleh, hopefully they'll sort out their ftp without reorganizing everything c_c15:59
Anselmobut of course,glad to be helpful if I can be16:00
axin reality the modification of the pkg is instantaneous ... clearly but then the signature must be omitted if the update is not carried out16:01
axpkgmk -d -i -is "i mean"16:05
Anselmowell, hopefully this package isnt actually broken, just temporarily broken on account of the upstream ftp :P16:06
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jueFYI, switched to https download for xterm17:17
joacimsomeone will complain about that =)17:20
joacimforcing people to use encryption against their will17:21
ryuowhat was that? it was encrypted, so i couldn't read it.17:23
joacimi dont have the computing power to decrypt that17:26
Anselmomy webbrowser doesnt support all thes https links17:35
Abdullahjue: we are having cyrus-sasl source problem since I joined crux. and still its not resolved.17:35
Abdullahhere is what I'm using instead.
jueAbdullah: just saw that a new version 2.1.27 is available too, I'd suggest to created a diff and add that to a ticket in our bug tracker17:47
Abdullahjue: Thanks I think I did that earlier but I couldn't login there. lemme try it again17:51
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Abdullah                                     installing steam for my younger nephew. and got this error. You are missing the following 32-bit libraries, and Steam may not run:21:33
joacimyou have xorg-libx11-32 installed?21:33
joacimand is the file located where it should be?21:34
Abdullahjust enabled 32-compat. and ports -u. so now just compiling xorg-libx11 will solve it?21:34
joacimxorg-libx11-32 ?=21:34
joacimhate it when my hand shifts21:34
Abdullahjoacim: fsearch showed me xorg-libx11. thanks I'm gonna install that one now21:34
joacimsteam should depend on a lot of -32 stuff21:34
joacimno. install xorg-libx11-3221:34
Abdullahyeah that one you mentioned. yes21:35
joacimprobably doesnt hurt to haev xorg-libx11 too tho21:35
Abdullahnot found ;)21:35
joacimxorg-libx11-32 is in compat-3221:36
joacimcompat-32 must be lsited in prt-get.conf for prt-get to find it21:37
joacimxorg-libx11 is just in your plain xorg repository21:37
Abdullahoh yeah I just did ports -u and didnt enable yet in prt-get.conf21:37
Abdullahis steam good or wine is better?21:39
joacimi think steam comes with some kind of implementation of wine + stuff these days21:41
joacimlots of games on there that arent true ports, or are just the plain windows approved to run through their wine stuff21:41
Abdullahokay. Thanks21:43
joacimbeen thinking for a while to reuse an old system as a htpc21:43
joacimgot a case for it. some distro + kodi and steam21:43
joacimmedia center pc21:43
joacimtv, movies, music etc =)21:44
AbdullahI have only this machine right now ;)21:44
joacimwill need a nice monitor for it tho. only have a crt tv for now21:44
axwho use brother DCP Multifunction ?21:44
Abdullahgiving me many errors21:45
axI'm trying to bring the compiled and run build driver for arch and slackware on the current crux21:45
Abdullah../src/dbinc/atomic.h:179:19: error: definition of 'int __atomic_compa21:46
Abdullahre_exchange(db_atomic_t*, atomic_value_t, atomic_value_t)' ambiguates21:46
Abdullahbuilt-in declaration 'bool __atomic_compare_exchange(unsigned int, vol21:46
Abdullahatile void*, void*, void*, int, int)'21:47
Abdullah static inline int __atomic_compare_exchange(21:47
pedjaAbdullah, use pastebin for things like that, don't flood the channel21:56
joacimalso room for more of the logs in a pastebin =)22:02
pedjabetter formatted, too, so they are actually useful :)22:09
pedjait's just annoying af noise here22:10
joacima line or two is fine tho22:12
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