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jaegerjoacim: steam and proton is pretty amazing these days00:28
jaegeralso steam in-home streaming works really well00:28
jaegerI use a couple different machines as HTPCs, one is a NUC with a weak GPU00:28
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alandiperthow would i go about changing the console font? i installed and booted from disk successfully for the first time, but can't figure that out05:05
alandipert(i vaguely remember from slackware days its a kernel parameter or something? i'm booting with lilo fwiw, if that's related)05:05
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alandipertnevermind - figured it out (vga=ASK in lilo.conf) via
joacimalandipert: you can also change it in /etc/rc.conf05:25
joacimhappens later in startup tho05:25
abenzping frinnst05:39
abenz[Child 7990, MediaPlayback #2] WARNING: 7f7514cb5390 OpenCubeb() failed to init cubeb: file /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/media/AudioStream.cpp, line 38205:39
abenz[Child 7990, MediaPlayback #2] WARNING: Decoder=7f7514d4fc00 [OnMediaSinkAudioError]: file /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/media/MediaDecoderStateMachine.cpp, line 365105:39
abenzon my laptop I installed firefox-bin05:39
abenzI no longer have audio, is the binary build working with alsa? or do I need pulseaudio?05:40
joacimyou need pa05:58
joacimor some layerthat supports pa05:58
joacimthere is firefox in contrib, that might work with alsa05:59
abenzjoacim: yup I'm reinstalling source based now..06:00
joacimthere is also apulse in opt, if you wat to use firefox-bin06:00
joacimand dont want to install pulseaudio for everything06:01
abenzthanks. I just reinstalled firefox06:05
abenzif it aint broke..06:05
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alandipertgot my wifi working! refreshing working with text files instead of annoying guis. tried 'startx' however and kb/trackpoint dont work, any pointers? nothing stands out to me in /var/log/Xorg*.log06:40
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alandiperthm, turns out it's just the trackpad and trackpoint that don't work - keyboard works. i copied in some xorg configs i found in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d to no avail06:59
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ryuoalandipert: 0x4e2322354, 0x4434343408:12
frinnstalandipert: missing drivers perhaps?08:29
frinnstxorg log might still be useful since we could see what's *not* there08:30
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alandipertfrinnst: yeah i thought maybe its missing drivers, but i saw xf86-*synaptic* was installed from xorg, and uiinput is built into kernel.. but its been a long time since i've troubleshot a problem like this. probably not since before xorg :-)13:37
alandipertmy xorg log is here: many thanks in advance for any suggestions13:37
ryuoalandipert: is your GPU even working? it seems to be using a generic fallback.13:41
ryuo /dev/dri/card013:41
jaegerno mention of touchpad/trackpad in there, you'd see something like 'Using input driver 'libinput' for device 'whatever'13:45
jaegerso probably missing driver support for it in the kernel13:45
ryuo"If windows update were honest... security updates would be called spyware updates."13:49
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jaegeralandipert: does it show up in the output of either 'xinput list' or 'libinput list-devices'?13:54
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jaegeror even 'cat /proc/bus/input/devices'13:58
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elgehello there.  I am trying to change /etc/inittab from rootfs.tar.xz in view to get the install prompt within a xen guest14:02
elgebut when copying the cdrom content to some another media location I mess up the /dev/ dir...14:02
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elgewould it be possible to include a terminal on hvc0?14:03
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jaegerelge: have you tried adding 'console=hvc0' to the boot command line?14:05
elgeyes that makes the kernel and partly ramdisk show up fine, but when the prompt should arrive14:05
elgethere is nothing14:05
elge#c1:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty --autologin root --noclear 38400 tty1 linux14:06
elgec1:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty --autologin root --noclear 115200,38400,9600 hvc0 linux14:06
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elgethis should fix it for my use-case, but as I said, I have a bas side effect14:06
elgemaybe there's a way to load the rootfs.tar.xz from a remote location?14:07
elgemaybe I could simply try rebuild the ISO, but I donno what cmd line is used14:08
jaegerAh, ok. I misunderstood what you meant. It's fine until the login prompt14:08
jaegerYou should be able to unpack and repack rootfs.tar.xz pretty easily if you do it as root. That way no /dev entries would get messed up14:10
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biscohello there, I'm trying to build linux 5.0.6 and I've the following error during "make all" step:14:14
biscold: fs/xfs/libxfs/xfs_ag.o: unable to initialize decompress status for section .debug_info14:14
biscobuilt-in.a: member fs/xfs/libxfs/xfs_ag.o in archive is not an object14:14
biscoany ideas?14:15
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elgecp: can't create '/newroot/dev/tty51': No such file or directory14:18
elgeI do tar cJp --numeric-owner -f rootfs.tar.xz lala/14:18
elgebut that fails14:18
elgehow to build a custom rootfs?14:19
jaegerbisco: haven't seen that myself but a google search indicates you might need a different version of binutils or elfutils, or you might need to disable CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO in the kernel14:21
biscojaeger: thank you14:22
jaegerelge: you can see the rootfs target in the Makefile here:;a=blob;f=Makefile;h=87f30ec4c99f550a6943dd7bc53692fcea403de0;hb=refs/heads/3.414:22
jaegerbisco: welcome14:22
jaegerMight be this one:
jaegerfixed in 2.32 apparently14:24
elgejaeger, ok I do not have a problem with rootfs.  I have a problem with packing my installmedia instead of cdrom/iso14:27
elgeI see in initramfs:14:27
elge        cp -af /dev/* /newroot/dev/14:27
elgeit copies devices from installmedia to newroot14:28
Abdullahelge: I think by default crux has no initramfs unless you decide it for your own14:28
elgeabdullah, yes I try to load it to get the setup menu14:28
biscojaeger: I've disabled the debug option for XFS file system and it works :)14:28
Abdullahelge: some encrypted installation you wanna achieve?14:29
jaegerAbdullah: the installation media does use an initramfs which is the one involved here14:29
jaegerbisco: great :)14:29
elgeabdullah, just xen/pv guest.  then maybe PXE for rescue system14:29
Abdullahjaeger: okay. I had to write it on my own. then you or frinnst suggested me dracut for encrypted install.14:29
alandipertjaeger: doesn't appear in /proc/bus/input/devices (or xinput --list)14:30
jaegerelge: It's been many years since I've used xen so I'm not very familiar with it anymore. Maybe someone else here uses it and will see this too14:30
jaegeralandipert: ok, definitely sounds like you need a kernel driver14:30
elgeI'm good with xen, just need to find out how to get a valid installmedia with proper /dev/14:31
alandipertjaeger: in the past its worked on ubuntu, is it practical/feasible to just use one of their built kernels?14:31
biscoand it boot up :P14:32
Anselmoyou'd usually need to use also the initramfs and such things for that alandipert, but its possible14:32
Anselmoelge, cant you just download the iso ?14:32
Anselmoor, like, is this with the compiled iso or with something you've built14:33
jaegeralandipert: sure, should be, if you want to go that way... but it might be a useful learning exercise to find and configure it too :)14:33
elgeoops there is no /dev/ on the install media14:33
elgeso it is copying from rootfs I guess14:34
elgeanselmo, the provided rootfs.tar.xz does NOT have a xen/pv compatible /etc/inittab14:34
alandipertjaeger it's true :-) what would the next step be?14:34
jaegeralandipert: figure out which hardware it is... synaptics, elantech, etc. - what laptop model do you have? Check if the touchpad shows up in 'lsusb' as well14:35
Anselmohrm. I was pretty sure I had used the provided iso to make xen pv machines . ..14:36
Anselmobut maybe different versions were different, or, its been a while14:37
jaegerelge: yeah, /dev comes from the rootfs and then gets populated by busybox's mdev14:42
jaegerelge: probably a simple way to test would be to uncompress rootfs.tar.xz (but NOT untar it) and then use tar to append a new etc/inittab, then recompress it14:45
jaegerThen you wouldn't need to build it from scratch14:46
pedjaBlender Spring short movie premiere
pedjain ~13min14:47
alandipertjaeger: pretty sure is synaptics. thinkpad t430s, didnt see in lsusb14:59
alandiperti think i'm ok with lifting the ubuntu kernel if you know how to do it.. i find the kernel the least offensive part of ubuntu :-)15:00
jaegerfair enough. Just copy the kernel image, the initrd, and the right modules folder from /lib/modules from your ubuntu system15:05
jaegerand configure your grub or lilo or whatever installation to use those15:06
jaegerIf you do go that route, after you boot it, check the output of those earlier commands to see what's different. That way you'll have some info if you decide to try again with a vanilla kernel in the future15:11
alandipertjaeger thanks15:13
jaegerSome browsing of thinkwiki points (heh) towards it being synaptics15:14
AbdullahI also have a thinkpad. if that helps, just ask me.15:46
alandipertthanks everyone, i got it! was the key15:51
alandiperti'll run crying back to ubuntu some other day15:51
jaegerGlad you got it sorted :)15:51
alandipertalso, wow, the gentoo and arch wikis are incredible sources of linux information15:51
jaegeryeah, they both contain a LOT of info15:52
Abdullahjaeger: you have solved the issue of hdmi sound?15:55
jaegerI didn't figure it out on that particular host with ALSA only... works fine with pulseaudio, though, so whatever15:56
jaegerI've got other systems with HDMI audio that don't show the same problem... something about the amdgpu driver, maybe15:56
Abdullahdo I know how? with pavucontrol I'm unable to redirect the sound.15:56
AbdullahI have intel one.15:57
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jaegerin pavucontrol you click the "set as fallback" button to pick the default device... or you can disable the one you don't want to use in the configuration tab15:59
AbdullahThanks I'll try16:01
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xveehi guys. im trying to compile mate, but poppler is failing to compile stating that it cant find i checked lib64 and the file is in there. any ideas?16:59
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alandipertAbdullah if i may ask, do you have suspend on lid close working? curious about your setup if so17:02
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xveea reinstall fixed it -__-17:13
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joacimxvee: i think thats one of those bothersome things that showed up recently17:33
joacimi keep forgetting what the fix was17:33
xveejoacim: i just reinstalled the package and it seemed to resolve the issue17:38
xveeat least i think so. gotta reboot to see if everything will run smoothly17:38
TimB_jesus, librsvg really depends on cargo and rust now?17:41
TimB_I thought that's a bad aprils fool joke?17:41
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TimB_ :[17:47
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xveeso, mate launches, but it takes a while for the desktop to come up and i cant launch anything. termina/firefox wont open17:50
xveevery strange17:50
joacimdid you forget a thing in fstab?17:50
joacimthink it is /dev/shm or something17:51
joacimand you start mate with start-mate?17:51
TimB_and maybe udev?17:51
xveedev shim is set and im launching via exec /usr/bin/start-mate17:52
xveelet me check udev17:53
TimB_ryuo: you are a programmer, what is your take on rust?17:57
TimB_I mean, for crux users building rust every other week could be a real pain even with a quiet decent setup17:57
TimB_I had it installed when I still had firefox as my backup browser but yuck..17:58
TimB_xvee: usually a /etc/rc.d/udev status should tell you if it's running - if not, mate depends on it so you should add that fairly early in your /etc/rc.conf17:59
xveewait. libgudev is installed, theres no udev in rc.d18:05
TimB_sorry, I was so wrong.18:05
xveehah. dbus if the first thing in my startup18:06
TimB_no freaking idea how I thought about udev really18:06
xveelet me rebuild dbus18:07
joacimmaybe it was the devpts stuff i was thinking about18:07
xveeyou may be right; however, both are set in my fstab18:08
joacimoh right18:08
TimB_so, how exactly are you starting "exec /usr/bin/start-mate"? startx and .xinitrc like recommended?18:08
joacimthought of those since you mentioned problems starting a terminal18:08
xvee.xinitrc then startx18:08
joacimand firefox18:08
TimB_ok, have you tried looking at what your agetty says?18:08
xveei dont think i've used agetty before18:11
TimB_you start startx from one18:11
TimB_if I'm not mistaken?18:11
TimB_so you can switch back to that prompt with ctrl-alt-f118:11
TimB_f7 for your xsession18:12
xveeit actually wont let me switch out18:12
TimB_ok. other programms work as expected?18:12
xveenope. nothing opens once mate is started18:12
TimB_have you tried another DE or WM?18:12
xveei have dwm on as well.  everything else works on that18:13
TimB_ok, funny :)18:13
TimB_have you checked revdep output?18:14
TimB_it's in prt-utils18:14
xveegive me a sec, ill run it18:16
xveeit outputs gdk-pixbuf18:17
TimB_wait for it to finish18:17
TimB_then run a prt-get update -fr whateverittoldyou18:17
xveeit did finish18:17
xveebut ill give it a shot18:17
TimB_revdep checks for broken links and displays you which packages are affected18:18
xveeyup, thats the only one that came up18:18
TimB_with -vvv gdk-pixbuf it would tell you exactly which file is affected btw18:18
xveelets see if rebuilding it solved the issue18:19
TimB_I hope so because I am running out of ideas :P18:19
TimB_joacim actually had a good idea with shm, haven't thought about that one18:20
joacimbut he says is it enabled tho18:20
xveejoacim: it was enabled when i setup crux18:20
xveeat least, by enabled i mean its not commented out18:21
TimB_yeah.. not sure what else would force that behaviour in mate18:21
TimB_xvee: that usually does it ^^18:21
TimB_have you checked if it still is though?18:21
joacimthere is a thing t hat comes uncommented18:21
joacimcommented i mean18:21
joacimthat is required to be uncommented for xterm and normal behavior in firefox to work18:22
joacimforget which option it is18:22
joacimbut it sounds like you have more or less the same stuff as me uncommented18:22
xveeim not crazy, right18:23
TimB_doesn't look like it no18:24
alandiperthm, when i quit out of i3  (i start it with `exec i3` in my ~/.xinitrc) i get a black screen and can't switch between virtual consoles. is there a way to get out of this state without hard reboot?18:27
alandipertctrl-alt-backspace also doesn't appear to work18:27
TimB_alandipert: no idea, sry18:28
joacimctrl+alt+backspace is disabled in current xorg i tyhink18:28
joacimhave to enable it yourself18:28
joacimnot an answer to your problem, but it is the only one i have =)18:29
xveegonna try rebuilding the kernel. think something for udev may be missing. if this doesn't work, i got nuffin'18:34
xveenope. still wont budge18:40
TimB_sry then :^ no idea18:41
jaegerI wonder if you have an xorg or video driver issue18:43
jaegerAnything interesting in the xorg log when you start x?18:43
TimB_jaeger: but dwm works for him, is mate different in that regard?18:44
jaegerhrmm, probably not18:44
jaegerOh, I was mixing the black screen issue and the slowdown issue18:44
jaegerread the backlog too quickly18:44
jaegerI remember this coming up before, I recorded a tiny video showing that mate started pretty much instantly for me18:45
TimB_I can't even tell, it's so long ago I started a mate-session but I don't don't remember it taking long...18:48
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xveethe session starts quickly, but the menu's take a while to come up19:02
xveeand when they do, nothing opens19:02
xveeone last hail mary attempt. gonna do a sysup19:06
xveenot sure what that'll do, but its something19:06
xveeunrelated -- does anyone use any liquid metal for their cooling?19:11
john_cephalopodaxvee: They planned that for some nuclear power plants, maybe even got it in some.19:13
john_cephalopodaWorks pretty well but having a liquid natrium leak is kinda inconvenient when you got water around.19:13
xveethey have liquid metal cooling paste now19:13
joacimi wouldnt let anything like that anywhere near my stuff =)19:14
joacimnot the conductivity that i care about19:14
joacimbut how it turns aluminium bits and solder very brittle19:15
xveei think its not recommended on aluminum parts. primarily for copper, i believe but it depends on the the type of paste19:17
xveeor was it nickle...i cant remember anymore19:17
jaegerI don't use it, seems like overkill unless you're competing19:18
john_cephalopodaxvee: What "liquid metal" is that? The only metal I know that is liquid at room temperature is mercury, and that stuff is unpleasant.19:18
john_cephalopodaIf they sell "liquid metal", it's probably some gel containing metal particles.19:18
xveei think they use galium and indium19:18
jaegerIt's usually made from gallium, I think19:18
jaegerah, there you go19:18
john_cephalopodaThere's Gallium, which needs 40 or 50 degrees C, could work, too.19:18
alandipertACTION recompiled with i915 module for my intel graphics and now i can get out of i3 no problem B-)19:22
alandipertkind of addictive, getting things running19:23
xveeim wondering if my user group is a pontential issue. wheel,audio,video,and users groups. dont think i missed anything19:23
xveeso, the only thing that opens is system monitor19:28
joacimthe gallium they use is probably an alloy with a lower melting point19:44
joacimthat or the pressure of someone fiddling with it is enough to make it melt19:44
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