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Romsterjohn_cephalopoda, i already pushed qt5 to 5.12.1 for crux 3.5 /ages/ ago.00:28
Romsterelge, make modules_install in kernel source00:29
Romsterbefore depmod -a00:29
Romsterelge> ok I had to add `hvc0` to `/etc/securetty`.  We're good! <- okay xen not sure what that even is00:30
Romsterpedja> and, if you rather not build rust, there is a firefox-bin port <- is also a rust-bin port too :D00:32
Romsteralandipert force install libglvnd then update mesa3d, files in older mesa3d were removed for libglvnd.00:33
Romstermake sure you also have python{,3}-mako as well as libglvnd00:33
Romsterprt-get deptree mesa3d00:34
Romsteror pkgrm mesa3d then install libglvnd then rebuid and install mesa3d00:34
ax:) hi Romster00:35
Romsterhi i've been pretty idle the last week or so00:35
axi see :) good return00:36
Romsterwell i idle in here all the time just been busy with work and stuff. and needed some time to myself.00:37
Romsterlooks like i got some stuff i need to work on in ports. as always :)00:37
axgh , doing the same thing00:38
axtomorrow I build the repo00:39
Romsternice, my personal collection is rather stale. but i got a ton in opt/compat-32/contrib00:39
axand I put a hand in portspage modification00:40
Romsteri got pcmanfm in contrib, mozjs isee is in mate now. i think i got xarchiver00:40
Romsterbut some just like to keep there own copy but if it's for some speffic configuration change i might be able to merge the change in.00:41
Romsterbtw where did you pop up from not seen your nick in here until now :)00:42
Romsterare you new or returning?00:42
Romsteror i just been to busy to even notice.00:43
axehehe I'm many years old elsewhere ... but I've never come here for various reasons ...00:43
axit's never too late, but now you sleep, happy to meet you, good night :)00:44
ax**but now I sleep sorry...00:45
axtranslation error, night00:45
Romstergood night ax00:46
Romsterso australia has ended day light savings time. so the states that have it (including mine) are now back to +10GMT wound back 1 hour.00:47
frinnstyou lucky fuckers00:49
frinnstwe are still stuck with this insane idea here in sweden00:49
Romsteruntil it starts next year of course00:50
Romstermeans i have to get up an hour earlier again for work....00:50
][_R_][Gotta love how it just increases the number of traffic accidents00:50
frinnstoh I thought you meant that au had stopped this insane practice00:50
][_R_][No-one actually benefits from it00:50
Romsterwatch as more people crash there cars or have other accidents because of zombie mode.00:50
frinnstand heart attacks are increased too00:51
Romsterexactly ][_R_][00:51
Romsterports -u00:51
frinnstsee, DST's fault!00:51
frinnstyou wound back the clock 1hr? so are you back to your "natural" time now or what?00:52
frinnstwe wound the clock forward one hour last week here in the northern hemisphere. so here in sweden we are one our in front of our natural clock00:53
Romsteryes we are back to the natural time again00:53
frinnst"saving" daylight during summer is just so stupid. in a few months we will have daylight like 24/7 anyways00:53
Romsterusa started there dst 3 weeks before ours ends. uk seems to start theres i think a 1 or 2 weeks before usa00:54
Romsternot aware of sweden00:55
frinnstnext year the EU has made DST a choice for each country. so we could have fun situations where countries in the same timezone have different clocks anyways00:55
Romsteroh god...00:55
frinnstEU changed the clocks last weekend00:55
Romsterso some will not inforce it00:55
frinnstyeah. chaos. will be fun00:56
Romsterit's a major clusterfuck00:56
Romsterhow will databases go on computers if they don't rely on just the system time? don't some use timestamps from other locations as well. though i guess they already factor in leap seconds and years and dst00:57
][_R_][Store time as UTC01:04
][_R_][Then convert from that01:05
dlcusatilman, yes, same mistake twice.01:07
dlcusaTime is too important to be controlled by professional politicians, you would think.  But then you wonder about other important things and start to think professional politicians might be the problem......01:11
Romstergood idea ][_R_][01:14
ryuoRomster: that's what computer systems already do, usually.01:15
Romsterthey wont abolish dst because it is now only useful for people to spend more money01:15
Romsterit used to be for saving candles, then later on fuel for generators and the world war shortage of stuff.01:15
Romsterthen they do it for office workers to have more daylight01:15
Romsteris there excuse, because the saving power thing is false today.01:16
Romsterfrinnst, did you bork harfbuzz or am i getting a bad file?01:43
Romster2019-04-07 11:26:55 (74.4 KB/s) - '/usr/ports/opt/harfbuzz/harfbuzz-2.4.0.tar.bz2.partial' saved [17919355/17919355]01:43
Romster=======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found:01:43
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/harfbuzz/harfbuzz#2.4.0-2.pkg.tar.xz' failed.01:43
Romsterb470eff9dd5b596edf078596b46a1f83c179449f051a469430afc15869db336f  /usr/ports/opt/harfbuzz/harfbuzz-2.4.0.tar.bz201:44
Romsterdoesn't even match the one in opt/harfbuzz/.signature01:45
RomsterResolving, 2610:10:20:722:a800:ff:feda:470f01:45
RomsterConnecting to||:80... connected.01:45
RomsterHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found01:45
RomsterLocation: [following]01:45
Romsternot using a mirror01:45
frinnstno i've updated harfbuzz on a bunch of machines without issue. also not had any complaints here on irc01:46
frinnsti pushed on the 31/3, the timestamp on the siteindex suggests 06/401:48
Romstersilent tarball change?01:49
Romsteri downloaded it again on another host and same missmatch01:49
frinnstlooks like01:49
frinnstI'm off to bed, almost 4am here01:49
frinnsti'll deal with that tomorrow01:50
alandipertRomster thank you, i figured it all out02:18
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Romsterusually it's me with no sound because i forgot to install the modules, fortunately can be done and depmod -a and modprobe to not have to reboot again08:15
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Romstercruxbot must be broken again i pushed commits to opt and compat-3208:32
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xveeis it possible to rebuild the mate package all over again? update -fr just does a simple reinstall15:24
xveeive tried everything else to get mate working. i wanna try rebuilding it. if that doesn't work, im abandoning ship lol15:24
pedja'update -fr' should force the rebuild, afaik15:25
joacim-fr    Force rebuild, Implies 'pkgmk -f'; same as --margs=-f15:25
joacimother window managers / desktops works?15:26
xveei've done an update -fr, but it doesn't rebuild it, just does a simple reinstall15:26
xveejoacim: yep. dwm works just ifne15:26
xveegonna give it a reboot. hope it works15:36
john_cephalopodaxvee: The "mate" package is a meta-package. It doesn't actually build anything.15:39
TimB_you can do prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep mate`15:40
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TimB_john_cephalopoda: either that or cd /usr/ports/mate && prt-get update -fr * ;)15:46
TimB_I like the quickdep method because well all the other stuff in core/opt/contrib15:47
TimB_xvee: < TimB_> you can do prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep mate` or < john_cephalopoda> Alternatively
xveegoing to try and rebuild mate. im at a loss as to what else it could be15:48
john_cephalopodaYou could also run "revdep" to see if any dependencies in mate are broken.15:58
xveeif i recall correctly, we checked revdep. everything seemed to be in order15:59
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xveealright, time to reboot. lets hope it works16:18
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xveeif anyone else has any ideas, please let me know16:23
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xveei sort of figured it out16:31
xvee /usr/bin is owned only by root. cant launch anything from there16:31
xveewait nvm. its suppose to be16:34
xveeimim pretty sure the issue is with the permissions. for some reason, mate thinks i dont own my /home directory even though i've changed ownership of that folder to my main user16:44
Anselmouhm, if you actually want to force a rebuild, you can always remove the tarball package in /usr/ports16:52
Anselmothough fr should work . .16:52
xveei rebuilt the package. it still wont let me launch anything16:53
Anselmothe mate package itself is basically a dummy16:53
Anselmothat has a bunch of dependancies,those deps are the ones that really mater16:53
Anselmobuuuut, as far as debugging mate I dont know that much, are you sure that you do own your home ?16:54
Anselmolike, if you run16:54
Anselmols -l16:54
Anselmoit should have  your username as the owner, not root or someone else16:54
xveei just changed the ownership of the home folder16:55
xveehad to do it manually but still cant launch any programs16:55
xveecurrently trying to rebuild xorg-server16:56
Anselmocan you launch even just an xterm or something ? see if you can manually launch programs and get their error messages ?16:56
xveei cant launch xterm. i've tried16:56
Anselmoah, blah.16:56
xveeon an unrelated note, any backgammon fans here?17:18
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joacima hdmi one would be neat, but i already have this cheap hdmi switch that does a very good job with my consoles18:37
joacimmy hdmi switch is also hdmi powered, so i dont have to use another power brick18:38
pedjajoacim, I thought you already ordered one of the new ones :)18:39
joacimnah very happy with my dp switch =()18:39
joacimworks great. only thing that bothered me at first was that double tapping ctrl placed the switch in channel switch mode18:40
joacimthat feature could be disabled, so it only works with scrlk instead18:40
pedjanever used one of those (kvm switch)18:40
joacimi never really had a use for it18:45
joacimuntil my macbook died and i moved to a mac mini18:45
joacimnow im tempted to kill off the windows system completely18:46
joacimso the need for one then would also go away18:46
frinnst wonder what's wrong with it19:24
frinnstsurely cant be worse than mikrotik?19:25
pedjawhat's the issue? too cheap?19:26
frinnst$300 for a 24port sfp+ L3 switch?19:27
frinnsttry ~$10.00019:27
frinnstwtf, only ships to australia, canada and us?19:29
pedjaah, so that's what 'worldwide' means :)19:30
pedjaquick skim around r/networking suggests that quanta software kind of sucks19:32
frinnstyeah I've looked through that thread a bit19:35
frinnstI dont care if it gives me cancer for that price19:35
frinnstlooks like they will need to quote shipping costs19:36
pedjait's shipping from US?19:37
frinnstI suppose19:37
frinnsti guess i will hear back soon'ish19:37
pedjahellboy reboot movie, I presume?19:38
pedjaah, didn't recognise the acronym19:39
frinnstiasip is life19:40
pedjaI've watched Joe Wilkinson in Stand up to cancer bake off special. had no idea he is that tall irl :)19:41
pedjaI guess I never payed attention in 8o10cdc19:42
pedjapeople are going nuts over GoT final season19:45
pedjaeveryone has a theory how it will end, it seems19:46
AnselmoI think it will end when the enterprise shows up and helps resolve all the conflictsin a relatively peaceful manner19:48
pedjaThe Enterprise vs the dragons. now, that I would watch19:50
pedjatits and violence, how original. Rome done it what, 15 years ago?19:51
Anselmooh that tv show,19:51
Anselmoalmost forgot that existed19:51
pedjawhat, Rome?19:53
Anselmoyeah. I think I saw like, two episodes of it19:53
Anselmowhich is about how much I watch most modern tv shows c_c19:53
pedjafirst season is brilliant. second, not so much19:54
AnselmoI somewhat younger then, and my parents didnt want me watching such stuff, so I never much did19:55
pedjaDoom Patrol >> The Umbrella Academy19:59
axsorry but i have strange problem with httpup repgen ...20:23
ax Edit: ax/.httpup-repogen-ignore20:23
axFailed to download The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found20:23
axin the repo i have add my .httpup-repgen-ignore ... ports work ... i see wiki first, why this ?20:24
axACTION good evening20:25
joacimpedja: everyone dies to the hand of someone nobody has ever seen before20:43
TimB_the comet cometh20:43
pedjait was all a dream :)20:46
TimB_of the three eyed raven?20:47
pedjaof the drunk, raving mad, lunatic living in the cave somewhere over the Wall20:51
pedjaor something :)20:51
pedjastopped watching GoT after S2, I think, couldn't be bothered anymore20:52
joacimboromir wakes up21:12
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obarunhi, what's the init system used on Crux?23:37
Anselmoat least, by default23:40
obarunat least? you have some other choice?23:40
Anselmoehh, you can do many things if you try23:42
Anselmobut none that I see that are in the official ports, except for that23:43
obarunok, thanks for your answer, personally i use s623:43
Anselmoon obarun, I assume ? ;323:46
obaruni created a convenient tools to implement easily s6 and s6-rc on every linux system ->
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Anselmohmm, interesting23:52

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