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frinnstno, the unifi controller portal thingy runs on mongodb12:05
frinnstnot the actual hardware12:05
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frinnstwe run one for ~20 customer wifi sites. Makes admin a breeze. they call home and we can push configrations out etc12:06
pedjaiirc, my bank is using one of those cisco meraki ap's for customer wifi12:14
pedja(I was bored one day while I was waiting, so I might of scanned their network)12:15
pedjawell, passive monitoring might be a better way to put it12:17
pedjameraki doesn't have an option for local controller hosting? now, that's just silly, if true12:20
abenzfrinnst: do you use FOSS software at those customer installations? pfsense, openwrt..etc12:20
abenzbesides linux servers that is12:20
pedjait's been a while since I spun up my pfsense vm12:22
pedjacomparing opnsense to it it's on my TODO list12:22
abenzpedja: I tend to go with opnsense12:23
pedjaabenz, it's based on freebsd-12 now, or still 11.x?12:23
abenzif I wanted a *sense box, generally tend to stick with linux though so openwrt12:24
abenz11.2 afaik12:24
pedjathere is vyos too, if you want something more complicated :)12:25
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pedjajue, './base/std.h:25:10: fatal error: arch.h: No such file or directory' error with ghostscript-9.27. any ideas :)?12:27
pedja9.26 builds fine12:27
juepedja: nope, builds fine here on two different machines, with 3.4 and 3.513:44
juehave you tried building it with -j1?13:44
juearch.h is a generated header file, so ...13:46
jaegerI use a unifi switch and APs at home. The web UI can be a bit silly at times but it's by far NOT the worst I've seen and it does work very well13:47
jaegerI like that you don't need to run the controller software 24/7. I just fire it up in a docker container when I need to make changes13:52
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pedjajue, it builds with -j1, which is weird since 9.26 builds fine without that.oh, well :)14:25
jaegerI'm having similar race issues with fmt and kodi 18... always annoying14:25
pedjawell, with 2 cores it's not much of a race :)14:29
pedjabut agreed, it is annoying, particularly when it looks like its random.14:31
jaegerI was building it on 32 and it failed 100% of the time :/14:42
jaegerAnd it's actually pretty goddamn hard to make cmake NOT use all your threads, it seems14:43
pedjajaeger, this doesn't work?
pedjathere is a env variable too, CMAKE_BUILD_PARALLEL_LEVEL14:48
jaegeryeah, it completely ignored --parallel and -j options. Haven't tried the env var14:48
jaegerWith that said, making fmt an external dep seems to fix it, so I'd rather do that than limit the build to 1 thread. It's a long build14:49
alandipertseeing this when i run a particular X program: "libGL error: failed to open drm device: Permission denied", it works when i run as root. look familiar to anyone?15:27
alandipertnevermind - looks like i just need to add myself to the video group15:29
jaegeris your user in the 'video' group?15:29
jaegeryeah :)15:29
abenzjaeger: iirc, after you setup the APs with the controller you need to keep that instance right?15:38
abenzas in if you wipe that docker container and spin up a new one, you need to reset the APs to reassociate them with the new controller instance?15:39
jaegerYes. It just doesn't need to run all the time15:40
abenzI see15:55
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jaegerquality stuff18:38
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john_cephalopodaExtenal HDD?19:02
ryuothe fuck? bolts?19:26
ryuowhat're those for? to add weight?19:26
jaegerlooks like19:42
joacimits a utility drive19:42
jaegernot like the flash would weigh anything19:42
joacimin casey ou need some bolts19:42
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