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ryuoBo-bo: welcome.03:23
ryuoi see new people here from time to time, mostly coming to learn Linux I suppose.03:25
Bo-bohmm cool. If I actually decide to learn a language in a few weeks. Which do you think I should learn?03:26
ryuoit's a pretty radical departure from mainstream distributions...03:26
Bo-boxD, wdym?03:27
Anselmodo you know any languages presently ?03:27
abenzstart with shell scripting03:27
Anselmodo you know what you want to do with it ?03:27
abenzallows you to do many things in your own system03:27
ryuolmao. of course you guys would say that. he's currently on windows.03:27
ryuohe came looking for some kind of advice on a tech career.03:28
Anselmotheres a windows shell03:28
ryuoin #lpmc03:28
Anselmobut, crux doesnt seem thaaaat different03:28
Anselmooh ha03:28
abenzyou are right. its not that different03:28
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ryuoBo-bo: basically, CRUX does very little for you. mainstream distributions have far more complicated systems. CRUX is more simplistic.03:29
ryuoBo-bo: i'm a Linux user, as are most here.03:35
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abenzryuo: you scared him off!04:13
ryuoabenz: nah. they had to go.04:14
Anselmopeople are interesting04:24
ryuo... seriously? a website that crushes their HTML markup?04:54
ryuoIt's all.. on one line.04:55
abenzI dont get it04:56
abenzview source: single line? thats some sort of statement?04:57
ryuohow often do you see that?04:57
ryuoit's usually formatted to some degree.04:57
abenzintentional to discourage code theft perhaps?04:57
ryuoi doubt it. it's trivial to do that.04:57
abenzbut some tools have a "tidy up"04:58
ryuoit's probably a minifier.04:58
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ryuotools web people use to reduce text files to their minimum form that's still valid.04:58
AnselmoIve definitly seen websites all on one line before04:59
Anselmoor otherwise hellishly formatted x-x04:59
ryuothat's probably a side effect of PHP. it doesn't keep formatting very well.05:07
ryuoto date it seems like only mustache templates are effective at that.05:07
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Anselmohrm. will have to try and pay more careful attention05:23
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frinnstit's fucking snowing11:09
pedjasee, no global warming :)11:31
Abdullahfrinnst: oh still snowing? where? We have got almost wheat crop ready12:26
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john_cephalopodafrinnst: You live on the south pole? ;รพ13:02
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frinnstsouthern sweden13:59
frinnstthere was maybe 15C two weeks ago13:59
frinnsttoday its snowing13:59
frinnstalready put the summer tyres on the car also. damnit13:59
frinnstmind you, its not much at all and it doesnt remain on the ground. but still depressing14:00
Anselmohehe, where I grew up I recall several times having snow in second half of may :314:34
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onoderaboth my hwclock and data are out of sync. wjhat is the way to get them right?16:34
Anselmocant you use ntp and then use like16:35
Anselmohwclock -systohc ?16:35
onoderaalright thanks16:36
AnselmoI think it might be two dashes for the hwclock actually,16:36
onoderahmm i thought ntp was a core packge for some reason16:36
onoderayeah it's two dashed16:36
onoderahmm opt/msntp, opt/openntpd or contrib/ntp16:37
onoderaoh there is also chrony16:38
onoderamany choices16:38
joacimcan justu se rdate to16:38
joacimopenrdate is already in core, and probably installed on your system16:39
joacimand you can also uncomment a line in /etc/cron/daily/rdate16:39
onoderaah thats nice16:39
onoderathanks for the help16:41
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Abdullahis there some 'front hand' and back hand terms in privacy?17:48
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deep42thoughtHi, I have a nearly-headless machine running crux which currently exhibits occassional freezes (I have scheduled some hdd scrubbing, currently). Unfortunately, the screen turns blank some time before it freezes and the machine does not respond to anything (num led does not toggle, it's not pingable, etc.), so I'm unable to turn on the screen again. How can I make the monitor output stay on even after long time (the monitor is usually18:13
deep42thoughtd off anyways - thus "nearly headless")18:13
joacimsetterm -blank 0 -powerdown 018:18
joacimi think this disables that. so you can see what was on your screen when it locked up18:18
joacimnothing useful in logs?18:18
deep42thoughtlogs look non-fatal18:30
deep42thoughtis it effective to run that setterm command over ssh?18:31
jaegerdeep42thought: no, because it would try to apply to your ssh session, not the local vt18:56
deep42thoughthmm, I was hoping to see some dmesg output or kernel panic or whatever on tty118:56
jaegertry adding "consoleblank=0" to your kernel command line18:57
jaegersee Documentation/admin-guide/kernel-parameters.txt in the kernel source tree18:57
deep42thoughtthis option defaults to 0 :-/18:59
jaegerAh. not sure, then18:59
jaeger$ cat /sys/module/kernel/parameters/consoleblank19:00
jaegermaybe something else sets it19:00
deep42thoughthere, too19:01
deep42thought/etc/rc:/usr/bin/setterm -blank 1519:02
deep42thought^looks suspiciously like 900 seconds :-D19:02
jaegerWas just about to suggest adding something to rc.local19:03
deep42thoughtoh, where are my manners: Thanks for the help!19:20
jaegerno problem19:23
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