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alancioI noticed that running ncurses apps in screen produces garbled text sometimes09:33
alanciofor example, mutt or finch09:33
alancioam I the only one?09:33
axsorry i use tmux09:33
alancioI tried tmux, it has it's own set of problems09:34
alanciofor example, the clear screen ansi sequence doesn't clear the whole screen09:34
axi no have problem with it ....09:34
alanciowhat app are you using with it?09:35
alanciomaybe it's only finch09:35
axweechat-curses, neomutt, vim, moc, ranger09:35
alancioneomutt? first time I hear of it09:36
axi'm I have not yet refreshed db ports, but later you will find it in repo .. although I don't think it depends on the port rather than your configuration file09:37
alancioI couldn't parse that sentence09:38
axI don't think the problem is in ncurses but I think it depends on your screen configuration , I don't have the problems you described on tmux09:40
alancioah I see! I also tried removing my config file, so using the defaults also triggers it09:41
Romstervte based terminal?09:41
alancionope, but I don't think it's realted to the terminal emulator, since it doesn't happen without screen09:44
alanciobut I'll try with xterm anyway09:46
alanciohappens with xterm too, but I just realized mutt is ok, it's just finch09:48
alancioso I'll file a bug report upstream09:49
Romsterchange the width of the terminal by a few pixels.09:49
Romsteri've seen some strange behaviour on some widths09:49
biscoor, maybe, you have to change your TERM environment variable10:18
dbrookeI sometimes see similar when there is a UTF-8 character which is not available in the font10:23
TimB_alancio: maybe you need to set your TERM variable right for screen?10:25
alancioI've tried setting it to vt100 and to screen10:25
TimB_try xterm10:25
alancioin fact, screen itself sets it10:25
biscoalancio: try screen-256color10:25
TimB_or that ^10:25
biscoand double-check that you've not a configuration that ovverides this value10:26
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Abdullahalancio: which terminal emulator?11:06
alancioI tried with xterm and konsole11:07
frinnstno problems here that i've noticed11:14
alanciommm strange11:19
alancioyou tried finch?11:19
AbdullahI use urxvt and have no problems11:50
AbdullahI don't know what finch is and I can't find in official ports too ;)11:50
Abdullahsend the Pkgfile using some pastebin accessible through curl and I'll try it if it doesn't have alot of depends11:51
alanciohttpup sync finch12:02
alanciommm it does have some dependencies, they are all in my repository12:02
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abenzare there any simple tools to adjust screen brightness ..etc13:19
abenzor something other than xrandr13:20
abenzdsearch doesn't yeild anything relevant13:20
abenzor xrandr?13:21
abenzxrandr --output eDP --brightness 0.5 (or 0.2) doesnt seem to change it, it flashes but same brightness remains..13:22
Anselmothis is a laptop ?13:22
alancioassuming your kernel supports it, look in /sys/devices for something looking like "brightness"13:23
Anselmoif you're fine with editing files, usually there's something like /sys/class/backlight/[...]/brightness13:23
Anselmowith a number in it that you can change13:23
abenzthat was the first thing i tried actually13:24
abenzI get permission denied13:25
abenzohh wait13:25
abenzsudo fails, but sudo -s followed by an echo of same value suceeds13:26
abenzcheers guys13:26
Anselmowoo :313:26
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john_cephalopodaabenz: I am using xbacklight.16:14
john_cephalopodaIt is part of xorg-xbacklight.16:14
abenzjohn_cephalopoda: I installed it but it complained about not finding something16:14
john_cephalopodaxbacklight -set <percentage here>16:14
john_cephalopodaAh, Ok.16:15
john_cephalopodaIt mostly works for laptops.16:15
abenz$ xbacklight -set 8016:15
abenzNo outputs have backlight property16:15
john_cephalopodaMmh, yeah.16:15
john_cephalopodaDoesn't work with every monitor.16:15
john_cephalopodaSays the same thing with my desktop, works on my laptop though.16:16
abenzecho to brightness works so I'm good16:16
abenzI dont adjust it that often16:16
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jaegerIf you want to use sudo, try echo "whatever" | sudo tee -a /sys/devices/blah/blah/blah17:45
jaegerthat should work where redirects won't17:45
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