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abenzjaeger: thanks for the tip08:38
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pedjawell, the new 'The Twilight Zone' is 1 for 3 for now. of 3 episodes so far, only one was Twilight Zone-ish14:34
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pedjaACTION has left button double-click issues with the mouse again14:47
pedjasome tobacco must've stuck beneath it since the last cleanup14:49
frinnstACTION is abusing tobacco-free nicotine these days15:37
frinnstclear saliva is a nice change15:37
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pedjanicotine patches or one of those fancy electronic vaping thingies?16:24
pedjamost of my friends either switched to that or stopped smoking altogether.16:26
pedjadouble heart attack does that to a person16:27
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TimB_pedja: switched to an electronic cigarette ~1 1/2 years ago after not smoking for a week and going berserk - never going back, if anything, I'll quit all together but I was able to minimize "the urge" a lot17:08
TimB_patches actually don't work because the skin doesn't absorb nicotine over the skin as they advertised ;) I hope Dr. Prof. Bernd Mayer has something published in English17:09
TimB_ <- here it's mentioned at least17:19
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Anselmosome friends of mine use mints alot19:42
joacimpeople around these parts often switch to snus when they stop smoking20:21
joacimseen some people vape too20:21
john_cephalopodaSnus isn't widespread here afaik, but I've seen plenty of people vaping.20:28
TimB_snus is only sold in sweden (for europeans at least)20:32
TimB_it's effectively illegal to be sold in germany and other eu countries20:33
joacimsold in norway too20:33
TimB_it is?20:33
joacimi assume most nordics allow it. only exception that ive heard of is iceland20:33
joacimdont know about finland and denmark20:34
TimB_mmh. it's true for germany at least.20:34
joacimi rather see a decent snus lip than smokes everywhere20:35
joacimsnus only really gets annoying when kids stick it on stuff in public20:36
joacimor when coworkers drop theirs in the paper trash20:36
TimB_I worked for a swedish company in the past and we had this one guy use snus all the time. his teeth though...20:36
TimB_not sure if it was the snus or something else.. not sure coffee alone could do that20:37
pedjawth is snus :)?20:42
joacimtobacco. you bake it into a lump the size of the last joint of your pinky20:44
joacimand stick it up under your lip =)20:44
joacimthe larger the lump the smarter you look and more respect you gain from your peers20:44
pedjaso like chewing tobacco?20:44
pedjajoacim, not a smoker, I presume :)?20:47
joacimmaybe. dont know much about chewing20:48
joacimyou're not supposed to chew on snus tho20:48
joacimi never smoked. tried it a few times, never cared for it20:48
joacimwanted to try the aroma stuff for a bit, but never cared enough to try =)20:49
john_cephalopodaSmoking isn't really worth the cancer.21:14
joacimidk. cancer seems like fun21:15
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pedjafew of the people I knew died from it. few of the people I still know successfully fought it :)22:05
pedjamy ex-coworker killed himself when he was diagnosed with it.22:07
pedjasorry, that's too dark topic for the channel22:07
joacimmy friend lost his mother to it22:09
joacimdont know what kind of cancer it was tho22:09
joacimmine survived it22:09
joacimthat was 20 years ago i think22:09
pedjait's scary af22:11
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