IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2019-04-14

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frinnstpedja: tobacco free snus02:43
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frinnstfuck cancer02:44
frinnstmy dad are in the later stages of multiple myeloma at the moment02:45
frinnstfun fun fun02:45
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Abdullahmy relative had teeth cancer. fought with it and is okay now04:36
Abdullahbeen years and he never got it again. but now has only two teeth in his mouth.04:36
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joacimpedja: gzdoom supports vulkan now =)10:27
pedjaI've seen that mentioned somewhere :)10:40
joacimofc the fedora build is bugged with missing library dependencies10:42
joacimwill update the crux port soon enough =)10:42
joacimis updated =)11:03
joacimshould build with vulkan enabled with vulkan-tools installed11:04
Romsterhaxored xorg and fixed all the 302 moved permanently urls11:04
joacimvery nice =)11:04
Romsterlooking at compat-32 only a few, opt has a fuckton.11:04
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