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pedjabuilding boost a couple of times in the row because the latest one broke the fuckton of things and I don't have the previous version as a backup is...fun16:54
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frinnstbtrfs ftw17:33
pedjacpu with more then 2 cores ftw :)17:34
jaegerEven old used hardware can be found online with more than 2 cores these days :) Maybe it's time to upgrade a little17:41
pedjabelieve me, if I could, I would, a long time ago :)17:43
jaegerdoh, fair enough17:46
jaegernothing on an ebay or similar site where you are?17:48
pedjathere are a couple of ebay-like local sites, but haven't looked that much, tbh.17:49
pedjait's a 'pay the bills, buy the hw eventually' situation still :)17:52
jaegerYeah, bills should come first. :)17:53
pedjaI just *love* circular dependencies.18:03
pedjalib was broken by boost update, but it links to another library, which in theory depends on it, if it finds it, and that library is also broken because of the boost update.18:05
pedjaso remove that one, build the first one, then the 2nd, then rebuild the first one dance18:07
][_R_][Fun fun fun!18:09
pedjaI have yet to deal with libjpeg-turbo breakage. that will be fun :)18:09
pedjaI figured, boost will break stuff anyway, what's a few more18:12
dlcusalibgpg-error is failing to build as a dep of gnupg after an install from the updated 3.4 ISO (
dlcusaI forked the port to try 1.36 and got the same problem.20:43
dlcusatek_, have you seen this before?20:49
jaegerer... It's due to the gawk update20:50
jaegera patch can be found here:
jaegeruntil tek_ updates it20:51
dlcusaThanks, jaeger.20:54
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dlcusaIt's been hard to stay current on the discussions.20:57
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