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frinnstgod damn why isnt ipv6 at 100% yet? I love being able to turn off ssh on ipv4. makes the logs sooo much nicer08:24
Romstermy isp hasn't even given me a ipv6 address08:49
frinnstneither has mine09:10
frinnstthank god for tunnelbroker.net09:10
frinnstbandwidth & latency is ok for me09:10
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john_cephalopodafrinnst: I put ssh on a non-22 port and the logs are suddenly very empty.12:27
Romster22 gets hammered to much12:28
john_cephalopodaMy ISP uses DSLite (Dual Stack Lite, some weird fake thing so it looks to you like you got IPv6 and IPv4) but one call was enough, they unlocked actual Dual-Stack.12:28
john_cephalopodaDynDNS is broken with DSLite and I'm running a server at home.12:29
frinnstdslite = cgnat + full ipv6 iirc12:31
frinnstyeah hosting a server over cgnat sounds close to impossible12:32
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pedjainteresting read from the attacker perspective(
pedjajenkins 0day, ssh agent-forwarding abuse I guess14:16
pedjacool of folks to keep it around, since the account posting it got nuked by Github14:19
frinnstpassbolt looks cool. not sure I've looked at that before15:31
tilmanthe "signing keys in production" thing gave me pause15:33
][_R_][I saw a talk about how to do that a more securely15:39
][_R_][(But that was because they signed the key multiple times from multiple different systems)15:40
tilmanmaybe i'm parsing that the wrong way15:41
tilmani interpret "signing key" as a key used to sign things15:41
tilmannot as "creating a signature for a key" ;)15:41
][_R_][Yeah, you can sign keys15:41
][_R_][With a signing key, but maybe they weren't doing that15:42
tilmani agree that you typically only need to sign your keys "offline"15:42
][_R_][ <-- this is the talk I think15:50
][_R_][(I don't have working audio)15:51
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axi have stupid problem with printer driver ... why i can print without problem but i no view my printer in option menu? tell me what or where i expected to enable cups?21:55
axfrom graphic apps I have to send lpr command with my driver "-P Brother-DCP197C" .. maybe i drank too much tonight ..21:57
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jaegerIt's been years since I had a printer but presumably your apps would need to know how to talk to cups to see them22:11
jaegeror presumably it's some builtin support in gtk? might try rebuilding gtk after cups was installed, if you haven't already22:12
axuhm i I was thinking about this ... I will immediately ... thank you.22:13
axok it's . fix rebuild --enable-cups , thank you jaeger22:40
jaegerwelcome :)22:51
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