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z3braIt is a valid name according to bzip2(1) though10:00
z3bra> If  the  file does not end in one of the recognised endings, .bz2, .bz,10:00
z3bra       .tbz2 or .tbz, bzip2 complains that it cannot guess  the  name  of  the10:00
z3bra       original file, and uses the original name with .out appended.10:00
juehmm, newer saw a file with such an extension10:16
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ryuojue: they exist though rare.11:34
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z3brain my case I've never seen a .tbz211:41
Abdullahwow see who came in ;)11:49
Abdullahwelcome z3bra I missed you alot. where you were?11:49
ryuoit's weird what regular users need support with. i just had someone ask today's most trivial thing.12:12
ryuothey wanted to know how to change the font settings...12:12
ryuoI guess it being named 'Fonts' under 'System Settings' wasn't enough of a clue.12:13
z3brasome other places online :)12:42
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pedjaryuo, maybe they were asking for advice on tweaking fontconfig :)14:03
pedjathat's one of those 'set it up once, dare not to touch it again' things, as far as I am concerned14:05
TimB_same for me tbh :)14:06
pedjaweird. nvidia-uvm module got unloaded somehow, breaking cuda as the result.15:01
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joacimi think ive seen both tgz and tbz in circulation16:06
joacimnot common tho16:06
pedjatgz is common, tbz not so much. lzma is my favourite :)16:07
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pedjalong waiting line outside the first ever Starbucks in .rs *sigh*19:50
Anselmooh no,19:50
pedjaI am sure Instagram is exploding right about now :)19:50
Anselmoalways seemed weird to me when people have been excited about those things19:51
Anselmobut have seen big hubbub when they opened up in romanian locations c-c19:52
Anselmodo the serbian ones allow people to smoke :3 :P19:53
pedjawhen I was in Venice few years ago, I laughed my ass off when I overheard some American tourist asking one of the locals where the nearest Starbucks is19:53
pedjaAnselmo, don't think so19:54
Anselmohehe, I have been asked that by us tourists ^^19:54
Anselmolost person wondering near the mall,in need of help19:55
pedjathere are enough young people here with large disposable income for Starbucks to be full 24/719:56
AnselmoI am the sort of person who works in cafes often enough (I dont have an actual office that's not over a days travel away), but I usually go to like, local places x-x19:58
john_cephalopodaAnselmo: You could see if there is a Coworking space nearby.21:03
john_cephalopodaSome cities got those. Basically a place for self-employed people to work besides other self-employed people, so you don't have to be at home alone. Fast internet is usually available.21:04
john_cephalopodaMakes most sense if you are in one spot regularly.21:05
Anselmothere are some, the prices I saw for appeared to be on the order of going out to a cafe every day, or more21:10
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john_cephalopodaAnselmo: Ah, damn. Well, in that case cafe it is!21:13
john_cephalopodaI've been to Starbucks one or two times, the taste was way below any regular cafe.21:13
john_cephalopodaThe "Red Velvet Cake" wasn't great, the hot chocolate was one of the most watery ones I ever had.21:14
Anselmothe hot chocolate has been frustrating to me as well,21:15
Anselmobut yeah, meh.21:15
Anselmobrand recognition apparently works anyway21:15
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frinnstdoesn't starbucks mostly serve coffee "drinks". as in abhorrent crap blended with coffee?22:08
frinnstthat's blasphemy. coffee should be drunk black22:08
joacimcoffee is served as a soup22:11
Anselmocoffee smoothies :322:12
Anselmopersonally I'm more of a tea user x-x22:12
Anselmoand hot chocolate ^_^22:12
ryuo... wow22:12
joacimi mostly drink tea, but my coffee is always black22:13
ryuoit's actually possible to take over the subdomain of a domain you don't own when using a cloud provider? TIL.22:13
axevening :)22:13
joacimthink ive heard of godaddy just handing over the domain of one company over to their competitor22:14
axwhat is best solution for add port of brscan with my brother driver ? brscan-$name ?22:14
Anselmoand arbitrarily delisting a domain22:14
ryuoHow is that not a security hazard?22:27
ryuoallowing people who don't own the domain to define records in the Azure cloud for it.22:28
ryuoI don't like OVH, but they're not that stupid.22:29
Anselmothat seems weird.22:47
Anselmobut. yeah. I dont know x-x22:47
ryuoAnselmo: it is a security hazard. it's basically allowing unaffiliated parties to create domain records indirectly.22:58
john_cephalopodaI interned at a company that had a good coffe machine with incredible hot chocolate.23:04
john_cephalopodaIt was the best one I ever had.23:04
john_cephalopodaDrank two cups or more every day :D23:04
Anselmojohn_cephalopoda, hahaha, that sounds nice.23:14
Anselmonot sure I've found a machine quite to my liking, but sometimes anything hot is quite pleasant :323:14
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