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SiFuhHyperjacking      Implementation of the concept has allegedly occurred in the SubVirt laboratory rootkit (developed jointly by Microsoft and University of Michigan researchers[15]) as well as in the Blue Pill malware package.14:14
pedjaMS AI is helping one of the beer makers to make a better bear14:16
pedjas/bear/beer. obviously14:16
AnselmoACTION wants a better bear :314:17
pedjathey are pushing it pretty hard. had a whole segment in the middle of the episode of Enemy Within14:19
pedja'MS AI helped us catch the bad guys.Thanks, MS AI, you're great!'14:20
pedjamore cringe-worthy, tbh14:21
Anselmothan the beer ?14:22
pedjathe beer was standard 'we can iterate more quickly thru flavors, blah, blah, perfect beer'14:24
Anselmothe problem of course being that probably one persons perfect beer is not another person's perfect beer . . .14:24
Anselmoand a batch of beer still takes quite some time to make and iterate through . . .14:25
pedjaFBI using MS AI to catch bad guys, with graphics from The Minority Report, otoh14:25
Anselmohaving seen computers in TV shows, I'm not too surprsed :P14:27
pedja'blockchain-based AI-powered AR/VR thingie'14:29
Anselmolitterally cramming all the buzzwords into one small device :314:29
pedjasomething like that would get backed on kickstarter/indiegogo in a couple of days, I think :)14:31
Anselmoyeah actually14:44
Anselmopeople are interesting14:44
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Abdullahthere is some debate in #linux for our distro ;)16:38
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pedjawhat's the debate? 'is crux dead yet?' :)17:20
joacimare we too mean to complicated projects and software?17:50
abenzare we old timers who like simplicity and wont accept changeā„¢?18:05
Abdullahpedja: they say crux should die now ;)19:00
Anselmoaw ; - ;19:00
joacimoh. just close the doors then. ill just becoem a mountain man instead19:01
Abdullahbtw I got another cruxer from them. now he mailed me on my email address got from my website asking for how to setup wifi during installation ;)19:01
joacimbut i guess thats wrong too =)19:01
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