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Abdullah got this error03:15
Abdullahwhile updating gst-plugins-bad03:16
Abdullahsame goes for gst-plugins-base. it seems like error comes once it reaches to something for wayland03:18
Abdullahwhich I don't use. and I don't need wayland03:18
AbdullahMaking all in wayland. and fails03:21
RomsterAbdullah, see the commit messages. either force install or remove gst-plugins-bad then install gst-plugins-base then compile and install gst-plugins-bad03:29
Romster2 files moved from bad to base03:29
AbdullahRomster: so what's the solution? I even removed all those packages and did depinst. but failed03:30
Abdullahmake[6]: *** No rule to make target '/stable/xdg-shell/xdg-shell.xml', needed by 'xdg-shell-client-protocol.c'.  Stop.03:32
Abdullahwhen it says Making all in wayland then this error comes03:33
Abdullahsame error comes when -fr03:41
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RomsterAbdullah, full log?05:53
Abdullah Romster07:34
Romsterthat makes no sense i've built it on 3 machines with no errors.07:48
Romstersure you don't have something broken on your pc?07:48
Romsterlibjpeg-turbo removed .la file, other ports need rebuilding:07:49
Romsterfor f in $(grep -lr /usr/lib/ 2> /dev/null | sed 's|.*/||'); do prt-get fsearch $f | grep '^Found in' | sed -e 's|.*/||' -e 's|:$||'; done | sort -u | xargs07:49
RomsterAbdullah, ^07:49
AbdullahRomster: sorry I was doing lunch.07:59
AbdullahThis one liner returns nothing08:00
Romsternothing returned is a good thing.08:00
Romsteri just uploaded the built packages08:01
Abdullahrevdep has nothing too08:01
Romster has the rest08:03
Romsteri test built them all again and uploaded.08:03
Romsterin a clean build08:03
Romsteri would also look at romster/pkg-not if you got some rouge files on your system too.08:03
Romsterthat are not part of a package08:04
Abdullahsent you a private message, kindly check it Romster08:04
Romsteryou have wayland on that box08:37
Romsterand missing a bunch of dependencies08:37
AbdullahI'll remove wayland as I don't need it08:43
Romsterso where did you get wayland?08:43
AbdullahI think I compile it month ago. but didn't finish it08:43
Romsterso you didn't install the dependencies for a reason for gst-plugins-bad ?08:44
Romsteryeah so gst-plugins-base is tripping up on wayland not setup correctly08:44
Abdullahgst-plugins-bad was installed before that08:44
Abdullahand now its doing something crazy. I think if I remove wayland, it will be okay.08:45
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john_cephalopodaAbdullah: You can also install wayland from my repo. A depinst will install all the dependencies.10:26
john_cephalopodaIf you are using i3, "sway" is a nice replacement on wayland.10:27
Abdullahjohn_cephalopoda: Thanks11:38
Abdullahjohn_cephalopoda: is sway mature now?11:38
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john_cephalopodaAbdullah: Yup, had no issues with it.12:04
john_cephalopodaRuns perfectly fine.12:04
john_cephalopodaBtw, you should also install xwayland so you can run X apps on wayland.12:04
joacimi like how the win2016 serial interface has a screen lock feature =)12:06
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pedjadidn't know that win2016 has a serial interface12:29
pedjathen again, haven't played with windows server for a long time12:30
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joacimconvenient with virsh console12:31
pedjahow do you update it from cli? powershell?12:32
joacimhave to install a module first12:32
pedjapowershell dsc is interesting12:34
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pedjaansible and saltstack can interact with windows machines, afaik12:36
pedjalast time I checked, powershell had pretty extensive documentation, which is always a nice thing :)12:38
pedjaEaster lunch, T-30min-ish12:40
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ryuoanyone want a good laugh?13:09
ryuoglobal scale technologies is using an expired certificate. it expired an hour ago.13:09
TimB_mind you, today is about jesus, not security certificates ~.~13:12
TimB_SCNR, it's pretty funny :)13:13
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ryuosecurity certificates not renewed?13:26
john_cephalopodaWe celebrate the zombification of Jesus.13:29
TimB_john_cephalopoda: isn't that beautiful? :P13:30
Abdullahryuo: more than one hour and 30 minutes now and still using it ;-)13:36
axjaeger , pedja thank you for yesterday. i done ports for 2 missing dependencies and rebuild glib, now simple-scan and all driver for sane lib work good. ports-resync now :)15:24
axand Happy Easter to all15:25
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pedjaax, good to hear you solved the issue ")16:13
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jaegerax: good deal16:24
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SiFuh  A very simple method called porting allows you to download a recipe from our repositories. This recipe is very similar to the scripts used in CRUX, and is usually less than 10 lines long. It can also determine and apply all required Dependencies.    hmmm17:36
SiFuhInteresting maybe17:37
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