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AbdullahSiFuh: nutyx using our ports system, Pkgfile and you're saying its inspired by LFS. LFS doesn't have a package manager.02:22
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SiFuhAbdullah: I am not saying anything, I just quoted what was written on thei main page.03:33
SiFuhI also never said anythign about LFS03:35
SiFuhAnyways, I played around with it for a bit and think it is pretty crap. :-P I do like the commands check and get03:37
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AbdullahSiFuh: I thought it was your site.11:52
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pedjawhenever I see poppler in opt update, I think 'yay, breakage ahead'13:03
pedjapoppler update first fails and then, when I try again, builds fine. wth13:32
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SitriHas poppler stopped being slow as molasses?16:35
SitriHave they reached that miracle sub-minute page rendering?16:36
jaegerdon't get greedy now :D16:57
SiFuhAbdullah: I see, no problems!16:59
pedjawith the ways things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if they rewrite it in rust :)17:00
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ryuoyet another reason whois privacy is so important...18:15
dbrookepedja: there's probably a reason why I have this 8-) : prt-get listlocked => texlive poppler poppler-glib18:15
ryuoyou never know what kind of nutjobs might want to misuse such information.18:15
pedjadbrooke, texlive depends on poppler?18:17
pedjaif poppler update breaks it, and texlive is PITA to rebuild, I can see why would you keep it locked :)18:19
pedjadid the same for libjpeg-turbo for a while. gst-plugins (bad and ugly, iirc) are broken with the new one, so I just removed them for now18:21
dbrooketexlive from opt only works with quite an old poppler, there were some patches and other ports but it was such a moving target I gave up tracking it once I had managed to build a working version18:26
dbrookethe opt version of texlive includes a texlive-poppler-0.64.patch but poppler is now at 0.7618:29
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