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pedjayay, Easter09:06
pedjapeople are buying shit as if the zombie apocalypse is imminent09:06
pedjamaybe it is, haven't really payed attention to the news09:07
frinnstwas last week, no?09:15
frinnstworked all weekend09:16
frinnst4 days off turned into one day off09:16
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pedjathat was the 1st one :)09:31
pedjaOrtodox Easter is next09:32
john_cephalopodaUhrg, the openal download page has had broken certs for days and nobody seems to be willing or able to fix it -_-09:33
pedjafrinnst, the holidays are when sysadmins can get some actual work done, right?09:35
pedjano pesky users :)09:36
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pedjafreeotp has no backup/export option, so migrating to another application is going to be...interesting17:42
joacimyeah microsofts one dont either18:13
joacimbit of a hassle18:13
joacimalready had to restore my tokens everywhere due to switching phones18:16
pedjaI'd like to backup the db somewhere on my system encrypted, for starters, and switch to another application18:30
pedjafreeotp is basically abandoned at this point, afaict18:30
pedjaadb should be able to pull it off the phone. if it doesn't, I'll have to root it.18:31
pedjaI understand why the developers are against backups and going secure enclave route18:34
joacimtoday i decided a 10 dollar migrationwiz license would be cheaper for the customer and less work for me for migrating a mailbox to 36518:35
joacimtoday is also the day bittitan has massive performance issues with migrationwiz18:35
joacimmy lazy 15 minutes of setting up a migration task became an evening of work instead18:36
joacimthey make migrationwiz18:36
pedjaah, so cloud app?18:37
joacimi like to think of them as just a service =)18:37
joacimfor migrating between various other services, often email18:37
pedja'solution that can be accessed at any time from anywhere' well18:38
joacimthink those customers are already in that basket when they use services from google and ms18:40
joacimjust another few years and i can afford being a bicycling hobo18:43
joacimno more work!18:43
pedjalarge list of sources/destinations. neat18:43
joacimi wouldnt use them for myself18:44
joacimbut i dont really care about my email archive either18:45
pedjalet's test if I have enough of the will power to watch just 1 episode of Stargate:Atlantis18:49
joacimstarted the code last weekend18:50
joacimended up binge watching the whole thing18:50
joacimjust 6 episodes in the first season tho18:50
joacimhas lucy lawless in it =)18:50
pedja'the code' is the reboot of JAG? military lawyers?19:03
pedjaI prefer Lucy Lawless in Xena :)19:04
joacimaustralian outback drama19:04
joacimconspiracy stuff19:04
pedjaah. I thought it's this
joacimalong the lines of mr robot maybe19:12
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