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Romsterryuo, stuff like this annoys me;a=commitdiff;h=a753f4080f9cbfd73db6404f0bc648a1fdc8accc;a=commitdiff;h=6d3b608cdde0b85220bed95cf65fd9d45588cd6b01:13
Romsterthe later one source 404 had been like that for ages so i got sick of it being broken source and took it upon myself to fix it, after seeing so many say in here it's broken01:13
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AbdullahRomster: how can I install an app which has .appimage?01:56
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Romsterit's basically statically compiled Abdullah03:28
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AbdullahHow do I set a directory in Pkgfile like a package is searching it for /usr/local/lib05:34
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TimB_great review picture? x_x14:55
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pedjaah, Michael Lucas. should've have known :)15:07
pedja'git commit murder' is his another one15:07
pedjaI prefer his other work. zfs books, cisco for sysadmins etc15:08
pedjaACTION is reading book about tmux atm15:10
john_cephalopodaACTION is using tmux to read about you reading about tmux15:12
joacimjaeger: mate/p5-xml-simple should need a bump of its .footprint for crux 3.516:55
jaegerIt'll happen after 3.5 is released :)16:58
joacimdo it now16:59
joacimor refund16:59
ryuoACTION gives joacim a check for $0.17:02
joacimi have to charge for my time too. my hourly rate is a kebab17:03
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SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: haha17:43
SiFuhpedja: tmux is pretty cool. Lots of commands to upload to your mind though. It is now default in OpenBSD17:44
SiFuhjoacim: stuff systemd... It pisses me off17:45
SiFuhI think runit would have to be my favorite17:46
john_cephalopodaAbdullah: What exactly are you doing?17:57
pedjaSiFuh, I try to use it often enough to pick up the basics so I don't have to check help so often18:55
pedjaminimal tmux.conf, too18:55
pedjaSiFuh, did OpenBSD developers write a tool to save tmux sessions, by any chance :) ?18:58
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tilmani haven't been using gtk apps much for years19:00
tilmanis it just me or does the default gtk3 theme look like ass?19:00
pedjanumix ftw19:00
tilmani'm not even sure it's gtk3 i'm looking at. maybe it's gtk2 :D19:04
ryuotilman: it does. the Arc derivatives are a lot better.19:04
tilmanclarification: i'm looking at gimp and apparently it's using gtk2 ;)19:05
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tilmanthe only gui app i use regularly is firefox :o19:06
tilmanthe only *gtk* gui app i use regularly is firefox :o19:06
joacimi think the difference is more obvious when using xfce19:17
jaegerI'm a big fan of arc themes, I still use arc-darker19:18
ryuojaeger: maybe you should try the LM Mint-Y themes. they're derivatives and are now their default themes.19:25
ryuothey finally completed their Mint-Y set it seems.19:27
joacimi use the adapta themes19:38
joacim+ paper icons19:38
jaegerI'm not unhappy with arc at all19:46
joacimjaeger: mate builds and runs fine on 3.5rc019:55
joacimonly "issues" are the perl and python stuff that just need a new footprint19:55
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TimB_pedja: you can save a running tmux session (layout and commands) already if that's what you want20:20
pedjaTimB_, really? how?20:20
TimB_forgot it, let me have a look :P20:21
pedjaI know there are a couple of tools, using ruby and python, iirc20:22
pedjaexternal tools, that is.20:23
TimB_pedja: oh, yeah. true, I use tmuxinator for that it seems20:23
TimB_thought it was a build in feature.. ~.~20:24
pedjait does look like something that should be a part of tmux, so I am curious why it isn't, afaict20:29
TimB_good question20:32
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jaegerjoacim: yeah, I'm running it on 3.5 here as well, seems pretty solid so far21:07
stenuri see compile error for kernel 4.19.37 in IPv4/route.c or so, i opened an IPv4 kernel bug report.22:05
stenurCould be a mismerge (Bug 203451, mismerge maybe as in
stenurDamn.  Also i see CPU overheating (with 4.19.34) - the fan starts going up much too late here.22:07
stenurNever had that yet; on my MacBook Air nice adaptive fan control shell script!22:08
stenurEh.  Sorry.  4.19.3522:09
stenurI also fail to get the -u/DBus of wpa_supplicant in my head.  Where does it get the interfaces from, i do not know.22:12
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stenurBut ok, just keep using -i IFACE.  Was just hoping for fully automatic approach..22:14
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