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pedjaI completely forgot about Firefox and dns-over-https12:54
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joacimjust  found out about this16:04
onoderaRomster: the new 3.5 librsvg fails for me17:54
onoderacargo: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:54
TimB_onodera: rust-bin links against the older ssh version, if you need an updated package, this time I can help 8-)17:55
onoderayes please :)17:56
TimB_onodera: here you go17:58
TimB_mind that it's rust, not rust-bin, I faced the same problem today :)17:59
onoderathanks you18:02
john_cephalopodaI was also confused that librsvg wants rust-bin and not rust.18:06
onoderayou could alias it18:09
TimB_I think it's for all users that don't want to build rust themselves. I wouldn't want to myself either but oh well..18:10
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ninjaso if I upgrade to 3.5-rc0, I won't have to reinstall when 3.5 release comes?20:51
onoderaninja: pretty sure you dont have to do that yeah20:51
ninjaonodera: thanks20:52
ninjaAll I have to do mount root fs and setup then upgrade?20:52
ninjaits my first time upgrading20:53
onoderathe ahndbook describes it i think20:57
onoderabut yeah mount all the relevant partitions, execute setup, and select upgrade20:57
pedjajoacim, what do you plan to build with that m/b? NAS box?20:57
onoderaalso I'm not a 100% sure about the not having to upgrade again with 3.5 release20:57
ninjanew dependency. librsvg now needs rust.20:58
pedjaif you are on 3.4, rust-bin works. on 3.5, TimB_ posted a link to rust build20:59
ninjapedja: I just doing prt-get diff on 3.421:00
joacimpedja: could be a nice vm host21:00
joacimand ab uild machine21:00
ninjaand I have no rust21:00
pedjajoacim, pretty nice m/b21:01
jaegeryes, you can install from the rc and most likely not expect large changes in the 3.5 release... but as it's not final, don't be surprised if some things break21:08
jaegerlike librsvg21:08
abenzwhats special about that mb? ecc support?21:12
pedjaecc, ipmi21:15
pedjayou can build a nice little server with it :)21:16
pedjaI'd put freenas on it and use as a storage for vm's and stuff21:17
jaegernothing really special, it's just a good solid choice for a consumer server build21:25
stenurBtw. the insect grow thing that i meant was
stenurIt is so bad .. they finally crawl upward a ramp, up to the light ... and the fall in the storage!21:28
stenur..what i remembered.21:28
john_cephalopodaWell, better maggots than mammals.21:56
john_cephalopodaWell, larvae, not maggots.21:56
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joacimno thank you. i rather stick to the farmed bass and salmon22:08
joacimnew farms are built on land22:08
stenurjohn_cephalopoda: yes.22:11
stenurI have not thaat much empathy with insects.  A few exceptions exist though.22:12
stenurjoacim: me too.  One of the most disgusting things i have ever seen (on TV), was an old Thai Woman who ate a bird spider.22:19
stenurOnly the back limb, you can somehow "peel" it, she did it very fast.22:21
stenurGrandchilds surrounded her, i guess for them it will be just a normal thing to do..22:21
stenurSpider souls can scream it seems.  Well.  I do not know.22:22
stenurFish farms can be pretty problematic too.  Depends, as usual.22:31
stenurAnd then you have people working there who are pissed, have problems with their girl friend, whatever.22:33
joacimhad thai food with crabs. was pretty decent, but chewing on those pointy legs was a bit different22:33
joacimtoo different for me =)22:33
stenurInteresting topics here.  I hope antibiotics will be available when i am old. :)22:36
joacimdont think i've ever had antibiotics22:37
joacimin my 33 years of life22:37
stenurOtherwise the West has to use that Russian Phage things.22:37
joacimi dont vaccinate against the common flu either22:38
joacimjust the typical vaccinations kids get22:38
stenurLucky you.  I just had, last December, for the first time in 25 years.22:38
stenurWound infection in the finger .. and waited too long to use larch turpentine!22:39
stenurYeah, great.  Me too: if possible.22:39
stenurOh, vaccinate.  I see.  No, i am so often on the outside, in the forest.  Rabies, Meningitis i have.22:40
stenurIn fact many years without Rabies, then on 6th December 2006, and it hammered me terribly.22:42
stenurThe follow-ups no more.  No, the body has to learn too.  Really.22:43
stenurI am deeply convinced that especially kids need a lot of "conflicts" so that the immune system can learn learn learn.22:44
stenurIt is all too clean, to hygienic.  That is not normal.  Not normal.22:45
stenurAnd bad.  See the white race entirely degenerated.  Lesser sperms, more allergies, postural defects.  Not normal.22:46
joacimhealthy to eat some moldy bread now and then? =)22:48
stenurSurely tastes terrible!22:50
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Anselmoehh, is not the point of a vaccine to cause a conflict23:09
Anselmojust one that doesnt generally leave them with scars or lasting problems . .23:10
joacimgot my bcg vaccine. scarred for life =)23:17
AnselmoI mean just, I know people who werent vaccinated against like, chicken pox, and had rather a lot of scars to show for it23:18
Anselmounless you mean this too23:18
joacimi'm quite happy with the vaccination that i have now23:21
joacimi just cant be bothered with flut shots23:21
joacim*flu shots23:21
Anselmoseems probably more relevant to the elderly or otherwise infirm . .23:22
Anselmobuut yeah. I dont recall the last time I got any vaccinations, some time well before I was 10 I assume. ..23:24
joacimmy bcg was the last one. early teens i think23:28
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stenurAnselmo: i am afraid of ticks for example, i had a lot sticking in already.  In Italy ticks even more widespread carriers of meningitis, no?23:33
john_cephalopodaI got some just a few months ago. 3 at once :รพ23:38
Anselmoehh, I mean, insects seem to carry diseases plenty of places23:39
AnselmoI dont much follow spread of diseases, let alone in italy23:39
joacimnever seen ticks before23:39
stenurshit, II.23:39
AnselmoI've seen ticks in some places, usualyl where i"ve lived its more been the mosquito who's a pest23:40
stenurMoscito and Italy. Shit, III.23:40
Anselmosorry, my spellings may be weird c_c23:40
john_cephalopodaTicks are not insects, they are more related to spiders.23:45
stenurMosquito, hmmm.  Bad early childhood memory: in Italy for the first time, open windows, no mosquito net, suddenly a LOT of buzzing, and stitches, literally dozens in fewest time.  Started screaming!  Next day entire area (bushes etc.) poisened by specialized poison car (tank).  Memory over.23:46
stenurTicks are literally evil.23:47
Anselmoah ,didnt know that23:47
stenurMite, says Wikipedia.23:51
stenurIf they stick, they stick for a long time.  Sometimes i sit and work and in the afternoon i look and have one, many hours after coming in.23:53
stenurJust like that.23:54
Anselmoah, thats no fun23:55
stenurEven worse, then sports and in the shower you suddenly feel something ripped off, be lucky if it was a pimple :)23:56
Anselmonot fun in either case x-x23:56
stenurYeah, otherwise you can try to get the sting out, at the most delicate places.23:56
stenurYes yes :)23:56
AnselmoI like the nice period in the spring, when its warm enough, but not yet overcome by these pests :P23:57
Anselmoa blissful week or two23:57
stenurI love spring time.23:57
stenurBut mind you, ticks can go cold, saw them in a German February already!23:58
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Anselmoah, hrm23:58
Anselmomost of germany never gets properly cold though :P23:58

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