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stenurThey only become slower.  Yes, that surely is a thing.  (
stenurNever seen in deep winter.  But seen after a cold night, tick did not leave the grass stalk it was sitting on.  Surrounded by frost.  Did not even let itself fall down to earth, to hide under leaves or what.00:06
stenur"Will unfreeze tomorrow morning, anyway".00:07
stenurAnselmo: true!00:11
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stenurI am out.  Have to walk a long way and feed the animal friends now.00:12
stenurGood night.00:12
stenurSee you.00:12
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dharmaHi Respected elders09:45
dharmaI am trying to install kde4 from a chroot environment but xapian-core keeps failing to compile....09:47
dharmathis error:error: unable to find string literal operator 'operator""OP_TXT' with 'const char [35]09:47
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stenurjue: i see!12:44
stenurjue: --name i did not see.  But needs adjustments everywhere still.12:44
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alancioRomster: it seems that was updated, so all the python ports that need it for building are failing15:25
alancioalso, building python3-packaging fails if you have python3-pip installed15:28
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john_cephalopodaGood thing I never boot new computers into their original OS. I just push some Linux onto them.19:36
john_cephalopodaUsually CRUX19:36
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joacimthat was a fresh install of windows too21:02
joacimnot the one that came preloaded21:02
joacimlenovo does (did?), their firmware would install software in windows for you21:03
Anselmoheh, I've never yet bought a computer with windows on it :321:06
pedjasome laptops are sold with free dos on them :)21:07
AnselmoIve also seen plenty with ubuntu/mint21:08
Anselmobut same in romania, for freedos :321:09
pedjajoacim, this?
pedjawhen my sister bought her lenovo laptop, it came with win10 home edition, iirc21:11
jaegerfor folks using docker, here's a little bash function for quickly finding image tags:
Anselmomine was mint, but it wasnt new21:12
pedjadocker hub was hacked recently, btw21:12
pedjajaeger, do you know of any decent tutorial on the use of jq? still can't wrap my head around it :)21:14
pedjaor is it '21:16
pedjaI guess I am not using it nearly enough for it to somehow click.21:19
pedjatrue for most tools21:19
jaegerI don't know of a decent one, no21:19
jaegerThere are plenty out there but not written well, in my opinion21:19
jaegerI use it quite a bit for work so have just picked up some simple usage21:20
pedjathe man page gets hairy real fast :)21:20
pedja'jq '{type: .type , features: [.features[].geometry.coordinates] | select( .geometry.coordinates < 20) ] }' was a fun one21:26
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pedjageojson was *huge*, so I had to come up with a way to filter it somehow21:28
pedjalots of swearing and coffee was needed for that, of course21:29
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