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Romsterjohn_cephalopoda, fixed inkscape07:57
joacimicecat has some annoying "features". Like privacy settings on every new tab09:07
joacimall i want is my top sites. i tend to use that for bookmarks09:07
joacimextensions works at least =)09:07
TimB_Romster: imagemagick-compat needs a version bump to 6.9.10-44 (is -20 or something) - they seem to delete old sources..09:10
TimB_Romster: :)09:16
Romsterof course they do that.09:57
Romsterhow long do we have to wait for the certificate to be propagated for mozilla10:12
dbrookeup to 6 hours (but mine was soon after restart) using "studies" as per
dbrookeI enabled studies temporarily to get the fix10:15
Romsterit's already may the 5th for me :P10:15
dbrookenot far off 6th for you I'd have thought10:17
Romsteryep it's 8:17pm sunday10:18
dbrooke11:21 am here (BST = UTC+1) which reminds me to get some stuff for lunch out of the freezer10:21
tilmanyou can (temporarily!) set xpinstall.signatures.required to false in about:config10:21
tilmanto allow use of unsigned extensions10:21
Romstermm that be a better idea than this studies thing10:22
dbrookeor load them temporarily using about:debugging10:23
Romsterahh addons i forgot how many ads the pages have10:23
RomsterACTION makes a note to set that back the next day 10:23
Romstermozilla mad a big bobo didn't they, probably lost users from this.10:24
dbrookeACTION is going back to using gopher10:41
dbrookenone of this new-fangled http/html stuff10:42
Romsteri know right but my gropher is a addon to firefox :D10:54
RomsterTimB_, imagemagick-compat fixed10:55
TimB_ty Romster :)10:59
dbrookeI should see if one of my ports builds against that, then I wouldn't need graphicsmagick in my repo11:06
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dbrookeapparently not, it seems that package only installs the libs but the autoconf for my port checks for existence of the Magick-config executable11:25
Romsterdoes it not check for the pkg-config file?11:27
Romstergive it the path to that?11:27
dbrookeseems not, but no worries, I'll see about fixing it upstream11:30
pedjatilman, doesn't that work only on developer Firefox versions?13:39
pedjanot on regular releases13:40
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joacimpedja: xpinstall.signatures.required? works on my system14:13
pedjareally? I tried that, didn't seem to work.14:15
pedjaworks since I installed that hotfix, so I am not bothered :)14:16
joacimthe addons are still yellow with a warning, but they're loaded at least14:16
pedjaback to normal here14:17
joacimseems like a nice of them to ask people to enable telemetry to get the hotfix automatically =)14:34
tilmanpedja: i don't think i'm running a dev build14:38
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frinnstwhy the fuck dont they roll a new version?15:26
pedjaweren't all versions affected, regular and lts ones?15:54
pedjatilman, is ff restart required after setting that? that might be why it didn't work for me15:57
pedjaoh, well. afaict, hotfix worked, so15:59
pedjaheavy rain outside, 150vs150 knights battle must've been interesting16:02
pedjaRussia vs USA, 30vs30
joacimpedja: icecat works fine, so not all versions of firefox16:24
joacimor builds rather16:24
pedjaicecat is a fork, right?16:25
joacimnot sure. i just assumed it was some fsf rebrand16:44
john_cephalopodaRomster: Thanks for fixing inkscape!17:03
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onoderaanyone how I can fix firefox?18:17
onoderawith their seemingly centralized always on "drm" for addons18:17
onoderathey are all disabled18:17
tilmanonodera: one potentially dangerous way: go to about:config and set xpinstall.signatures.required to false18:44
john_cephalopodaonodera: Alternatively go to about:studies, activate studies, wait a few minutes.19:32
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frinnstfinally a patched firefox version20:45
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oid has crux 3.5 but none of the other mirrors do not is it mentioned on the website, what is the story with that?23:57
oidis this just the testing for 3.5?23:57

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