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oidthat should be, none of the other mirrors do, NOR is it mentioned on the website00:00
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jaegeroid: it has not yet been released00:33
jaegerIt looks like that's a mirror of ports trees00:33
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pedjavm image shrunk from 20 to 1.7gb. nice14:48
pedjaboots and runs fine, too, which is a nice bonus14:49
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joacimwhat did you do?15:22
stenurjoacim: who? me?15:46
joacimpedja =)16:01
pedjajoacim, virt-sparsify from libguestfs. quite a few cool tools there :)16:15
joacimbeen a bit bothered by way too big disk images16:16
joacimvirt-sparfisy might be better than my current solution of adding a couple of 4TB drives =)16:17
pedjajoacim, it can do so much, so adding MOAR DRIVES is still a good idea :)16:19
joacimmaybe more SSDs would be better16:19
pedjavirt-manager by default creates fully allocated disk images16:20
pedjaand I always forget to create sparse image16:24
pedjajoacim, well duh. small question of price, thou16:28
joacimshould only be about 350 euro for a 970 pro16:29
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pedja'only' :)17:09
joacimbeen curious about the adata sx820017:20
joacimbut they're in such limited supply here17:20
joacimmuch easier to find a 970 evo plus17:20
joacimor a similar slc+tlc ssd17:21
joacimbeen curious about the 660p too, but people seem so negative about that SSD17:21
jaegerI had a 600p in a previous system that worked fine. Was slow compared to the current samsung offerings at the time but for daily work, not a problem in the least18:00
pedjalevel1techs recently reviewed something that 'destroys ssd in performance', or something18:10
joacimthose old PCIe memory devices?18:11
pedjaoptane, I think. one of these
pedjanope, that's the wrong one, sorry.
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abenzis there a combo of apps/plugins that allows me to stream a youtube channel without video?22:48
abenzmpv complains about not supported format22:48
abenzI like to stream some music channels on youtube and doing it on firefox eats memory to unmanageable levels22:49
Anselmocould you do youtube-dl and then manually run that into an mpv or something23:27
Anselmoyoutube-dl -F lists formats for videos, usually there are a couple audio only23:27
abenzAnselmo: ERROR: klvzbBP7zM8: YouTube said: This video is unavailable.23:48
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Anselmoweird. for that particular video there doesnt appear to be except the video formats, anyway23:55
AnselmoI'm not sure what that error is however, its avaliable for me (running 'youtube-dl -F )23:57

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