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abenzAnselmo: I get this warning00:11
abenzWARNING: Assuming --restrict-filenames since file system encoding cannot encode all characters. Set the LC_ALL environment variable to fix this.00:11
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Anselmoabenz: oh, uhm. my knowledge of anything related to locales is rather sparse,do you have the LC_ALL variable set to something ?00:29
abenznot currently set00:30
Anselmouhm, did you generate locales on this system ? I have mine set to en_US.UTF-8,00:31
Anselmousually set in some shell config file00:31
abenzthis is an old install, I recall generating them iirc00:34
abenzthanks, I will look into locales00:34
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pedjafrinnst, have you played with zstd on btrfs yet?13:59
pedjaI'll wait for 5.1.1 before updating, nvidia drivers should be out of beta by then14:02
pedjanot that the brand new kernel makes any difference for me on this machine :)14:03
frinnstyeah i'm using it for everything but what's needed to boot14:03
frinnsti know there are patched grub versions but i'm too lazy14:03
pedjanew grub has a support for it, iirc?14:04
frinnstnot our version afaik14:04
pedjawell, 'soon-to-be-out' version :)14:04
pedja2.04, I think14:04
pedjathink I read about that. could be wrong, thou14:05
pedjayup, zstd/btrfs support was added in November last year.14:37
jaeger'soon-to-be-out' in grub terms might mean 10 years14:58
pedjait's 2.04-rc1, so fingers crossed15:17
pedjaa bunch of gcc9 fixes lately15:19
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ryuowell, can always patch GRUB after CRUX 3.5 if it's released in between16:00
ryuoerr update16:00
ryuooh, and there's some KS-1 servers available with KimSufi again.16:00
ryuothe $4.99 ones16:00
joacimalready sold out =)16:06
joacimi think it was last year that they had ks-7 servers for 7-8 euro16:06
ryuojoacim: i saw a flash sale recently.16:15
ryuothey're rare but they happen.16:15
ryuoi suspect they only have those when they have inventory that no one's trying to rent.16:15
ryuojoacim: personally trying to snag a KS-1 from the canada data center.16:17
ryuothe one that was up was in Europe.16:17
joacimi find that it is better to use a canadian account. saves on taxes =)16:18
joacimworks on soyoustart at least16:18
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onoderaWhen booting the 3.5 iso on my VPS, it says that it can find shared lib, anyone knows why?17:36
TimB_onodera: have you tried booting the iso elsewhere? have you checked the md5 sum of the iso?17:42
onoderaTimB_: the md5 sum is correct17:53
onoderai booted the same iso for my pc17:53
onoderaI assume so at least, I used the same download link17:53
TimB_weird, it throws that error while booting? it would expect the same to happen on your pc?17:54
TimB_no idea why that could happen, sorry17:55
TimB_you can still mount that iso on your vps and upgrade all packages from there if I'm not mistaken17:56
onoderaahh right17:57
onoderayeah I actually wanted a new fs and clean install17:58
TimB_no idea if there is another rc planned or how far the release is, maybe you want to wait for that?17:58
onoderayeah I'll do so18:00
jaegerI haven't run into that before, I wonder what it's trying to do19:11
jaegeronodera: at what point exactly does that message appear?19:11
onoderaat boot, I think when trying to launch /bin/boot19:11
onoderaeh sorry, bin/login19:11
jaegerso does the VPS provider mess with inittab in-flight or something?19:12
onoderahmm I have no idea, I use vultr19:13
onoderathe 3.4 iso worked just fine19:14
jaegerweird :/19:16
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stenurobarun: you were right with that /etc/shells thing.21:29
stenurWouldn't have thought that.21:30
stenurI mean, i was not setting something not in there.21:30
stenurobarun: yeah.21:30
stenurBut let me dream of an "Your shell is fixated to xy" error message instead.21:31
obaruni'm not using crux but arch, but arch comes from crux, so crux is the god21:31
stenurAaah. I see. (???)21:32
john_cephalopodaobarun: The main common thing between the two is the package system.21:32
john_cephalopodaVery similar concept there.21:32
obarunwhen i look at the begin of pacman code i see pkg for sure21:34
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And1am0Any1 familiar with BOTNETS ???22:55
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