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brainzmanThe https on is down02:17
brainzmanso openjdk-8 is broken02:17
brainzmanAnd probably a some other packages02:17
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abenzbrainzman: you need to  stay around longer ;)05:59
abenzif its urgent you can simply get the file manually and put it in distfiles dir05:59
brainzmanYeah that what I did06:41
brainzmanIt was more for you guys to know about it06:42
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ninjajaeger: updated 3.5 iso link?12:36
TimB_ninja: still rc012:38
ninjaTimB_: Thanks12:38
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ninjaJust upgraded to 3.5. and I did ports -u so now lot of packages are outdated in ports while upgraded in system. do I need something to be done in ports ?13:24
stenur/etc/ports/*.rsync etc: change "collection" or "BRANCH" to point to 3.5.  Guess that should do it.13:26
stenurI really need to switch core/opt/xorg to git driver, sigh.13:27
frinnstor run "rejmerge" like you should :-)13:35
stenurBetter listen to a master...13:38
stenurrejmerge is a damn cool thing to have; AlpineLinux stores these files as .apk-new, but never scripted a half-automatic merge on top of this.13:42
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ninjaerror while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:34
ninjajust updated openssl too15:34
ninjastill same issue15:34
stenurWhich one says that? 3.5 now uses OpenSSL 1.1.1, and my 3.5 (-test plus updates) does it right15:36
stenurHave you locked some ports?  prt-get listlocked15:36
ninjano I haven't locked something15:37
ninjaopenssl is 1.1.1b15:37
joacimdid you run revdep?15:37
joacimit will list broken packages15:37
stenurjoacim: would that be handled automatically? (i am better silent now)15:39
joacimit will just list them, and will not list stuff broken by python or perl15:41
joacimyou can make a bit of a script out of it, to rebuild everything revdep lists15:41
stenurNo, i mean prt-get sysup <-> listlocked15:41
stenurBut i guess then revdep ...15:42
joacimbut there will be false positives like texlive and firefox, and reinstalls of those will just add time15:42
ninjaI had ncmpcpp before but in 3.5 I can't find it in repos15:43
ninjain official ports I mean15:43
joacimthere is ncmpc in contrib on 3.4. i dont think there were an "official" port for ncmpcpp15:44
ninjaI had it before, don't know how I installed it.15:45
ninjawell, will write a port for it...15:45
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joacimthere are two in portdb15:49
joacimbut i dont know if they're up2date15:49
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john_cephalopodastenur: "this is like "That is democracy!  Everybody can bring in his/her opinions, and in the end a broad consent comes out""16:23
john_cephalopodastenur: OSS is very different. It is more like "You can create your own state with your own rules or just take a state and change the rules as you want".16:24
stenurjc:..i have heard the former with bitter untertones.16:30
stenurWell sure, many lost islands.  Yet often there are standards, even in written form.16:31
stenurRFCs to adhere to; W3C standards; Unicode; PEPs and whatever there is.16:32
stenurI had that dream around Y2K: only me and the OS.16:32
stenurMaybe compiler.16:32
ninjaI have wrote a new ncmpcpp
stenurBut never made it that far. Though Linux graphical framebuffer came up and there was a library to drive that, 'think it still exists!16:33
stenuraligrudi goes or went that road:
stenurNot under embargo even.16:35
stenurninja: ah, it is you!  (man..)16:35
ninjastenur: I'm Abdullah, do I know your last nick ;)16:36
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stenurjc: and in a community as large as mozilla, i am not sure about that.16:55
stenurFor example, Jamie Zawinski was one of the mans behind Netscape Navigator/email. That was back in the 90s where all that was young.16:58
stenurThen at "In Netscape 4.0, the new team went both C++ and Database happy, threw away the tightly-tuned mail summary files I had designed, and generally screwed the pooch raw"16:59
TimB_"generally screwed the pooch raw" ouch16:59
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tilmanwasn't jwz also the guy who invented html mails? ;D18:22
TimB_oof :D18:26
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pedjajwz of xscreensaver timebomb fame :) ?18:59
pedjahe really didn't like debian patching that out19:03
tilmanyes, that's him19:05
joacimi only knew about him because of his blog19:07
pedjahe also *really* doesn't like c++ :)19:20
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john_cephalopodaHrmm, I forgot my privkeys at home :/20:06
john_cephalopodaI think I'll just get a Yubikey.20:07
TimB_good idea, I wanted to merge my ports to contrib soon (tm) :) yubikeys work fine20:09
john_cephalopodaMmh, I also got several updates to my ports on contrib...20:10
john_cephalopodaBut neither the contrib privkey nor the e-mail privkey are on my new laptop, so no chance to get that working.20:11
TimB_I am preparing everything in a lxc container so all goes smooth :) but most likely for 3.5 for several reasons (openssl, pam, etc)20:11
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jaegerryuo, TimB_: would you guys consider writing some wiki docs on using LXC in crux? Could be useful for others20:55
TimB_ryuo already has a great README included in the port20:57
TimB_it's actually that easy, I can do it :P20:57
TimB_we need that port in official port tree, that's for sure. lxc is great to use and the port is in great shape21:01
john_cephalopodaWhat's LXC?21:03
john_cephalopodaOh, container stuff.21:03
TimB_it's a containerizing software, so you can run individual linux containers like alpine, arch, ubuntu21:03
TimB_and crux works pretty good with it21:03
TimB_switched from qemu to that21:04
pedjaACTION is thinking of adding podman to the virtualisation mix21:08
john_cephalopodaI should one day get a container of plain, up-to-date CRUX (core), so I can build packages on top of it and have no dependencies too much installled.21:08
TimB_john_cephalopoda: easy with lxc :)21:09
TimB_the most work is enabling the kernel modules if you ask me21:09
jaegerI do the same thing with a docker image, very handy to have something like that available21:09
john_cephalopodaOooh, 5.1 is out. Shiny. I'll update soon.21:09
joacimi'm still a kvm scrub21:10
TimB_ok, I'll put lxc in my repo for the time being, hope that tek_ reacts..21:10
ryuoACTION brushes the dust off tek_.21:10
pedjalibvirt has lxc support. never played with it, thou21:10
ryuotek_ is a finely preserved statue.21:11
joacimyou should still carbon date him to verify his age21:11
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stenurTimB_: sed hero.23:43
ryuosed hero?23:44
stenurMaybe i get up my own back and finally manage to learn lxc23:44
stenurryuo: i looked at the lxc port on github23:45
stenurYes! I try over and over again, but always fail when it is getting complex, and finally go awk.23:46
ryuoyou talking about the script?23:46
stenurnullvoid it was.  Yes, what i meant.  That "endfor" thing is too much (at minimum)23:48
TimB_stenur, I wish I could take credit lol :P23:48
TimB_ryuo did that23:48
stenurAh, ok.23:49
TimB_I am hosting with his permission23:49
stenur(still... hard stuff)23:49
stenurI see. Never made it, the manual on their website is strange, you need to know about it before. I do not.23:50
TimB_plus playing with that 3.5rc0 container :)23:50
stenurAnd that is a bootable minimal install?23:50
stenurI guess lxc would be perfect for a server, with all services in their own one.23:51
stenurTimB_: ok!23:51
stenur..sharing a single kernel. Just like FreeBSD jails. cgroups are much more complex _and_ capable than that.23:51
stenurI have not looked at FreeBSD code for ah.. 5.3.  There it was just a "in_jail" test prefix.23:52
stenurI have ssh access to a VZGOT container. He always has that thing running, just for me. He says "zero cost" for him, hmmm. Some services are running, right.23:54
stenurBut not the kernel. I mean, the new CPUs with crypted memory where the host cannot look into the memory of the VM.. that does not apply to such containers i guess. (Only saw the original AMD presentation, it was linked fewest years back.)23:56
TimB_I am really not sure about all the internals, but it seems very mighty indeed :)23:57
stenurVery interested in lxc.23:57
stenurTimB_: cgroups?23:57

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