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ryuosheesh. at this rate i suspect that laptops will eventually be built w/o 2.5" hard drive bays.00:26
ryuoflash is dropping so fast i suspect M.2 will replace them.00:26
ryuowhy include hard drive bays if you don't ship devices with those anymore?00:27
ryuoand SATA will likely go away too in time.00:28
ryuoreplaced by NVME.00:28
ryuoat least for laptops00:28
ryuoi expect hard drives will still have some life left in the data center.00:29
ryuobut eventually be overtaken by flash.00:29
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jaegerI only have spinners in my storage boxes now (NAS and VSAN), everything else is SSD01:04
jaegersome nvme, some sata, some 2.5", some m.2 :D01:05
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Sitriryuo: higher end laptops will have flash+hdds06:50
SitriJust like how some higher end laptops used to have two hdds06:51
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frinnstgod damnit.. 90% debian/ubuntu servers and a few centos/rhel that I almost never have to tinker with08:57
frinnstwhat are the chances of forgetting that rhel uses selinux? yep 100%08:57
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TimB_I just noticed that installing lxc in an container throws a footprint mismatch for bash-completion.. if you don't have that package installed it will put them in etc/bash-completion, and when it's installed it will be put in usr/share/bash-completion - lol09:34
TimB_ok, pushed an update that deletes the files if the package itself is not installed, and added a fifth point to the README to add the pam module permissions. if anything doesn't work, ping me09:45
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pedjaI guess rhel/centos use selinux because of that sweet sweet DoD contracts10:11
pedjais the first sentence in rhel/centos tutorials still 'step 1. disable selinux' :) ?10:29
pedjanever dealt with either, openSUSE is my rpm distribution of choice10:31
pedjafrinnst, you rarely tinker with them, so they are not worth the cost of pain and time to switch to ubuntu/debian?10:34
pedjaor some special snowflake software won't work on anything else, so you are stuck with them?10:35
ninjasometimes I get read only system after resume from suspend. Do I know why it happens and what is the solution?11:00
ninjaI don't even hibernate it, its configured to auto suspend on lid close11:01
frinnstthey are rhel6 so they will stay that way until EOL when they will be rebuilt12:09
pedjaso by 2030?12:17
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pedjatmux finally removed some deprecated options so my tmux.conf is kind of broken15:17
TimB_pedja: so you are thrilled about that update as well? :)15:19
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TimB_5 weeks ago or something I went on and customized the looks to my liking, bam :D15:20
pedjaTimB_, heh. well, tbh, options I used were deprecated for a while, since 1.9. it's about time to update15:22
TimB_haven't noticed a warning about them, might have been blind o:)15:22
pedjafinding what are they called now is another story :)15:23
TimB_tried for some minutes and gave up shortly after :P I need some time for that15:23
pedjaI try to keep the changes minimal, so I am not that lost if I want to use tmux on another system15:25
TimB_think I did some more, it looks like frankensteins monster now :D you can't really make out bg and fg from another so you can barely read anything, it's great :)15:27
TimB_well, at least I think it's one pattern that got deprecated and now deleted, so it should be easy enough to fix it.. I think..15:27
TimB_can't be as bad as texlive15:27
ninjaModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pkg_resources'15:32
ninjawhile updating libinput15:32
TimB_builds fine over here15:35
pedjaninja, that looks like python3-setuptools or meson issue15:37
ninjaupdated python3-setuptools with -fr and issue resolved ;-)15:39
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pedjatmux lives! that was easy.17:13
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pedjaI love when the docs have before and after for options17:13
john_cephalopodaHmm, has been there for 10 days now. Pretty trivial fix.17:31
TimB_I gave that an upvote today.. hopefully tek_ sees it soon17:50
jaegerI love automation tools18:50
jaegerJust did a rolling upgrade of an elasticsearch cluster in my home lab with ansible and puppet... very smooth and easy18:50
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frinnstyou run ES at home? do you need your servers to warm your home that bad? :D20:52
jaegerThe servers are running anyway, ES isn't gonna change that much for my usage levels :P20:52
jaegerBut yea, I use it for testing and playing with stuff, not as a requirement20:53
john_cephalopodajaeger: What do you use ES for?21:09
jaegerMainly testing stuff for work but also syslog data, firewall stats (though I need to fix this, it's broken currently), a temp sensor for my garage21:10
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